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  1. Editing team names can be done in the statto's SNES editor. You made a post in the editor thread so you know what I am talking about.

    Lets suppose you want to swap center ice logos and cant find the area when searching for the offset E03B7 coz you are using headered rom. Search for E05B7. Same when you want to erase center ice logos. Instead of going to offset D5156 go to D5356. The headers are exactly 200  bytes long. 156 + 200 = 356. Headered roms have headers, 200 bytes in the beginning of the rom, headerless dont have them. So the offsets are different. 17 in headerless is 217 in headered.

    Or you can choose Search, then Find, into Search put 7B B4 9A 00 3C E5 (or 33 67 29 25 D6 5A when wanting to erase logos), in Datatype choose Hex-Values and OK. You will get to the same are of the rom you want to be. 

    Headered vs headerless - just an accident, I downloaded the NHL 94 rom somewhere and used it, it was not a choice. It was the headerless rom I used. You can make one out of headered rom pretty easily. Just select and delete first 200 bytes. 


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  2. 40 minutes ago, Zeno said:

    So unless I'm out of it, none of these offsets match for me, even in an original NHL 94 rom using HxD and using the go to function to find the offsets.

    Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but if anyone has ideas, I'd be happy to try and work out a base rom to be used with blanked out logos and proper team names, like Hartford swapped to Carolina and Quebec swapped to Colorado.

    I guess we both use different roms - headered and headerless. Try to find the "text", the values you want to edit, instead of the offset. 

    Here is what makes the difference between roms:

    This is called a header. Some roms are headerless, some headered. Thats why offsets do not match sometimes. 

  3. 7 hours ago, mnzr14 said:

    I am a fan of Czech hockey, so I stay with Czech 1st and 2nd league.

    I understand it. Just the play-off finals will look kind of weird with the 1st league champion and 2nd league champion.

    In 90s I had mod for NHL 98 or 99 with 14 Czech teams. It was possible to change the NHL league structure to European standard format (one league with x teams). Should be possible to do it with NHL 95 as well but it would be huge amount of work and for sure some source code knowledge would be also required. 



    Just an idea - in 70s there was no or very little advertising, what about to use as background images some old pictures from pre-90s era in black and white to give your mod more retro look? 

    Even I play SNES version onf NHL 94 most of the time nowadays I will give your mod a try, it looks so fine!

  4. 9 hours ago, mnzr14 said:

    It is probably the best way how to do it. And I can use the Western Conference for the 2nd league teams. Otherwise, what are you editing? Only database, or you will made logos, jerseys, etc.? I hope Ivan Hlinka will be the best player in your mod :)

    What about one division with 3 Swedish and 3 Finnish teams and antoher division with 6 Russian teams? After winning Eastern Conference play-offs (Czech league) face the best Finnish/Swedish/Russian team as a battle for the European trophy? Or make the Western Conference more international with also Slovakian, German, Swiss teams and the play-off finals would be European Champions League finals then?

    @sparky9That looks hilarious!

  5. "Begin new season" do not clear the saved data? What about creating new season/play-offs etc as much as possible to force the game to erase slots for created players? Or creating new player hoping the game offers you some kind of menu for making changes? 

    I guess its too much work but opening the cartridge and taking out the battery and keep it out for a night might help, without the battery the cartridge should go back to the "factory settings."

    I checked the NHL 95 SNES manual and havent found anything about erasing data.


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  6. 17 minutes ago, sparky9 said:

    Well, that's a surprise to me. I didn't know about these fights. I was referring to the 1977 Red Law Cup.

    Oh, I see. Calgary Cowboys in 1976 against Kladno then and Cincinnati Stingers in 1977 in the tournament.

    Anyway, your mod looks good! B)

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  7. IIRC, F9/F10 is pulling goalie, home/away, timeout might be F11/F12, Home/End/Enter etc., pressing it during the match before it is interrupted or during interruption? Or maybe they are available only in 10/20 mins period mode, season mode, when penalties, injuries and etc. are turned on? Somewhere in the top menu? There must be a way. It doesnt make sense to implement time-outs in NHL games for other systems and PC version as one of the most complex leave without time-outs, important aspect of the game. I cant find the manual online. I got plenty of stuff archived so maybe I find something useful on this matter.

  8. On 3/3/2021 at 6:18 PM, sparky9 said:

    Here I insert WHA v.1 contains the files I used while working.This version includes the Calgary Cowboys and Cincinnati Stingers teams who played in Czechoslovakia in 1977 and I saw this match on TV. The v.3 version I will produce will include this v.1 with customized player attributes and logos on the opening screen. Hockey WHA v.1.rar

    746736565_HockeyWHAv.1.rar 75.76 MB · 2 downloads


    I think it was the match in 1976 you are talking about, Kladno vs Calgary. In 1977 NHL teams participated in the so called Super Series in Czechoslovakia.

  9. Not sure how to change logos on ice or menus for teams that relocated or updated their logos.


    Swapping logos in the first post, disabling all logos in the last post. 

    There is also some info about editing colors for the menu logos. Not perfect but at least something.

    Btw, in the Super Nintendo Hacking subforum theres plenty of interesting stuff, everybody making new roms should check the threads out. 

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  10. Thread about swapping already existing logos or disabling them completely can be found here:

    There are some offsets and data you might find useful, @UltraMagnus  

     I think the center ice logos are crunched and cant be changed (like it is possible for Genesis rom) without decrunching but good luck with that. 

  11. It is the first release of NHL 94 for PC called NHL Hockey. 



    It definitely looks like the original game, not reissue, classic/gold edition and such and afaik some original games I purchased in 90s for PC had something written in German and French on the box as well in the manual/installation guide so yes, it might be the European version (if there are other ones, for NA/JAP for instance).

  12. After reading two posts on made by the guy known as Mort in the Tecmo community I would have done the same what Knobbe did I guess. But I would let people to access the site backup or something similar. At least for couple of weeks to download files/threads. I've made just couple of posts there but I loved reading that forum. As a European loving NFL and Tecmo games (became fan of both thanks to NHL94 forum and site) I lost the place I like visiting.  

    Btw, shutting down the site is discussed here ( and this was posted there. 



    Drunken_Honkey has made Tecmo Superbowl 4 that is 99% complete, and was posting on the site with updates. Anyone have a clue how to contact him on his progress ?


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  13. 59 minutes ago, CoachMac said:

    How do you disable one-timers?

    For NHL 94:

    Open a ROM in a hex editor, and go 0F6944

    The value there is 67

    Change it to 60

    Don't use the classic/default ROM, because it has the checksum. Any other ROM should work.


    For NHLPA 93: Open a ROM in an emulator. :-D

  14. 9 hours ago, smozoma said:

    DownGoesBrown is a Genesis guy and used to play on here 10 years ago (pretty good actually), so I'm not sure why the video clip is SNES.

    He writes for The Athletic now if you want more of his stuff. He used to write a Leafs-themed blog which was hilarious (still available here.. note the precog mention of Tavares being on the Leafs .. in 2008

    He couldnt use video with 93 SNES for obvious reasons and because there was one Genesis video with 93, he used SNES video as well. To satisfy all fans. 

    Or maybe he converted to the Dark Side...

    I agree with that guy on one-timers. And smozoma found the way to disable them after I asked him how to do it. So NHL 94 without one-timers can be played as well.