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  1. one thing those krafty euros have is their own private kaillera server. if you enter " " on "custom ip" when going onto servers youll see it. its great because it doesnt show up on the master server list so if we could figure out how to make one for ourselves we would likely be the only ones using it and it uses an actual server so it has a higher bandwidth. anybody have any idea how we would go about making a server on kaillera?

    Europeans play P2P exclusively, almost no kaillera servers games.

    Sensible soccer is indeed the 94 of footy games & the european community is massive. They even meet up to have regular live tournaments in different countries (like many in this community say would not work) I believe.

    One of those annual tournaments was held last weekend in Denmark.

    There are many Amiga versions of SWOS. Original SWOS (with bugs), improved SWOS called 1.1, then 95/96 (with added curled ground passes and the so called standing headers) and 95/96 European Championships edition (some improvments over 95/96 and 16 teams and correct format in Euro Championships) and then 96/97, which is taken as the ultimate version of Amiga SWOS. Update disk was released for this version too. I personally prefer SWOS 1.1 as it was the game I played on a regular basis in nineties and I think it's more difficult than later versions, with curled ground passes it's way too easy to overplay the computer opponent.

    If you like the Genesis versions of Sensi, try Atari Jaguar version, the gameplay is the same and it looks brilliant. Should work fine under an emulator on modern PCs.

    As a huge Amiga SWOS and Mega Drive Sensible Soccer fan I was interested in online playing years ago, it was 2007 I think, visited their chat and arranged few games. I think I am a very good player but these guys from are pure fanatics and play this game like gods, I had no chance. And I played just few friendlies against players ranked around 30-50 (at that time there were around 150 ranked players, not 40 or 50 like nowadays), competition matches against the best must be a butchery. If you decide to play their leagues and tourneys on a regular basis, expect months and hundreds of games to become at least below average player, good luck :-)

    Reason for editing: many typos.

  2. That is true for changes made on menu logos, not for this edit :) Intro logos won't be affected, I promise.

    Good news: Center ice logos can be disabled, very easily, in few seconds. That's great news for many NHL 94 SNES players.

    Bad news: This way of disabling center ice logos work for *all* teams. Not possible to disable just three or four, sorry.

    In hex editor, go to offset D5156.

    You will see this block of values

    33 67 29 25 D6 5A 29 25 F7 5E

    54 21 99 0A 2D 76 BF 36 32 25 39 32 31 6F 70 36

    D6 31 12 42 D7 41 EC 03 18 63 73 4E 29 25 73 4E

    F5 11 55 1E 29 25 6B 3D 29 35 67 11 93 62 36 1D

    52 29 FC 1D 17 36 98 7F

    surrouned by 00.

    This is center ice logos palette. Change 33 67 to 98 7F, copy these new values and paste them (ctrl+B) in the entire block to make it look like this:

    98 7F 98 7F 98 7F 98 7F 98 7F

    98 7F 98 7F 98 7F 98 7F 98 7F 98 7F 98 7F 98 7F

    98 7F 98 7F 98 7F 98 7F 98 7F 98 7F 98 7F 98 7F

    98 7F 98 7F 98 7F 98 7F 98 7F 98 7F 98 7F 98 7F

    98 7F 98 7F 98 7F 98 7F

    Save the changes, your rom is center ice logos free now.

    98 7F is the original ice color, when altering ice color (more here) you have to use your new values of course to disable ice logos.

    Happy editing!

  3. Offset D50B6 and now:

    98 7F = ice color.

    BD 7F = center area of the lights reflection and nets / glasses seams

    BA 7F = lights reflection and shades of the glass at the bottom of the rink / ice in the referee window

    7B 6F = menu frame, letters (menu, team abbreviations, time, players...), part of the goal posts, face off spots, thin white lines surrounding red lines, circles and semi-circles around the goals

    00 00 = do not edit, almost all black used in the arena, audience, menus

    D6 5A = rink boards, upper area

    AD 35 and 29 25 = do not edit

    DB 5A = thin lines surrounding red lines, face off spots (four pixels)

    5F 4A = red lines and circles, referee's faces

    3B 35 = red lines, circles and face off spots, referee's faces

    4D 6E = blue lines, star indicators, centre of the puck

    DB 12 = boards (bottom area) and „walls“ behind the benches

    D2 7E = blue lines, star indicators, crease, GOAL font (in the box with a scoring player and assists)

    84 10 = do not edit

    72 7F = blue lines, star indicators, crease

    "Do not edit" values and other values behind 72 7F are values for referee's uniform, menu background, audience or for the graphics I did not spot.

    If you want to alter colors of the original graphics and my description is not good enough, alter the original values to 00 00 (black color) and you will have an idea what graphics are affected by the values above.

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  4. that is excellent. I'm excited. I can't wait to see a bunch of blank pucks in the intro!

    Pucks in the intro won't be affected by editing center ice logos, which is + imo.

    I am going to post how to change center ice logos including other useful edit information tomorrow.

    If you can give me any details about player portraits (mainly offsets not included in SNES mapping project thread) and organ tunes (I cant find them) I would appreciate it.

  5. Yep, menu logos/banner palettes follows the center ice logo section, it's'>here alraedy.

    I don't see much sense in investigating in these areas, banner colors can be changed easily in the awesome statto's editor, changing banner text is useless imo (someone might find this useful though).

    Menu logos have another section in the rom, starts at D6D7C. If you want to change the menu logos colors, edit values in this location, it's easier and it's not "controlled by the visiting team".

    When you rewrite Boston section (let's say to 00 00 00 ...), Boston logo gets blackened no matter what other changes you make with other logos. It's not that easy to understand how it works in the logos section you are talking about (@0E0497). For instance, changes made with LA logo affects Anaheim logo, there are too many variables, too much mess.

    Here are the offsets of the menu logos for each team. They are combined with the banner palettes and with the palettes used for intro graphics.

    D6D7C Boston

    D6D9C Islanders

    D6DBC Anaheim

    D6DDC Dallas

    D6DFC Montreal

    D6E1C "E" in EA Sports logo - intro

    D6E3C "A" - intro

    D6E5C "SPORTS" - intro


    D6E9C New Jersey

    D6EBC Rangers

    D6EDC Ottawa

    D6EFC West

    D6F1C East

    D6F3C Philadelphia

    D6F5C banner

    D6F7C Pittsburgh
    D6F9C Buffalo

    D6FBC Quebec

    D6FDC Calgary

    D6FFC San Jose

    D701C St. Louis

    D703C Chicago

    D705C Tampa

    D707C Toronto

    D709C Vancouver

    D70BC Washington

    D70DC Winnipeg

    D70FC NHL logo

    D711C NHLPA logo

    D713C Detroit

    D715C banner
    D717C banner

    D719C banner

    D71DC Teams/Players names Font Color ?

    D71FC banner
    D721C banner

    D723C banner
    D725C banner

    D727C Florida

    D729C banner
    D72BC banner

    D72DC banner

    D731C banner
    D733CLos Angeles

    D735C+ banners

    Each menu logo contains 32 values.

    00 00 FF 7F

    00 80 FB 02 77 82 7F 03 00 00 E7 1C 29 A5 8C 31

    CE B9 31 C6 73 4E D6 5A 18 E3 7B 6F

    Rewriting all of them to 00 makes the whole logo black.

    So far I have found values 95, 96 and 99 the most accurate to the yellowish brownish background colors.

    Location with palettes for the menu logos background colors would make editing menu logos much easier, have no idea where these palettes are located though.

  6. I found something interesting, try it please:

    73 BE 9A 00 C6 FF 88 00 (Winnipeg + All Stars)

    33 DD 9A 00 C6 FF 88 00 (Washington + All Stars)

    80 C8 9A 00 C6 FF 88 00 (Detroit + All Stars)

    B6 D4 9A 00 6A E4 9A 00 (All Stars + Winnipeg)

    9C D7 9A 00 24 E4 9A 00 (Los Angeles + Washington)

    The first half probably points to location with the graphics and the second half determines the position of the logo or something like that. Anyone understands this?

    Rewriting the second half with random values causes the game to crash before the start of the match, rewriting the first half with random values (00, FF etc) makes the logo look like crowd but the game works.

  7. If you're still interested tjans:

    Not what we, SNES players, want (no logos at all) but definitely better than nothing.

    As you are experienced with coding, editors and hex-editors, have you checked these?

    Last thing we need for graphic editing is to find where the ice logos palettes are located in the rom. Can you help?

  8. also:

    0D5356 - Bruins to Stars centerice colors

    0D5382 - Calgary Flames centerice color

    stumbled upon a 'pod' of teams, can't find any other ones though


    0D5356 to 0D5382 is the PALETTE for the centre ice logos, not any information about the centre ice logos themselves. Still useful.

    I edited everything from D5556 (D5356+200) to D5582 (D5382+200) with AA and then 00 and nothing happened. Bruins, Flames and Stars centre ice logos remained, unchanged.

    Menu logos always change color after editing menu logos palette offsets.

    Not sure if these are really center ice logos colors.

  9. From the spreadsheet I got information about the offsets.

    There are 224 values, 224/28 (number of teams)=8. 8 values for each team. Last two teams have identical values, there are only two teams in the game with the same logo, All-Star Teams. I copied all eight values from the last line to the first one and started the game. Anaheim had the All-Star Team logo, I was done.

    After that I made other tests to be sure.

    What is interesting-the first two values in each line can be rewritten without making the game frozen. After tests with similar random values it seems to me these two values tells the game what graphics to display. That's why I think the logos can be replaced by the ice bitmap/image even if it's got only two values and not eight like the logos have. This sounds too easy to me and I am a bit sceptical here.

    But there is another way I guess.

    There are offsets of players portraits palettes, menu logos palettes, uniforms palettes and banner palettes in the spreadsheet. The center ice logos palettes are missing. Don't know if they have not been found by anyone or if there is no palettes for centre ice logos in the rom. It would be extremely easy with them to make logos disappear by changing the ice logos color to light blue. The menu logos colors or player portraits colors can be changed that way pretty easily.

  10. Get a hex-editor (I recommend HxD, very easy to use and very user friendly) and open NHL'94 rom in it.

    Center ice logos are located at E03B7 - E0496 offsets, find it with "Goto" option.

    The center ice logos offset stars with 7B B4 9A 00 3C E5 9A 00 A1 BF etc etc and ends with 88 00 B6 D4 9A 00 C6 FF 88 00.

    You can also find beginning of the offset with "Find" option, search for 7B B4 9A 00 in Hex-values datatypes.

    The complete offsets values for center ice logos look like this in HxD:

    7B B4 9A 00 3C E5 9A 00 A1

    BF 9A 00 F8 E7 9A 00 96 CA 9A 00 6C E7 9A 00 3D

    FF 8D 00 E0 E6 9A 00 2E AC 9A 00 F6 E4 9A 00 38

    FF 84 00 98 E3 9A 00 80 C8 9A 00 F4 E1 9A 00 15

    C3 9A 00 26 E7 9A 00 57 C5 9A 00 54 E6 9A 00 A9

    FE 82 00 B0 E4 9A 00 9C D7 9A 00 C6 E2 9A 00 4A

    DA 9A 00 3E E8 9A 00 F5 BB 9A 00 9A E6 9A 00 CB

    FE 98 00 82 E5 9A 00 A0 CB 9A 00 C8 E5 9A 00 C0

    FE 99 00 0E E6 9A 00 36 C4 9A 00 B2 E7 9A 00 47

    FF 83 00 68 E1 9A 00 AF D5 9A 00 AE E1 9A 00 67

    C6 9A 00 3A E2 9A 00 74 C7 9A 00 80 E2 9A 00 85

    FE 97 00 0C E3 9A 00 72 D9 9A 00 52 E3 9A 00 78

    FE 86 00 DE E3 9A 00 33 DD 9A 00 24 E4 9A 00 73

    BE 9A 00 6A E4 9A 00 B6 D4 9A 00 C6 FF 88 00 B6

    D4 9A 00 C6 FF 88 00

    It's a mess, after formatting and adding team names it makes much more sense:

    7B B4 9A 00 3C E5 9A 00 Anaheim

    A1 BF 9A 00 F8 E7 9A 00 Boston
    96 CA 9A 00 6C E7 9A 00 Buffalo

    3D FF 8D 00 E0 E6 9A 00 Calgary

    2E AC 9A 00 F6 E4 9A 00 Chicago

    38 FF 84 00 98 E3 9A 00 Dallas

    80 C8 9A 00 F4 E1 9A 00 Detroit

    15 C3 9A 00 26 E7 9A 00 Edmonton

    57 C5 9A 00 54 E6 9A 00 Florida

    A9 FE 82 00 B0 E4 9A 00 Hartford

    9C D7 9A 00 C6 E2 9A 00 Los Angeles

    4A DA 9A 00 3E E8 9A 00 Montreal

    F5 BB 9A 00 9A E6 9A 00 New Jersey

    CB FE 98 00 82 E5 9A 00 NY Islanders

    A0 CB 9A 00 C8 E5 9A 00 NY Rangers

    C0 FE 99 00 0E E6 9A 00 Ottawa

    36 C4 9A 00 B2 E7 9A 00 Philadelphia

    47 FF 83 00 68 E1 9A 00 Pittsburgh

    AF D5 9A 00 AE E1 9A 00 Quebec

    67 C6 9A 00 3A E2 9A 00 San Jose

    74 C7 9A 00 80 E2 9A 00 St. Louis

    85 FE 97 00 0C E3 9A 00 Tampa Bay

    72 D9 9A 00 52 E3 9A 00 Toronto

    78 FE 86 00 DE E3 9A 00 Vancouver

    33 DD 9A 00 24 E4 9A 00 Washington

    73 BE 9A 00 6A E4 9A 00 Winnipeg

    B6 D4 9A 00 C6 FF 88 00 East

    B6 D4 9A 00 C6 FF 88 00 West

    Yes, it's that simple, every line represents one center ice logo. For instance, if you want to change Quebec ice cener logo in your custom NHL 99 rom with generic NHL logo, just rewrite the values on the Quebec line (AF D5 9A 00 AE E1 9A 00) with the values from East or West line (B6 D4 9A 00 C6 FF 88 00).

    I bolded values which differ to frequent 9A value.

    Do not edit just part of the line, the game freezes after that. If you edit only first two values, the game works but the logo looks ugly.

    Due to compressed graphics in SNES rom there won't be probably possible to edit logos like it can be done in Genesis version but this way offers more possibilities when editing roms. Post NHL 94 teams do not need to use Jets, Whalers or Nordiques logos in modern NHL roms but generic NHL logo now. For international tournaments or non-NHL leagues roms you can choose the same logo for all teams.

    If someone can find where the values/pointers for ice graphics are located, I am sure more progress can be done then.

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  11. Expanded rosters are beyond my skills, just do not know what to do, here I am not going to be much of help.

    Ice logos, menu logos and other stuff are on my NHL 94 want-to-do list, this list is pretty long (there are around 15 things I want to experiment with). I got an idea what to do and after short test I made week or two weeks ago I can say something can be done but can't promise anything now. To be 100% sure I need at least a full weekend for working on it and I have been unfortunately very busy last weeks.

    I am extremely curious about the result but just cant to test it now, my real life duties are priorities now <_<

    what are you testing? you have me curious.

    Nothinig right now, but very soon with menu and ice logos and few other things :)

    I am not that busy in RL now, I will start next weekend probably and my results will be posted during March I suppose.

    Been almost 4 months...sorry, I was not only busy, I was lazy too :-D This morning I finally decided to investigate in this area, new thread is going to appear soon with short tutorial how to edit *cough* ice logos (yes, it's possible).