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  1. smoz voted for 900+ goals :-) I believe in reaching this milestone too, but the most probable option is 800+ so I voted for that.

    I think it will depend on Ovechkin's health. When he gets injured seriously, the dream will be over. I remember couple of years ago, ~2013 when people including some doctor expertes predicted Nadal just one or two more seasons due to his brutal playing style and knee problems. Its 2020 and hes still one of the best in his 33. Federer is 38 and hes currently number 3 in the world. 

    Being healthy or not, that will be the answer I guess.

  2. Yes, blueline slapshots goal are extremely rare but slapshots goals on SNES arent rare as people say. I got couple of videos with replays scoring goals that way and I found the pattern and which players' skills are importnat for this way of scoring. Its something I want to do in the future, put few words together, upload vids and explain how to score more often. But do not expect this anytime soon.

  3. 11 hours ago, trudatman said:

    thank you.  I am sorry for disappearing as we gained momentum.  you have been a tremendous help in my 'Chel hacking and general discussion experiences.  I look forward to getting back to it ASAFP.  I am a bit intimidated by the amount of work it'll take to become involved in such endeavors again, but I also look forward to affecting positive outcomes for you and the others around here who can truly benefit from my presence.  (I don't think I am as conceited as that may come across, but I guess it is plainly fair based on the lack of action in the areas I used to populate.)  I am now noticing your signature.  any thoughts on where Sega CD version and NHL '92 would fit in your chart?  thanks for still being around!

    Its hard to tell, my opinion about 94 versions and which is the best and which is the worst is not permanent :-D Sometimes I prefere SNES version the most, sometimes PC version, sometimes MD version (I do not play the original one with weight bug). CD version is fine, more polished but its easier and faster to run the rom version under emulator so I prefer this one. If I had the real console, I would go for the CD version I think.

    92 is fine, it must be fun playing it against other human players, its very arcade kind of hockey and it has its charm. I've played it always with empty net in single mode and  matches have been pretty even. I rate it as a better game than the original 94 with weight bug (it really me off) and worse than other 94 versions. 

  4. 10 hours ago, trudatman said:

    hmm... that seems right... GENS and the other common Genesis one have toggles, but SNES9x and the SENS -- or whatever it is called -- one don't, yeah?  so... if I want to have a slower flow, I need a foreign console?  would a USA-market cartridge fit or would I need a foreign ROM-running cartridge, too?  

    Its possible to hack SNES and then use both PAL and NTSC cartridges, there are plenty of threads, vids and tutorials how to do it.

    Google more and you will find more tutorials and discussions about it, including youtube videos. I am not sure if people hack NTSC to PAL, PAL to NTSC makes more sense coz NTSC games are considered "the proper versions". If these NTSC to PAL SNES units exist, they probably might be available on ebay or similar sites. 

    But you can always use emulator. Which is what I recommend to you to find out if the PAL version is ok for you, imo it sucks, its way too slow and IIRC there is some weird and silly trumphet song when the shot goes wide or goalies make saves. Just play couple of games and you will see and hear what Im talking about. I remember I played the PAL version  of SNES NHL 94 fifteen years ago and I had no idea about fps differences (actually I had but I had no idea how big difference it could make) and I was very disappointed with the game, it was way too slow. When I tried NTSC version couple of years ago I was hoooked and it made me to google this site. 

    Maybe some hex edit might change speed of the game.


  5. You posted just couple of seconds after me :-D

    It definitely works in MD emulator, have no idea about SNES. There's a slower version on NHL 94 for SNES, the PAL version. It is slower and you will notice that. All games in PAL versions are slower than NTSC versions, you can always choose the one you prefer. If the shmup is too fast in NTSC version, play the PAL one. Or vice versa with racing games.

    About changing the speed in emulator... Probably not. IIRC in Sega emulator its possible to switch between PAL and NTSC (fps) which leads to "confusion" of the game and its much faster then. In SNES emulator(s) there is no such switching between PAL and NTSC but there are usually at least two versions, one for Europe (and Japan) and one for Northern America. 

  6. I meant the guy with the the spreadsheet link, its northstar91. But I remember you posting some useful gameplay stuff about the SNES version.

    Anyway, all the information needed for editing the game can be found on the forum, pity noone who wants to play updated roms usea it. 

  7. On 11/15/2017 at 8:14 PM, Bob Kudelski said:

    I think that would be the simplest source of updated ratings.

    Question about the updated Sega ratings because I'm not familiar with them - Do they roughly follow the same distribution as the original NHL 94 ratings? i.e. a lot of poorly rated players with a handful of high rated players on each team? I prefer those type of ratings, as opposed to ratings where everyone is a superstar.

    Would be easy to figure out. Write down numbers from one team (lets say the best regular team, not all star team) in snes version and then compare it with the original Genesis version. Then check numbers from updated genesis rom, again from the strongest team and compare with the original. If the distribution is +- the same as in the original rom, copy the rest to snes rom, if its not and skills are inflated (deflated), figure out how much they are inflated and make changes in SNES rom.

    The more teams you compare, the more precise results you have. I am sure you got the idea, but eventually someone else who would like to start with updating roms will find this useful. 

  8. On 4/17/2017 at 3:49 AM, CutterTML said:

    I keep checking every week for new or updates to SNES or Sega NHL94 roms and theyre great but it seems recently that no one is doing SNES ROM updates?

    Are we all deciding that the Sega version works better, there are fans out there waiting for SNES love somehow. Any explanation works y'know

    Because people are lazy and wait till someone else does all the hard work. 

    SNES people have all the information they need to make their own roms, there are step-by-step posts here with info what to do by smozoma (mostly in Genesis hacking section), me, BobKudelski and couple of other guys who did the hard work, there are snes roms for download with tru's changed graphics, without star indicators/with star indicators, there is also great statto's editor, you got everything you need, just go through the forum and read. Some people here spent extremely large amount of time figuring out how to hack and edit the game and those who want updates dont make them when its, in comparison with what has been previously done by others, pretty easy and takes just couple of hours? 

  9. About having all 31 teams in the game:

    Make more versions for each season. For instance for 18/19 leave worst 3 teams (those finishing 8th in their divisions) out, Ottawa, New Jersey, LA. That will be main ROM, lets call it version A. In B version, swap Ott, NJ and LA with 3 teams on 7th place, Rangers, Edmonton, Detroit. Thats gonna be rom B. If you need rom with different combinations, for instance having Rangers, New Jersey and Ottawa in the game is important for you, make another one. Dont make things too complicated and swap only worst six teams, not more, coz the rest you already have done and you dont need to make any changes with them, you will save time this way as youre gonna edit just three teams. Then run the rom with teams you want to play with/against. There is no full season in NHL 94 so its not important to have all real teams in the game, its definitely better to have only one edited rom like Genesis players have but its not that huge problem to have couple files prepared and open the one you want to play. 

    If you want knowledge about editing, go through whole hacking SNES subforum, read every single thread about hacking and editing. Maybe you can start by reading all post made by me and tru, we were posting in such threads. Make notes and try it on your own, you will learn what to do quickly,  they are basically step by step tutorials... open this utility, open file with the original rom, then press F3, write this, then press INSERT, rewrite 09 09 DA DD to 01 01 02 02 and so on. Do not be scared, it is EASY and SIMPLE, its not hacking, just following tutorials.

    If you have no idea about editing players and their skills with the editor, just copy everything from Genesis roms. Wait till someone makes Genesis rom, open it in the Genesis editor, run SNES editor and rewrite/copy players names and their skills. One day, two teams. tru had his own method and made skills according to real players stats, its good but more difficult. Let Genesis players make the hard work and then (ab)use it for SNES updating :-D 


  10. On 10/17/2018 at 3:20 PM, game-winning mullet said:

    I think I found his fairly obvious email address on google's popular server.  Maybe he would work in exile toward the greater good.  I think we should at least ask.  Nobody has done expansion beyond 28 teams for the Super Nintendo, correct?  


    On 3/20/2019 at 7:22 AM, KaBa78 said:

    Anyone up for a SNES 2020 Edition. I would have the time in my early shifts, but not quite yet all knoledge for it.

    So if anybody would show me the basics i'd give it a try.



    On 3/29/2019 at 12:35 AM, PenguinFan1985 said:

    I'm still interested in doing an updated version with the teams that are in the game..  @game-winning mullet I don't think anyone has figured out how to add more teams like the sega rom. I haven't had the time to go head first into this project but if other people are willing to try and start, we should at least try. If you want to try and contact Tru, go for it.

    There is mail address at tru's profile.

    About adding teams, editing, knowledge and so on: Adding teams is just too difficult, forget about trying to figure it out without coding knowledge. With it its *maybe* even not possible. If it is, no one tells you without proper investigation and if there hasnt been anyone interested so far, there will hardly be any hackers-newcomers. Take it as it is and work with original 26+2 teams, dont waste your time and dont wait for 30 teams rom to come, you can wait forerver ;-)

    All the knowledge about erasing center ice logos, altering jerseys colors and everything else needed for editing and updating the game can be found in SNES subforum, I always explained everything in detail so even people without hacking knowledge should know what to do when they want to change something, usually its step-by-step tutorial and you cant go wrong.

    SNES editor for editing players, numbers skills etc. exists, but... 

    So keep it on your mind when editing rosters.

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  11. I received a message from tru in 2016 and now he is banned, heres my reply.

    Hi mate, I had some health issues (broken arm, problems with ankles, tendons, shoulder and I am still not 100% healthy /and will never be, life sucks :D/ due to injury) and at the same time I was reinstalling my OS and sorting out all the bookmars (couple of hundreds), then (then=almost four months) was busy with getting back to life. For years  I thought I accidentally deleted my hacking notes (not just NHL94, everything I had about other games) and forum passwords (didnt know what email I used when registering) as well so I decided to take a break for year or two, actually it is almost 5 years now (time flies so fast) before making new profile and posting here again.

    Today I found my backup with everything on one of my external harddrive, including passwords, so I am checking whats new here and realizing its been almost five yrs since I visited this forum for the last time.

    I have no new discoveries regarding SNES hacking, everything I had found was posted by me in the forums. I remember I was trying to figure out more but it was in the "not possible / too difficult" area, I believe there is nothing or extremely little that can be hacked with simple hexediting or graphic tile editing in SNES version. And who knows if its possible to add teams and do more difficult stuff even with coding knowledge, SNES is not Genesis and it might be impossible to do same stuff like ppl do with Genesis. 

    I remember slapshosts goals were discussed here on the forum:

    I got plenty of replays with slapshot scoring (SNES). I plan to put them together, create one long video and write some stuff - call it tutorial maybe, how to score this way in SNES NHL 94 because its not that rare as people say (but its not that common as in Genesis version though) and Genesis scoring habits cant be applied to SNES (thats probably the reason why ppl dont know how to score this was coz they try to socre in the same way like in Genesis version, it rarely works). I hope I will put it together next year, its on my have-to-do-this list and its something I want to share with other SNES players. 

  12. If it's NHLinfo what makes this, try following: Edit just one name/letter anywhere in the game with NHLinfo and save this slightly modified game. Now compare all the original files (unedited with NHLino) with the originial files. When you spot the difference, it might be the change that causes this issue. Change it to the original value and it should work fine again.

  13. Been a long time I used this SWOS launcher utility last time but AFAIK it's not the SWOS launcher at the first place but Amiga Kaillera client ( with SWOS implemented. Which mens they (guys from SWOS community) took virutal hard drive with installed Amiga SWOS (floppy disks would work too, check the configuration file), which is not difficult at all (you can do this with almost any multiplayer Amiga game) plus made virtual hard drive (hdf file, with custom teams, tactics etc), which is pretty easy too (any Amiga emulator can make this), rewrote the configuration file, and the guy from the Sensible Soccer community just added some code into that Kaillera client (I guess he edited the exe file) to give it SWOS look at the startup, which requires some skills but they definitely did not write the launcher from the scratch.

    About the PC version I know nothing but the coders most difficult task was to make the PC SWOS game playable online/P2P, they do not need the emulator like you need it when playing a Genesis game.

  14. Simply put, I am looking for a method to change the default game speed of each NHL title on the Genesis and Megadrive from '92 to '97, most specifically '93 and '94's Thirty Team ROMs, without the usage of the Region Swap method.

    The Region Swap method affects the gameplay by a speed shift of -0I7% when doing NTSC to PAL, and +0I7% when doing a PAL to NTSC shift; however, while I do love the change that this delivers to the gameplay, the issue with the Region Swap method is that this speeds up the timer as well, leading for faster or slower times depending on the region that is used.

    Compared to the prior titles, NHL '98 was the only one of the original seven that had allowed us to have these speed increases and decreases because of the functions from the Fast and Slow settings without affecting the speed of the in~game timer, retaining that at its normal speed regardless of how fast or slow the game was.

    If I had personally wanted to modify the speed of the timer, then I would definitely learn how to do so accordingly, but in this case, all that I would want to learn to have modified is the gameplay's speed; dealing with the timer is not necessary for what I am looking for here at the moment, that could be learned later on.

    Use the region swap method and add 51/102/204 seconds (17 %) in hex editor to each period.