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  1. I'm wondering, is this even possible? How does the commentary work, are you replacing the check sounds, shot sounds, etc?
  2. And on this wha forum, people would be actually active other than 6 or 7 vets and all newcomers. Just imagine
  3. Plabax= Smartest Man Alive. Love the system. Now we need to show the admins, or create a WHA type of forum.
  4. Sure. I'll create a site, but it won't have save state uploads. I'd always be upto running a league or tourney.
  5. Love the reactions. Didn't think that the weekly updated rom tourney would get much, but it got the most!
  6. I don't care. I'll make a third line out of those 10 players if you do two.
  7. This forum is where you can put together a 94 Dream Team of INGAME players (JR, Gretzky, etc) together for an Everyone All Star Team. The first 25 entries will go into a rom where all the teams are composed of the players you choose. My Team Line 1 Oates-Lemieux-Bure This line is unique because at first it looks like the Eastern Conference All Stars Line 1, but then Bure the speedster is playing the off wing so he can get shots on net easier. Line 1 D Bourque-Chelios Just a standard dream team defense. Nothing special. Line 2 Robataille-Gilmour-Hull I put Gilmour at center because he is a very good player who can cause damage. Robataille is a player who to me can put a game out of hand if needed, and Hull is speedy, and has a great shot. Line 2 D Lafrate-Coffey I think this is a line that can do damage with Lafrate's Shot Power of 6 (99) and Coffey's high offensive stats such as SH, Agility, and Speed, he can be a commanding offensive force. And the only reason he isn't with Bourque is becausenin my opinion, Lafrate is a perfect line mate for Coffey. Goalie 1. Fuhr 2. Roy 3. Belfour. The reason I have Fuhr infront is because his stats are more well rounded. Less 6's and 4's and more 5's and 5's. And Belfour is just to over rated. Without Chicago or the All Star team, he could give up around 6 goals a game online. Send your rosters!
  8. Everyone has games with habsy42 left. and all of them are somehow our home games. he's a good guy, but you got to be online
  9. It stinks to heat that people are causing issues. But everyone deserves to play this great game.
  10. It's no big deal that he doesn't like gens. If we had an nhl 14 forum I would bash the ps3. Just because the two console are different in awkward ways (Controller setup, menus, etc.) it is just 2 different consoles.
  11. My real hockey ratings (To scale of an NHL player)Ps just quoted to see ratings Position- F Weight- 105 Speed- 3 or 4 Agility- 4 OA- 5 DA -2 Shot P- 4 Shot A- 5 Checking- 4 Roughness- 3 Endurance- 2 Passing- 3 Stick Handling- 6
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