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  1. I applied the patch to the rom, and followed the instructions, but on the rom, it just colors the players as if I were on normal sprites. I'm using a 30 team rom.
  2. PROJECT LET GO -NHL Legends.bin
  3. I fixed some of the jerseys if you don't mind.2015deadline_jerseyfix.zip Edit: I actually screwed up the jerseys.
  4. Do you know if you could post a .zip version of the game? I can't compress it because I can't get on my computer, but if it's a zip I could play it on my iPad EDIT: I compressed it this morningNHLPlayoff2015V2.zip
  5. http://iemulators.com/provenance The directions to get rooms are in app. You need a .zip of the rom to play, so if you want other versions of game you'd have to put them in their own zip folder.
  6. I have been playing '94 on my phone emulator lately, and does anyone have a version of this rom with the player star?
  7. Love your new profile. Have u seen this video?
  8. I love your idea. I sometimes was up until 11 on school nights to play my games.
  9. I noticed that during fall when I played my grades dipped, and when I decided to run a mini league they dipped even further, but for the summer I'll be back to play in any tournaments, leagues, or exhis. I also am thinking to give the fall league another go. Message me on aim and we'll try to play
  10. Anniversary mode is good if you are Hellen Keller
  11. I am retreating to the Dagobah system to train in the ways of the pass shot and b-check. I will be back for fall, or whenever I am needed for a league. I will be on during weekends for exhis. I make sports edits, and will be posting them if you guys want me too Here is one:
  12. http://www.google.com/imgres?client=safari&sa=X&hl=en&biw=684&bih=824&tbm=isch&tbnid=tjwu2bbWh2WoVM:&imgrefurl=http://flightintheeye.com/2013/07/20/the-down-fall-of-darth-vader/&docid=wIa9OjHC6qen2M&imgurl=http://flightintheeye.files.wordpress.com/2013/07/vader-nooooo.jpg&w=640&h=349&ei=2dQoU4LmKYTE0gHau4HIDQ&zoom=1&ved=0CEUQhBwwAw
  13. I've heard rumors about spring classic being cancelled. What will happen if these are true? Will there be leagues other than GDL and blitz for people like me who aren't currently in them, but on wait list? I've run one league before and would be happy to do another. But would need to use the on 94online site for the uploader. We used a spreadsheet last time and it was mayhem.
  14. That sucks. We can run our own leagues
  15. Thanks for you feedback. I know who that goalie is, but why did you put him in the post? Was he aggressive play style?
  16. I am the king? Ok. Can't play 4 a bit today, but tomorrow I'll be on
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