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  1. Yes, it may be polished but that is so simple stuff anyone can make it in TLP (it's like MS Paint, it is really that easy folks). For your upcoming releases I will check those details properly to make it perfect.

    I don't think I deserve any credit on any of your roms as you do all the hard work and these 2 roms we are talking about took five minutes to edit, maybe less, including downloading TLP and roms. When I got an idea, suggestion or know how to help, I do not keep it for myself so you can take all my comments and suggestions as kind of partnership. I got a soft spot for trolls ;-) And transvestites.

    With the stars indicators implemented you will get much more suggestions from other members and SNES players as well I guess and your work will get attention it deserves.

    I was wondering what was happening with that file, forty something downloads, then sixty something, then over one hundred. Weird stuff.

  2. In TLP copy and paste player stars area from the original rom to tru's rom. It's same like copying block of text.

    If I could I would do it now, it's piece of cake, but I dont have classic mouse right now and using touchad just for internet browsing gives me wristaches.

  3. The sounds are hilariously bad but they are the best part in of the worst hockey games of alltime, Megarts Hockey (known as Cross Check as well) for Amiga.

    SNES NHLPA sucks really bad but it would have been number one in ice hockey games genre if ever released for Amiga.

  4. Thanks. The AI shoots and scores maybe once in awhile, but that once in awhile is still too much. I am the guy at forum that managed to make nhl09 super realistic. There was a AI tool that I mastered and shared the settings to everyone. But, that was years ago and I tried a few more tweaks trying to be perfect and it just crapped my game. It was fun while it lasted though. I really loved NHL94. It was the funnest hockey game I ever played. NHL 95 PC is basically NHL94 with better stats and a potential for hacking. I hope somebody will pick this game up again and produce mods for it. Imagine realistic gameplay with 2014 abilities and a fully moddable game for NHL94! NHL 95 PC has that potential.

    NHL 95 is basically NHL 94 but it is updated and polished in many more ways, not just in stats area. 95 looks better, is smoother and from gameplay point of view there are huge and important differences. For instance goalies' behaviour.

  5. If you know now where the code for one-timers is located and how it approximately works it might not be that difficult from my theoretical ( :lol:) pov. Somewhere are the values for coordinates of the goal (as the aim of the puck), and the speed/strength of the shot maybe?

    Your additional code would work like the original instruction (coordinates and strength) plus would be affected by the Shot Accuracy attribute in some way.

    Players with 100 accuracy never miss=act like the original code.

    Players with 85 accuracy=choose randomly (is it possible?) A, B or C. A=original code, B=coordinates of the goal +x (misses the left post, just few pixels), C=coordinates of the goal -x (misses the right post, just few pixels).

    Players with 55 and 65 accuracy=choose randomly A, B, C, D or E. D=coordinates of the goal +xx (misses the left post completely), E=coordinates of the goal -xx (misses the right post completely).

    For players with less accuracy there would be F and G option.

    For players with high accuracy its 1/1 or 1/3 they score, for average players 1/5 and for garbage ones 1/7.

    Or, to make things easier, make it universal for all the players. The code would randomly pick one option (A. original behaviour=player scores or B/C few pixels miss left/right or D/E plenty pixels miss left/right).

  6. NHL 94 with no one timers is more difficult version of NHL 92/NHLPA93. Ok, with no blood (can be added in TLP or Tile Molester) and no fights, reason why some people love these versions, for me the fights are extremely annoying.

    I played couple of NHL 94 matches with one timers disabled, auto goalie and it was great fun!

  7. Your coding and analytical skills rock. You're genius!!!

    So far I tried Regular Season matches (just couple of seconds) with various setups (auto/manual goalie, lines changing on, off, auto, different teams, periods length etc) and then play-off matches, always worked! In two players mode (head to head) it seems to work as well.

    I am going to finish regular season match (5 mins) now, then complete play-off, regular season match again and then first match of play-off best of seven.

    I use the original rom with simple weight bux fix and B0FC --> 4E75 (@000FFACB) checksum fix.


    Edit: Works in all modes!

  8. I want to disable one-timers completely. I think it works similarly as the timer for goalkeepers control. One-timers can be performed only in one situation, after making a pass with B button and immediately shooting with C button. If you are waiting too long after making a pass, one-timer can not be performed. That's why I think there is a value in the code telling the game how long it can wait to make one-timer shot and when the player is out of his time. I might be completely wrong and the game simply turns off the one-timer option when the receiving player receives a pass and disabling one-timers is much more difficult. But without trying I will never know.

    My questions: Does anyone know

    1. the way how to disable one-timers


    2. the value(s) of one-timers timers (if they exist)? Or how to find them with Gens rerecording utility?

  9. I read recently Zlatan Ibrahimovic (big football/soccer star here in Europe) was a huge fan of Sensible Soccer/Sensible World of Soccer series and owned Commodore Amiga when he was a kid. That leads to me a suggestion. Ask ice hockey guys youre gonna interview about their experience with video games and gaming in general. Target audience of your documentary will be from NHL games fanbase but retrogaming fans also, such information might be interesting for them. And another suggestion (and a wish): Make a special uncut version or a bonus movie from all the footage that wont be used in the official movie.

    Someone posted the Tecmo documentary (which I like a lot, I am a huge fan of the game), imo it is unbalanced is certain ways. The Tecmo event steals the whole movie and the documentary focuses on two three guys, the game itself or the community ( are not covered as they should. I know the movie was intended to be about the Tecmo event, these are just my two cents about what the well-balanced documentary about the old game loved by many should be like. Versions+history / making the game+background / community+forum+modding / live events / interviews with NHL players+NHL 94 players, all covered +- propotionally.

    I hope it will be at least 50 minutes documentary and not just 25 mins :-)

    Can't wait to see this!

  10. Guys, do you prefer the simple hack (weight only) or the improved one (weight+checking)? The improved one definitely looks more sophisticated and makes things more interesting (ligher guys with good checking ability can knock down heavy guys when they suck at checking) but imo the simple one is what was intended by creators of the game. It looks they screw it up with 2A and 2B values with putting them at the wrong place in the code. Something like NHL 96 or 97 and goalies with wrong R/L gloves. What are your thoughts?

  11. Not sure if its possible to allow another person accessing to your hard drive just via emulator :-)

    About that read-only folder. You as a community can use the same srm file created just for the purpose of online gaming and this srm file make read-only, that should prevent the game make any changes.

    Run the emulator, opent the original NHL 94 rom, close the emulator, make created srm file read only, add it into the package with the bin and then make it downloadable for other people playing in the online leagues.

  12. Maybe the simple launcher telling the emulator not to store any srm files would be the solution but that's not possible without understanding the code of the emulator :-) It's mabye easier to find what happens in the rom when storing data to memory and tell the rom don't do anything by erasing or rewriting certain values in hex editor like people do with checksums.

    I would try making folder with the emulator read only on both sides (you-opponent) first, that seems to me like the best solution that costs nothing :-)

  13. The problem is the SWOS autolauncher does not change anything in the game code, its only an emulator with preconfigured setup (that tells the emulator to run the game from hdf=hard drive file) with some cool features added but the game itself is not changed in any way (only the save disk is, but the save disk is not part of the game).

  14. And why exactly does it seem that 92 has it right.

    What happened between 92 and 93 that brought on the wt bug.

    In my opinion it has something to do with rewriting the code from the scratch, 93 is not just an update of the previous version but in many ways a completely new game. It does not use password system anymore but stores data in the memory, players have their individual stats and you can check them, injuries were added, summaries added, lines editing added and the list goes on.

  15. Yes, but why does it works with the 92 rom ?

    I think 92 and 94 behave differently. 92 uses password system and does not store any information in the memory or as a savestate. In 94 the game stores the information in memory/save state. When you beat Dallas with Buffalo in 94, your game stores the information Buffalo-1:0-BuffaloPlayersStats-etc but your opponent has Dallas-0:1-DallasPlayersStats-etc info stored. That leads to desynch as the roms are different at that point.