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  1. It is the first release of NHL 94 for PC called NHL Hockey. 



    It definitely looks like the original game, not reissue, classic/gold edition and such and afaik some original games I purchased in 90s for PC had something written in German and French on the box as well in the manual/installation guide so yes, it might be the European version (if there are other ones, for NA/JAP for instance).

  2. After reading two posts on made by the guy known as Mort in the Tecmo community I would have done the same what Knobbe did I guess. But I would let people to access the site backup or something similar. At least for couple of weeks to download files/threads. I've made just couple of posts there but I loved reading that forum. As a European loving NFL and Tecmo games (became fan of both thanks to NHL94 forum and site) I lost the place I like visiting.  

    Btw, shutting down the site is discussed here ( and this was posted there. 



    Drunken_Honkey has made Tecmo Superbowl 4 that is 99% complete, and was posting on the site with updates. Anyone have a clue how to contact him on his progress ?


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  3. 59 minutes ago, CoachMac said:

    How do you disable one-timers?

    For NHL 94:

    Open a ROM in a hex editor, and go 0F6944

    The value there is 67

    Change it to 60

    Don't use the classic/default ROM, because it has the checksum. Any other ROM should work.


    For NHLPA 93: Open a ROM in an emulator. :-D

  4. 9 hours ago, smozoma said:

    DownGoesBrown is a Genesis guy and used to play on here 10 years ago (pretty good actually), so I'm not sure why the video clip is SNES.

    He writes for The Athletic now if you want more of his stuff. He used to write a Leafs-themed blog which was hilarious (still available here.. note the precog mention of Tavares being on the Leafs .. in 2008

    He couldnt use video with 93 SNES for obvious reasons and because there was one Genesis video with 93, he used SNES video as well. To satisfy all fans. 

    Or maybe he converted to the Dark Side...

    I agree with that guy on one-timers. And smozoma found the way to disable them after I asked him how to do it. So NHL 94 without one-timers can be played as well. 


    On 9/9/2019 at 3:58 PM, The Dopefish said:

    NHL '94 wishes it was as deep and editable as SWOS!

    That being said, what is so new and up-to-date about this version of SWOS? Looking at the rosters, are they just using the best single-season lineups of all-time?

    From the gameplay perspective nothing is new (SWOS gameplay is perfect,  there is no need to change anything), its the original game released in 1997  (for Amiga system it was released in 1996). But the both PC and Amiga versions are put together and made installable and playable under the emulator without users knowing it,  everybody not experienced enough with Amiga or DOS/old Windows system can play the game on the modern machines. Just install and play. Plus its got slightly changed graphics and sounds and you can choose in the menu which ones (crowd chanting, banners behind the goals, pitches and many more, but the Amiga version does not have so many changes like PC version has) you prefer. And rosters are updated of course. Like it was in 2016/7 version. It also hase some fps changes.

    Its the same original game, polished in many ways and made it playable on modern machines. Some people report bugs, crashes with these total packs but usually its not something serious. 

    Rosters used in the video are from the original 96/97 game, they are now updated and are from 2019 season in the final version.

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  6. smoz voted for 900+ goals :-) I believe in reaching this milestone too, but the most probable option is 800+ so I voted for that.

    I think it will depend on Ovechkin's health. When he gets injured seriously, the dream will be over. I remember couple of years ago, ~2013 when people including some doctor expertes predicted Nadal just one or two more seasons due to his brutal playing style and knee problems. Its 2020 and hes still one of the best in his 33. Federer is 38 and hes currently number 3 in the world. 

    Being healthy or not, that will be the answer I guess.

  7. Yes, blueline slapshots goal are extremely rare but slapshots goals on SNES arent rare as people say. I got couple of videos with replays scoring goals that way and I found the pattern and which players' skills are importnat for this way of scoring. Its something I want to do in the future, put few words together, upload vids and explain how to score more often. But do not expect this anytime soon.

  8. 11 hours ago, trudatman said:

    thank you.  I am sorry for disappearing as we gained momentum.  you have been a tremendous help in my 'Chel hacking and general discussion experiences.  I look forward to getting back to it ASAFP.  I am a bit intimidated by the amount of work it'll take to become involved in such endeavors again, but I also look forward to affecting positive outcomes for you and the others around here who can truly benefit from my presence.  (I don't think I am as conceited as that may come across, but I guess it is plainly fair based on the lack of action in the areas I used to populate.)  I am now noticing your signature.  any thoughts on where Sega CD version and NHL '92 would fit in your chart?  thanks for still being around!

    Its hard to tell, my opinion about 94 versions and which is the best and which is the worst is not permanent :-D Sometimes I prefere SNES version the most, sometimes PC version, sometimes MD version (I do not play the original one with weight bug). CD version is fine, more polished but its easier and faster to run the rom version under emulator so I prefer this one. If I had the real console, I would go for the CD version I think.

    92 is fine, it must be fun playing it against other human players, its very arcade kind of hockey and it has its charm. I've played it always with empty net in single mode and  matches have been pretty even. I rate it as a better game than the original 94 with weight bug (it really me off) and worse than other 94 versions. 

  9. 10 hours ago, trudatman said:

    hmm... that seems right... GENS and the other common Genesis one have toggles, but SNES9x and the SENS -- or whatever it is called -- one don't, yeah?  so... if I want to have a slower flow, I need a foreign console?  would a USA-market cartridge fit or would I need a foreign ROM-running cartridge, too?  

    Its possible to hack SNES and then use both PAL and NTSC cartridges, there are plenty of threads, vids and tutorials how to do it.

    Google more and you will find more tutorials and discussions about it, including youtube videos. I am not sure if people hack NTSC to PAL, PAL to NTSC makes more sense coz NTSC games are considered "the proper versions". If these NTSC to PAL SNES units exist, they probably might be available on ebay or similar sites. 

    But you can always use emulator. Which is what I recommend to you to find out if the PAL version is ok for you, imo it sucks, its way too slow and IIRC there is some weird and silly trumphet song when the shot goes wide or goalies make saves. Just play couple of games and you will see and hear what Im talking about. I remember I played the PAL version  of SNES NHL 94 fifteen years ago and I had no idea about fps differences (actually I had but I had no idea how big difference it could make) and I was very disappointed with the game, it was way too slow. When I tried NTSC version couple of years ago I was hoooked and it made me to google this site. 

    Maybe some hex edit might change speed of the game.


  10. You posted just couple of seconds after me :-D

    It definitely works in MD emulator, have no idea about SNES. There's a slower version on NHL 94 for SNES, the PAL version. It is slower and you will notice that. All games in PAL versions are slower than NTSC versions, you can always choose the one you prefer. If the shmup is too fast in NTSC version, play the PAL one. Or vice versa with racing games.

    About changing the speed in emulator... Probably not. IIRC in Sega emulator its possible to switch between PAL and NTSC (fps) which leads to "confusion" of the game and its much faster then. In SNES emulator(s) there is no such switching between PAL and NTSC but there are usually at least two versions, one for Europe (and Japan) and one for Northern America. 

  11. I meant the guy with the the spreadsheet link, its northstar91. But I remember you posting some useful gameplay stuff about the SNES version.

    Anyway, all the information needed for editing the game can be found on the forum, pity noone who wants to play updated roms usea it. 

  12. On 11/15/2017 at 8:14 PM, Bob Kudelski said:

    I think that would be the simplest source of updated ratings.

    Question about the updated Sega ratings because I'm not familiar with them - Do they roughly follow the same distribution as the original NHL 94 ratings? i.e. a lot of poorly rated players with a handful of high rated players on each team? I prefer those type of ratings, as opposed to ratings where everyone is a superstar.

    Would be easy to figure out. Write down numbers from one team (lets say the best regular team, not all star team) in snes version and then compare it with the original Genesis version. Then check numbers from updated genesis rom, again from the strongest team and compare with the original. If the distribution is +- the same as in the original rom, copy the rest to snes rom, if its not and skills are inflated (deflated), figure out how much they are inflated and make changes in SNES rom.

    The more teams you compare, the more precise results you have. I am sure you got the idea, but eventually someone else who would like to start with updating roms will find this useful.