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  1. Nothinig right now, but very soon with menu and ice logos and few other things I am not that busy in RL now, I will start next weekend probably and my results will be posted during March I suppose.
  2. During January I left comments here regarding editing SNES version of NHL 94, check them and maybe you will find some useful info. If you are patient enough, wait couple of weeks. I am going to work on the menu/ice logos and some other stuff soon. I think I know what to do as I went through the forum already to gather as many useful information as possible and have some HexEd experience when working on penalty minutes.
  3. Yep, he is Igor Kuperman is one of the most respected hockey historians and aficionados in the game today. A dual Canadian and Russian citizen, Kuperman left his native Soviet Union in the 1990s to work with the Winnipeg Jets as one of the very first Europeans to be associated with an NHL club front office. He followed the franchise when it moved to Phoenix, Ariz. in 1996, before becoming a Toronto, Ont. resident in 2004. Kuperman was also assistant GM of the Russian team at the 2002 Olympic Winter Games in Salt Lake City, Utah, where his squad claimed a bronze medal. He was manager of the Russian team that played in the 1996 World Cup Of Hockey and was GM of Team Russia during Igor Larionov’s farewell game in 2004. In addition, Kuperman was the NHL consultant during The Stanley Cup’s first visit to Moscow in 1997, is the co-author of the IIHF’s 100-Year Anniversary Book, published in 2008, and in the same year was instrumental in the launch of the Kontinental Hockey League (KHL). He is currently vice-president of European Operations for Pointstreak Sports Technologies, Inc. Source: IIHF
  4. Expanded rosters are beyond my skills, just do not know what to do, here I am not going to be much of help. Ice logos, menu logos and other stuff are on my NHL 94 want-to-do list, this list is pretty long (there are around 15 things I want to experiment with). I got an idea what to do and after short test I made week or two weeks ago I can say something can be done but can't promise anything now. To be 100% sure I need at least a full weekend for working on it and I have been unfortunately very busy last weeks. I am extremely curious about the result but just cant to test it now, my real life duties are priorities now
  5. I have been too busy lately. I hope I will have more time upcoming week for ROM investigation :-)
  6. FYI: Tried this on SNES, did not work.
  7. I very much doubt about that, the goal horn is not present in the game. To be honest I dont like the goal horn in other versions, it becomes very annoying after couple of goals but its maybe just me.
  8. Here: and here:
  9. 109 or 110. That is too many times but the whole process takes couple of hours if not few minutes. Few seconds to rewrite the value to 5802 and save the changes. Then minute or two (if using the save state less) to test it. It will take two or three hours and if the value is at the beginning of the rom then just minutes. That is not so much time to invest in something you really want to have in your roms. Or rewrite first ten values and see what happens. Then values 11-20. Then 21-30. And so on. You can find the right value even faster then.
  10. I am sure Off. awareness has an affect on something. Its not listed in the game in the goalie skills but its editable in the editor in both versions (SNES and Genesis). And unlike Stick Handling, Checking and Shot Accuracy the values are originally set to higher numbers than 25. Goalikeepers rated 100: Belfour, Joseph, Potvin 85: Fuhr, Hasek, Blue, Vanbiesbrouck, Stauber, Barrasso, Soderstrom, Essensa, Whitmore Rest 65 or less. I don't think it is passing because Hasek was pretty bad with the stick and he is rated 85. And Hextall is not 100 or even 85!
  11. I think timing is crucial here. When the hit is done from the right angle, almost face to face, the probability of getting injured raises too. I think there is an injury factor for every player/team in the game somewhere. Whenever I play against Hartford, its guys from the best line get injured extremely often. I remember a 5 mins period match when I injured three Hartford guys once and one two times and usually they got at least two guys injured, no matter if playing against Whalers or coach them. Chicago guys seem to me more vulnerable too. Talking about SNES version. Never realized this before and I agree. I am going to make stats about this like Brutus suggested. Plus write down every game when no injury will occur.
  12. I tried it on my retro PC. It is not possible to do what I was talking about. The editor rewrites data on the ROM that is opened in the editor. I was hoping it only exports/transfers parts of the ROM (all the data which are editable in the editor) and leaves the rest unchanged. It works like this: graphics-->graphics rosters, lines, playoffs, menu, team names-->edited rosters, lines, playoffs, menu, team names other data-->other data and not like this: graphics rosters, lines, playoffs, menu, team names-->edited rosters, lines, playoffs, menu, team names other data And TLP works in the same way, not possible to export only graphics. That's very new to me, all the editors or various utilites I used in the past on various platforms (mainly PC and Amiga) always imported/exported certain files/data, not all the files/data. ----- I checked that mapping thread (great thread and great info there!) and already tried something yesterday. Just something minimal and I was surprised it was easier than I had expected. There was some result. Seemed promising.....but if noone, especially some more skilled people, hasnt figured out anything in years, I am having maybe unrealistic expectations. Will see during next few days. I am surprised there is no more people around in the SNES subforums, but maybe its general lack of interest to post in the winter, other parts of the forum seem not to be very active either. I'll definitely stay active
  13. 1. I've never seen this But my SNES NHL 94 career is extremely short, this glitch is yet to come Happened to me many times on Genesis that a penalty taker had two opportunities to score. After his first shot attempt (when the penalty shot should be over) he had another one, referee totally ignored the puck crossed the goal line/the goalie touched the puck. 2. Posted today in some other thread - for me its a big plus, I like it. Its an infraction just like an icing and thats why it is called even when penalties are off. In soccer video games there are still free kicks or penalties when the cards are off.
  14. There are some cons though: 1. It can be abused by a coach (using this to avoid confusion, coach=human player, players=players in the game) who shoots the puck from his half and wants to avoid icing and face off in his def. zone so he hits the goalie (because the interference is still called and the game is moved to the neutral zone). But: a) the interference is not always called after the player hits the goalie so its a risk for him to hit the goalie instead of chasing the puck; b ) when the player is so close to the goal line the coach probably will go after the puck with the player, instead of trying hitting the goalie, and keep his players in the attacking zone; c) sometimes it's a delayed penalty and it looks weird when the goalie leaves his net and then no penalty is called, this happens rarely though, most of the interference pens are called when the goalie controls the puck or a player controlling the puck hits the goalie and the ref stops the game immediately. After playing some games with interference off I will never play the original version again, this is much much better imo
  15. The get up bug is a huge bug, I dont use it when playing against the computer but it must be frustrating when playing against a human opponent who is skilled with this and you refuse to do it (or do not know how to do it properly). An agreement or banning this in competitions might be the solution. On the other hand, some people really like it and enjoy it so its a matter of taste. It makes some people happy at least Interference penalties can be changed from 2 mins to zero. I already posted info about this in some thread, I would like to know other SNES players' opinion about this. Seems like no one cares and when I found this I felt like an inventor of the wheel I like that penalty shots are called with penalites turned off. It's like turning off yellow/red cards in a football (soccer) video games. Cards are disabled but free kicks and penalty kicks are still a part of the game. Icing is an infraction too and it is called when penalties are off. For me its +.
  16. Sure, I know that another utility is used to edit graphics and not the statto's editor. The point is in importing/extracting data. If statto's editor extracts only the palyers/teams/menu/playoffs data and then importing them to the rom, should be possible (or not) to extract the data from your rom and then import them to the original rom. Or vice versa, extract the data from original ROM and import them to your rom. With data I mean everything that is editable in the statto's editor, not all the game's data.
  17. Two questions regarding the indicators and graphics in general. My main PC with Windows is kaputt now and I got only notebook with Linux here so I cant try it myself, stattos editor doesnt work in WINE (Linux application to run Windows applications) for me. 1. If you have problems with having no indicators at all and you want to play trudatman's rom with the indicators in it, does this way to put them back work? Can someone try please, it takes only few secs. 1. Put the original NHL 94 rom and trudatman's rom in the folder with the editor executable file. 2. Open the smc file (trudatman's rom) in the editor. 2. Now save it - overwrite the original NHL 94 rom. If the emulator imports/exports only the players/team/playoffs/menu settings data and not the graphics, you should have the original NHL 94 rom with unchanged graphics but with all the data from trudatman. 2. Dont you think removing the star indicators make the players turning faster? Or its just the placebo effect?
  18. Exactly my opinion. Sorry for bumping this old thread. I had the same opinion like most of you here (this game is bad, too fast) but after trying the PAL version (slower than NTSC version) I changed my mind. Its not bad at all. Its almost like NHL 94 from different camera view. Its got full season, one-timers are more difficult to perform - the timing must be accurate and overall its pretty good. But it must be SNES PAL and not SNES NTSC, its unplayable them. Give it another try, maybe you start liking it.
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    Its an emulator issue, these games work perfectly with other SNES emulators.
  20. I found the thread and the Gens formula is different to my research I think. Question is if my research is not a complete BS Yes, of course. Its my language mistake :-) "There can be only one line in the playoffs" should be there I think. There can be 32 playoffs setups (not sure now), but when only one is filled, it works.
  21. If I only read this before I started with the nonsense described above :lol: Never mind. +If you want to get free bytes for adding more players on the team, you can get them by using initials. For instance B._Ranford instead of Bill Ranford and so on. The game works, no freezing or crashing during the game, in the menus, anywhere, its 100% perfect. When you use only one word in players names (Vanbiesbrouck), the game freezes. +When adding GK on the team, he will get the portrait of the player who is originally as first non goalie player on the team. Originally: Vernon Vernon's portrait Suter Suter's portrait MacInnis MacInnis' portrait Roberts Robert's portrait After adding a goalie: Vernon Vernon's portrait NewGoalie Suter's portrait Suter MacInnis' portrait MacInnis Robert's portrait Roberts Nieuwendyk's portrait Do not add goalkeepers on the team if you want to avoid this and do not know how to change the players portraits. +The starting goalie is always the goalie who is the first player on the team's roseter, no matter who is set as a number 1 goalie in Lines editor. +Do not add players on the team if you really do not plan to add anyone. After removing a player there will be one more player in Players cards with no name (just number and empty space or semi-colon). This player is not on the roster and the game doesnt crash or freeze when you get to him when checking players cards. But it looks weird so do not remove players if you have no serious reason for that. This cant be solved by adding a player after removing, this no name player's card will be there always when you remove a player in the editor. +There can be only one line in the playoffs. No need to fill all the lines with same play off setups. +When the playoffs are set like this in the editor 1-2 3-4 5-6 7-8 the playoffs in the game goes like this 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Team 8 is in all conference matches as a home team (Playoff mode) or has home advantage in games 1, 2, 5 and 7 (Best of 7), team 1 is always playing away (Playoff mode) or is an away team in games 1, 2, 5 and 7 (Best of 7). There is no reseeding when the round is finished. Just like in Olympics or World Championships. Winner of the 7-8 match will always be playing against winner of the 5-6 match in the next round.
  22. Great editor, thanks for it statto! I have done some research with it and here are the outcoming data: Useful info: 1. Goalkeepers 1. ENDurance is not endurance for goalkeepers (goalies' endurance is completely missing in the game), it is STICK RIGHT. You can check it yourself by changing this value in editor to 100 and then check STICK RIGHT skill in the game. So keep this in mind when editing goalkeepers skills. 2. All goalies have Stick Handling, Checking and Shot Accuracy set to 25, these skills are completely missing in the game and when changed to higher values the game works with no problem and goalkeepers overall ratings are not affected. 3. Offensive Awareness - again not listed in the game and does not affect overall rating* but originally it is set to higher values than 25. Some goalies are rated 100 (Belfour, Joseph, Potvin), some 85 (Fuhr, Hasek, Blue, Vanbiesbrouck, Stauber, Barrasso, Soderstrom, Essensa, Whitmore), rest 65 or less. *Does not affect overall rating when it is set to 100 separately, it might affect overall rating when it is set to higher value with other skills, read the paragraph 3. Goalkeepers overall rating for more (confusing) information. Not very useful info: 2. Players' overall rating Aggression and ?????? (or weight or L/R) have no influence on overall rating (when set to higher values separately, read paragraph 3). ?????? is passing-shooting bias probably, I read it somewhere on this forum and after playing couple of matches against teams with all players set this skill to 25 and then couple of matches against teams with all players set to 100 I can confirm that. Btw, the higher this ?????? value is, the more difficult the the game is, you have less time to steal the puck. Rest of the skills can be divided into four groups: 1. Endurance, Passing Accuracy and Shooting Power - affect overall rating very little 2. Shooting Accuracy - affects overall rating little 3. Agility, Defensive Awareness and Checking - affect overall rating much 4. Speed, Offensive Awareness and Stick Handling - affect overall rating very much I did following tests with defensemen and forwards in two different lines (always for two defensemen and two forwards, third forward was unchanged) at least three times for each skill to get statiscally most accurate results. First I set up all the skills to 25. All players in the game had overall rating 25 after that. Other skills were 25 or higher, depended on hot/cold streaks/randomness, overall rating was always 25, never higher. Then I set one (only one) of the skills to 100 to see what happened with the overall rating. 1. After changing endurance or passing accuracy or shooting power to 100, overall rating was 2-3 points higher (27-28). 2. After changing shooting accuracy to 100, overall went 4-6 points higher (29-31). 3. 100 in agility or in def awareness or in checking made overall rating 6-7 (31-32) points higher, rarely 5 (30). 4. 100 in speed or in off awareness or in stick handling - overall was 6-9 points higher (31-34), rarely 10 points higher (35). When I set up two skills from group 4 to 100, overall rating went up by 16 to 20 points (8-10 pts per skill) to 41-45 , when I set up three skills from that group to 100, overall rating went up by 24-40 points (8-10 pts per skill) to 49-65. Then I did the same procedure with all skills set to 55. Overall rating varied from 58-62. There is a slight progression, compare overall rating when all values are set to 25. 1. END or PAS ACC or SHO POW set to 100; overall rating = 7-8 points, rarely 9, higher than 55 = 62-63 (64) Two skills set to 100 = adds 3-4 pts more to overall rating (62 to 64 + 3 to 4) Three skills set to 100 = adds 3-4 pts more to overall rating (62 to 64 + 3 to 4)+3 to 4 I hope you are not lost here :-D In words, when more than one skill from this group is set to 100 the overall rating is only 3 to 4 pts higher, there is a degression. 2. SHO ACC set to 100; overall rating = 10-11 points higher than 55 = 65-66 3. AGI or DEF AWA or CHE set to 100; overall rating = 11-13 pts higher than 55 = 66-68 4. SPE or OFF AWA or STI HAN set to 100; overall rating = 14-15 pts higher than 55 = 69-70 Two skills set to 100 = adds 8-9 pts more to overall rating (69 to 70 + 8 to 9) Three skills set to 100 = adds 8-9 pts more to overall rating (69 to 70 + 8 to 9)+8 to 9 When all skills are set to 65, overall rating is 77-82, when all skills are set to 85, overall rating is 100. 3. Goalkeepers overall rating This was much easier than players ratings but it is much more confusing. When all these skills - STICK RIGHT (ENDURANCE in the editor), STICK LEFT, GLOVE RIGHT, GLOVE LEFT, SPEED, AGILITY, DEF AWARENESS, OFF AWARENESS, PUCK CONTROL are set to 25, overall is 25. When any of these skills (group 1) STICK RIGHT (ENDURANCE in the editor), STICK LEFT, GLOVE RIGHT, GLOVE LEFT, SPEED, AGILITY is set separately to 100, overall rating is still 25. It looks like they do not affect overall rating but its not true. When any of these skills (group 2) AGILITY, DEFENSIVE AWARENESS, PUCK CONTROL is set separately to 100, overall goes to 38 to 40. When two of them are set to 100, overall goes to 51 to 55. When all of them are set to 100, overall goes to 74 to 80. The skills from the first group do not affect overall rating separately but they definitely affect overall rating when more of them are changed from 25 to higher values because goalkeepers can be valued more than just 80 points which is maximum when all three skills from group 2 are set to 100. All skils set to 55 --> overall is 50-55 All skills set to 65 --> overall is 65-70 All skills set to 85 --> overall is 85-9x Resume: No overall formula found. NHL 94 calculates overall formula in a mathematically perverted way. I completely wasted one afternoon More info in my next post.
  23. Did you try this?