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  1. How the @#$% am I 0-14 and in the playoffs
  2. On a seperate note I played your street fighter game. And I don't think I suck. I thought I odd well!
  3. Dude 94 is 94. I only switched so I could become a spy for snes anyways. Hehehe
  4. Why can't I play? I have so much time on my hands, and in classic I got upto 10 games played in about 1 week in the 20 game league. I just don't know why I can't get on as a backup even.
  5. Guys I played snes up until July. I didn't play online but would spend many hours on my grandparents snes. I just started genesis in July
  6. I'm gone tonight. Best buds bday party
  7. I try snes. Quebec please. Could you get this jersey as my light one? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Extremely-Rare-Quebec-Nordiques-Peter-Forsberg-jersey-sz-56-/141093411548?pt=U_Hockey_Fan_Shop&hash=item20d9d29adc
  8. Sure. Will it be in a zip file? I can be a way bigger help if that happens. I can use an iPad emulator and my laptop with a zip.
  9. Woah, 9 pm? I can play from 7:30 to about 8:45 tonight
  10. Next season every avalanche goalie will get injured, resulting in Roy making a comeback
  11. I really hope this doesn't happen. I love being able to play nhl 94 against real people.
  12. Is anyone doing a 2014 one? I could provide a rom with ratings.
  13. Thank you for the notice. I uploaded the new rom. And also about the lines, I don't really have time to go and do lines for all 3 teams though. I thought that other people could do the lines especially if they use no line changes.
  14. I just released the first one. Enjoy!
  15. The name says it! Welcome to the weekly update rom series! These roms will be using the updated rosters with up to date line combos, outside of the game hot/cold (Example: Tomas Hertl, and Sean Monahan will have ratings of about 85-99 with their recent performances), and a NHLPA 93 version, and NHL 94 version for those who want to see some fighting and those who are anti-fighting. These wll come out every Sunday, so check back a lot for the newest ROM! Features Weight Bug, and other SmozROM updates. No other ROM gives things such as dynamic ratings like NHL 14. Playoff draws will be based off of actual standings as of the Saturday before the update. The first rom will be released tomorrow morning! REMEMBER THESE ARE ONLY RATINGS AND MAJOR TRADE UPDATES! I AM USING A ROM WITH ALREADY UPDATED ROSTERS! THESE WON'T BE PERFECT! 10/13/13 Update Notables Hertl, Monahan, Fleury, and Ovechkin lead the way with each at a whopping 99 overall rating based on recent performance. Each Avs player gets a +1 boost in each catergory due to Patrick's craziness. Special jerseys of the week: Columbus Alternate, and a non-worn this week treat, the Jets road throwbacks. Download here! NHL 14 10-13-13.bin Enjoy! EDIT: To request a third jersey, or alert me of a team sporting one that week, just send a reply to this thread.
  16. Using an edited rom a player with the number - and position C, appeared randomly.
  17. I couldn't wait to put this up tomorrow and I was really bored, so here is registration for the 2 gm leagues, NHL 14/94 GM Mode, and NHL 94 GM Mode. Format This'll be a leagues composed of simmed 20 games season. You'll have the option for you and your opponent to sim on netplay, or just let me sim it for you. So basically this will be on demo mode, with 7 minute periods, auto line changes, and no offsides. Team Selection Thanks to Kiba's awesome idea (The auction part), you will have 15 Billion dollars to spend on teams in an auction draft. Each team has a starting price, and you will have to buy at least 2 teams to be able to participate or else you'll have to go on the "People who don't listen to instructions" list so don't buy the Blackhawks if the price gets up to 10 Billion dollars so you can have 2 non '90s expansion teams together.. Your team will be composed of at least 5 forwards, 3 defenseman, and 1 goalie from each team you buy. So pull your top players from your 2 teams and put together some lines and practice! Rules You are expected to have fun. If not pass on your team to a new gm. All un-manager-simmed games will be simmed by me after last day of season, so make sure you sim early and often. Roster Moves Money Trades, Suspensions, and Injuries are some rarities you'll get to see in this league so there will be a lot of rom updates so check back often! I am limiting trades for the season to as many as you want, so people don't start the season with an amazing team with Lemieux, Roenick, and Belfour, and end the season with another amazing team with Gretzky, Mogilny, and Lafontaine. Registration Limits I'm sure that more than 15 people will show some interest in the 14 league, and more than 13 people will show interest in the 94 league so once players are discarded from their team owners, I will offer 3 expansion teams in each league so don't worry if you are on waitlist! Visit the site at www.nhl9414gmleague.weebly.com! Any questions? Post them! How to register. Just comment and specify if you want 14, 94, or both.
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