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  2. Hi, I am just reading your post from 2008 on forum about NBA Action 95 which I consider as the best basketball retro game of all time (reminds me of TV Sports Basketball which I played heavily in early 90s), glad someone likes this game too! :-)

  3. Horribly done by Reichel but it made sense. Reichel rarely, if ever, used a slapshot in a shootout and Čechnánek knew Reichel well from training sessions, they were team mates from the team Czech Republic so he perfectly knew what to expect from Reichel.
  4. Definitely its not the same but many people wont participate because they are used to their modern controllers or they prefer the "right" speed of the game and not the slow European one. If emulators are good enough for online play why not having two categories, for the real hardware players and for the emulator players and everybody can join both. I am not bashing the guys who organize these tournaments, not at all, from my pov they just miss the opportunity to have more fun with more players involved.
  5. Dont want to start a new thread for this so posting it here. If you want to play NHL 94 on crack, run the emulator, set the region to EUR, load the rom, then switch to US region and you have NHL 94 with the crazy NHL 91 speed. Works for NHLPA93 as well (and should for NHL 92 too).
  6. Playing Genesis 95 again and I cant help myself, I like it. Its not as good as 92-94 games but still pretty decent. The PAL vs NTSC problem is a big PITA for Europeans. I would like to play Tecmo Super Bowl games (NES, SNES I and III) on the real hardware (both NES and SNES) but buying the consoles and the cartridges would be two or three times more expensive for me as an European due to shipping costs (and customs charges) from North America. Same for NHL 94, PAL version sucks, its slow as hell and its got that stupid "hit the goalie with a puck" sound. What I've never undersood about all these retro sport video games tournaments...why the real hardware is used exclusively? Its "use the real hardware with the original controllers" or "bye". Using PC, notebooks and emulators, at least for another category, has so many pros. People used to their own controllers can use them in these tournaments, any version (PAL/NTSC) of the game can be used no matter what versions are available in the region which means more people will be interested in participating in live tournaments, videos of full matches can be recorded, live streams broadcasted, savestates can me made during the breaks so no need to replay the whole game when the console freezes and so on and so on. Notebooks are cheap, small, light and can run the games via emulators perfectly and almost everyone has one. I myself am hardcore retrogamer owning plenty of old retro garbage, consoles, computers, joysticks so I understand why people want to use the real stuff like in the good old days, nothing beats that feeling, but why other options are always totally ignored is beyond my understanding.
  7. Rangers-Islanders divisional finals (conference semifinals) or conference finals? Would be good. NHL should consider reseeding after the first playoff round or at least for the semifinals (last four), there is no chance to enjoy Stanley Cup finals like Canadiens-Maple Leafs, Red Wings-Maple Leafs, Bruins-Canadiens etc. Five of original six teams in the east, Chicago in the west. Or use the European playoff format 1-16, 2-15 like it was used in 1980 and 1981 seasons, it would make the playoffs more interesting imo.
  8. When watching him in New Jersey I thought his career was coming to an end but after he was traded to Florida I believe two, maybe even three, more seasons we'll be watching him in NHL.
  9. Happy birthday Evan! And thank you for the site
  10. That means you can edit/use in the game these 11 teams (Chicago, Edmonton...) with complete banners. Maybe more. Delete completely these 11 banners in Tile Layer Pro. Run the game, check the rest of the team banners. If there are any not affected (lets say Detrit, Toronto,Washington), write them down. Now open Tile Layer again and delete completely Los Angeles. Run the game. Does deleting the LA logo affects Detroit, Toronto or Washington? If not, delete Montreal in TLP. Run the game. And so on and so on until any of Detroit, Toronto, Washington banners is affected. Why? You know that Detroit, Toronto or Washington shares tiles with other banner and you can edit these two banners for using at least one more team in the game. Or two, or three. Maybe four.
  11. Yep some banners are not complete, they share the tiles with other banners. SAN JOSE SHARKS/HARTFORD WHALERS for instance. These banners are not complete, they share tiles with other banners: Detroit, Los Angeles, Montreal, New Jersey, both NY teams, Quebec, San Jose, Toronto, Washington, Winnipeg and both All-Star banners. Rest (Chicago, Edmonton etc.) are complete in Tile Layer Pro.
  12. SNES has colour pictures but more graphic compression (ice logos, menu logos), has no banners graphics (its text only) and no animated glass-banging fan Colour pictures are maybe the reason for logos compression, damn it.
  13. I think the main screen in the original rom is replacable but it is extremely difficult. Just follow the 30 teams rom tutorial and replace the main screen in the wboy's rom. You will get the palette value for your picture which will be needed later. Now the extremely difficult part. Use the original rom. Edit the main screen coordinates values of the main screen in the hexeditor as wboy did (I have no idea how to do this ). After opening the rom in Tile Molester or Tile Layer Pro the main screen will look like the normal picture and not a complete mess. Copy and paste your picture (the same you put in the wboy's rom). Now edit the main screen coordinate values to default (without this the main screen will be messy in the game). Edit the palette value (I am clueless here again).
  14. This is the second title screen (in the original rom its the one with High Score Production and Mark Lesser Present text), notice changes I made in TLP-11 tiles long white line, on the right side you can see the changes in the game after loading the rom in the emulator. This is the main screen (the third one), yellow/orange line on the left is my edit, on the right the game itself. What you see on the left in Tile Layer Pro (or in Tile Molester if you prefer this one) is what you get in the game with wboy's rom, pretty simple. Is it that simple with the original rom? Well, not at all, check this: The main screen in the code of the original rom is not coordinated in the same way as it is in game itself (or wboy's rom). Its something like this: A1 A2 A5 A6 B3 B4 B7 B8 B5 B6 B1 B2 A3 A4 A7 A8 C1 C2 C5 C6 D3 D4 D7 D8 D5 D6 D1 D2 C3 C4 C7 C8 etc etc For a human eye its a mess in TLP or TM. wboy figured out how the NHL 94 main screens are tiled/coordinated and with rewriting the coordinates he made editing much easier.
  15. Player faces logos/cards are compressed for sure, so is Ron Barr's face I think. Team logos and banners are not compressed, there are two sets of banners and two sets of logos, one set for menu logos and banners, the other one for ice logos and score board banners.
  16. I dont think graphics are compressed in the original rom, I have found almost all the graphics in the original rom in Tile Molester (except the Stanley Cup graphics from the play-off screen and and the EA intro screen from the beginning of the game and the player cards, maybe Ron Barr face, not sure about this one), the main difference between the original ROM and the wboy's one is in the possibility of easy editing in Tile Molester. For instance: the intro screen, this one: including the NHL HOCKEY 94 text and NHLPA and NHL logos are editable in the original ROM but its extremley difficult to replace it like it can be done with wboy rom because in Tile Molester (or Tile Layer Pro) you will never get this screen looking exactly like it is in the game but in wboy's rom its possible because he moved the graphics to empty areas of 2 MB rom in the editable user-friendly format. Its difficult to explain what i mean I hope you'll get the idea from this: Original rom, original graphics, the intro screen: X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X Whatever size/format of the editing screen you choose in TM or TLP you will never get the original picture even if you use +/-, so replacing it with your picture is not possible because you dont have it in the same format like it is in the game, this one: X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X Pictures in the wboy's rom are ready to be replaced because they are in the 4X8 format too, you just need to +/- the picture, that is all. (4X8 format is just an example.)
  17. There is a difference between megabyte and megabit: The original ROM (and most of other Genesis ROMs) is one megabyte but the code/game itself occupies less, have no idea how to figure out exact size but I am sure its possible with some ROM scanning utility. Completely uncompressed size...its arguable, every game/rom uses different compressing routine and I doubt its possible to figure this out without asking the creator/owner of the code, imo it is not much more than the size of the ROM itself, the compression ratio of the code/text can be around 1:1 and the graphics ratio is higher but there is not much graphics compressed in the original ROM so the compressed:uncompressed NHL 94 rom size is more or less the same.
  18. Thank you for rating me! :-*

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      You should try playing without onetimers, gives me an extra challenge when I play against computers lmao

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      I dont cry about rating my profile, quite the contrary, I thank you for that (see my "Thank you for rating me! :-*" post :-*

      I dont score slappers, I dont play NHL 94 at all, I am a troll.

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  19. Patrik Elias, not Patrick. Brodeur on the St. Louis roster - he announced the end of his playing career, I guess he is not active anymore after the trade deadline? Gudas on the Flyers roster - I doubt he will play a single match this season for Flyers: I dont consider Gudas being active Flyers' player until his first appearance for Philadelphia but its your rom, you decide.
  20. Welcome aboard! Great story, cool books
  22. Yes, it may be polished but that is so simple stuff anyone can make it in TLP (it's like MS Paint, it is really that easy folks). For your upcoming releases I will check those details properly to make it perfect. I don't think I deserve any credit on any of your roms as you do all the hard work and these 2 roms we are talking about took five minutes to edit, maybe less, including downloading TLP and roms. When I got an idea, suggestion or know how to help, I do not keep it for myself so you can take all my comments and suggestions as kind of partnership. I got a soft spot for trolls ;-) And transvestites. With the stars indicators implemented you will get much more suggestions from other members and SNES players as well I guess and your work will get attention it deserves. I was wondering what was happening with that file, forty something downloads, then sixty something, then over one hundred. Weird stuff.
  23. I tried my best to keep your nets and puck untouched, I think it is o.k. :-)
  24. numbers=numbers and positions (D,L,R,C), inclstars=like the original rom NinetyFlow2014numbers.smc NinetyFlow2014inclstars.smc