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  1. I call going out with / making out with the first girl to appear on this site. Dibbs.
  2. NHL 94 is, simply put, more than a game. When playing against worthy opponents (whom are few and far between might I add), it is not a game of skill rather a mind game. How are you going to penetrate your opponent's defence? Many passes? Split the D? How will you stop his (or her) offensive attack? Backcheck a forward? Control your defencemen? Anyways, I guess it is a game of skill. Well, see ya out there.
  3. Alright, so maybe I'm overlooking something...but how can you score THREE goals on ONE powerplay?? Were there 3 guys in the box to start off with? Did the computer draw more penalties as their penalty kill concluded? Curious.
  4. As per your assumtion, Baron #1, I do find this type of goal very enjoyable. It is the goal of a strong, surly man like myself. Men who score this type of goal usually share the following characteristics: 1. Tend to wear thick plaid shirts (a la Al Borland) 2. Have a large beard (once again, like our friend Al) 3. Can eat multiple "Hungryman" TV dinners in one sitting 4. Prefer a hybrid "boxer brief" over both the boxer and the brief, respectively 5. Finally, this style of human is not ashamed to say they use an elliptical trainer to stay slender, yet cut. Please do not be fooled, I do not have a beard, nor do I own a plaid shirt, however, the remaining 3 points paint an extremely accurate portrait of myself. Anywho, the main bullet point of this post is to say Yes, I do like the Grand Slam Goal.
  5. Those shirts are the work of a true genious. Just wonderful craftsmanship. I would like to possibly purchase one of these shirts, how would I do so? Possibly a Kirk Muller or a Doug Bodger.
  6. Please elaborate Fleury. Maybe you, like Lauschy, have inferior NHL 94 skills and thus cannot manage to check an opposing player. If this is the case, God bless your chel skills and I will pray to play Chel against you, score one goal, and play keep away for the remaining 14 minutes. (Credit to Baron for the idea) In the meantime, please explain how controlling the puck and protecting a lead justifies an opposing player to throw down his controller and go take a poop.
  7. Ahh yes, thank you for adding nothing to this thread. Fatty fat fat fat.
  8. So something came over me today, I don't know what it was. Let me first set the scene: It was a cold December afternoon (today), and we had just got back to our SNES after a quick arms and back workout followed by a half hour on the elliptical trainer. Feeling all svelte and what not, we sat down for a quick chel session; a basic best of 3. Of course, I was maintaining a third period lead (a slim one), and I had possession of the puck and I decided to do something I have never done before. I skated around my end, passing back and forth to my own guys for what seemed like an eternity, dodging hits and by all means becoming a ghost (this afforementioned eternity was 3:30 chel time) until my comptetitor said, and i quote, "you are being lame", and proceeded to throw down his controller in disgust. I don't care if that was a run on sentence. Anyways, maybe because he was reminded by the way he was playing, my competitor went to go take a poop, only to return and inquire "are you done being gay yet?". To which I replied with a hardy chuckle. My question is, is this acceptable behaviour on my part? Was my competitor crying over spilt milk? Is it him who is "the gay one"? Your thoughts, please.
  9. I'm going to elaborate on this topic. I sometimes like to wear my old Felix "The Cat" Potvin t shirt around my home. He's in all his glory on the front, making a heart-stopping glove save. After appearing on my t-shirt, he proceeded to disappear off the face of the planet. P.s. I like Bill Ranford.
  10. A once in a lifetime loss to the computer is borderline acceptable. However, it appears that both SunnydaleSpike and Wheatking have surpassed this one time allowance. Significantly. This is an unforgivable sin in the worl of NHL 94. Of course, this rule does not apply to our good friend Hornet who use the infamous "deflection button" to score, not to mention this screen and hit methods, respectively. Such methods, and by extension, the players that play with these methods are exempt from losing to the computer. Carry on.
  11. Ahhh, you are very wise with your said names. My jersey would have to be a retro Glenn Healy jersey, not to mention complete with player helmet and cage.
  12. Although this anonymous loser has now been crowned the "anonymous winner", I don't think he will emerge from the shadows. He seems relatively happy maintaining a low profile despite his new found success. I would venture to suggest that because the player in question went so far as to admit defeat to a extraordinarily lucky computer, that his victory was not filled with wrap arounds, but with wonderful tic-tac-toe passing plays and magnificent triple dekes. Anywho, no need to continue complimenting the anonymous winner, whoever he may be. In the meantime, I will consider this anonymous loser, turned anonymous winner after perservering through many hard battles, as nothing but a true hero. God bless you anonymous winner, wherever you are!
  13. Yea, if by old-fashioned you mean bad at Chel.
  14. Question to backhandfloater regarding the "contact me for a game when my girlfriend is not home" or something to that effect at the bottom of all your posts. I see that you have crossed out the "Contact me Fridays and Saturdays", too. So, did you USED to play on Fridays and Saturdays and are now too cool to play on these mentioned evenings? And did you recently find a girlfriend, and thought you should let everyone know? Furthermore, are you so attached to everything this NHL 94 hater says that she doesn't let you play Chel at every possible free moment? One lesson, son: NHL 94 > world. Translation: NHL 94 is greater than the world. You will no longer disrespect NHL 94 under my watch. That is all.
  15. The young man is just seeking some guidance, and then you go and laugh at him. Listen up little Hornet, the deflection button is all but a myth. There isn't a "best way" to score, but there is very a well a worst way. 3 to be exact. The hit, deflection, and screen; all 3 of which you alluded to earlier. The key is to practice the one-timer in such a way that when you get a shot, the goalie is awkwardly out of position, drawing moans of "What the HELL was my goalie doing?!" or "Why is my goalie behind net?!!" from your opponents. Don't listen to naysayers like Baron.