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  1. I know I write a lot in the introduction, but it is there: KNOWN BUG: The menu screen will freeze if the player cards begin to cycle for team #31 - Winnipeg. There is no known fix for this.
  2. Hey guys, slapshot67 and I will have the trade deadline version out tomorrow!
  3. a couple of the guys are from France (Darko, Pearate, maybe others?)
  4. Season ROM and Playoff ROM both here VHL7season.zip VHL7playoffs.bin
  5. Welcome to VHL7! League Format: "Classic" style league using 2018-19 ROM. 28 game regular season with 1 conference of 15 teams (2x vs. Every Opponent) *Weight bug fixed (smoz ROM) - just like old Blitz league *Hot/Cold accurate in edit lines (all categories hot or cold - smoz ROM fix) GAME RULES! 5 minute periods, no line changes, penalties on/offside off. Penalties will be 1 minute in length. Overtime will be one 3-minute period. Playoffs are 99-min OT. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- VHL 7 - Important Dates League Start Date: ~March 11th League Regular Season End Date (Target): April 15th (5 week regular season) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PLAYOFFS Full playoffs (7-game series) Top 8 teams make the A playoffs, and all other "qualifying" teams will be added for a B playoff. Tiebreaker's for qualification (after Points) are: *Wins *Most Games Played *Head-to-Head vs. Tied Opponent(s) *Goals Differential *Goals For Overall *Goals Allowed Overall *Goals Scored in Games vs. Tied Opponent(s) Note: If three or more teams are tied for one spot, we use winning % in common games between all tied opponents as the tie-breaker in lieu of H2H. Quarterfinal Round: (Win % determines seed after qualification (re: DNP's, etc.) will be played immediately after the regular season. If not played within 5 days, teams will be replaced. #1 vs. #8, #2 vs. #7, #3 vs. #6, #4 vs. #5 Semi-Final Round: We will re-seed for each round. #1 vs. lowest seed left, etc. Highest Seed gets Home Ice. Regular Season DNP's will work like classic (2 point deduction for each DNP). This will heavily affect your playoff standing. ****You must play at least 22 of your games to qualify for playoffs (over 80%)****
  6. @smozoma - it's Thursday - http://east.paxsite.com/ says Thursday 5-7pm http://east.paxsite.com/schedule/panel/nhl-94
  7. skip


    This is coming from a guy who emails me CONSTANTLY to make the stupidest edits for him...to an NHL'94 game. @Engelby77 Don't ever email me again, bud. Good luck with NHL'95!
  8. ... VHL7exisV1.bin
  9. Here is the info for team selection draft, Exi ROM and Excel sheet with all team and player info also attached. ON THE CLOCK: Done Team Selection Order: 1. Spaceghost - Tampa Bay 2. Chef - Philadelphia 3. GoCanes - Washington 4. Bear - Montreal 5. Kuefner - NY Islanders 6. Jer - Toronto 7. Flatcrusher - Winnipeg 8. AtomicRaven - Columbus 9. AquaLizard - Boston 10. Buc - Nashville 11. AdamWoodrow - Pittsburgh 12. Skip - San Jose 13. Tex - Colorado 14. Dcicon - Edmonton 15. Lupz - Calgary The order was done by grouping 5 players each into 3 tiers. Those 5 players were then given 1 ball and each tier was randomly generated for the final draft order. Roster Note: I made an edit at 10:55pm on 2/27 to fix an error on Mrazek. It is now accurate. 1 person downloaded it since I last updated it ~20 mins prior. VHL7exis.zip VHL7.xls
  10. Nice. I'd say against. You need to have some control over who you use.
  11. I'm planning to release a V2 of this ROM soon with updated ratings for the current players. I also realized I left a star player off of their country's roster sorry!
  12. SEGA, if you need 6 for dice rolls:Tier 1 - DET, CHI, BUF, VANTier 2 - WPG, MTL, BOS, CGYTier 3 - LA, DAL, TOR, QUE, PIT Tier 4 - NYR, PHI, EDM, STLTier 5 - WSH, NJD, HFD, NYI ´╗┐´╗┐Tier 6 - OTT, SJ, TB, FLA, ANA
  13. Loving the styles though, you can give each team their own individual pattern to fit them, awesome!
  14. @KTup710 great stuff bud! I love these - pretty cool and the flags banners you did for international ROM are still my favorite haha
  15. Not yet, this is my fault. I am helping out but haven't had a chance to add my rosters from the '94 update. It takes some time because NHLPA did the ratings differently, have to go into each player. I hope to have it out with the trade deadline '94 ROM. Been tough to find time lately.
  16. Thanks! I just went through it and it only freezes with Winnipeg, no freeze on Washington.
  17. V3 is added in original post. I realized I needed to do a little more work on the rosters for V2 almost immediately, my apologies for such a quick update + sloppy V2. I added a few players, too. Thanks @The Sauce for his note on the Panthers :-) very helpful for this update because I think I would've missed it!
  18. I missed that MacKenzie retired, good call on that!
  19. @The Sauce = thanks bud, yup - already have Ullstrom out for V3 hahaha! I obv slacked on the Panthers. I guess I must hate the Florida and Arizona teams hahaha
  20. @halifax thanks bud! I may need to do a V3 this week to add this rookie Conor Garland from Arizona, kid is legit I guess!
  21. Hey guys, just added the V2 edit. Rosters current as of today. Happy new year!
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