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  1. 10.2 chef picks Max Pacioretty
  2. 9.2 chef picks Evgeny Kuznetsov
  3. 7.2 chef picks Jaden Schwartz
  4. 6.2 chef picks Kevin Shattenkirk
  5. 5.2 chef takes Jonathan Quick
  6. 4.2 chef takes Toews, Jonathan
  7. 1.2 Chefsuperstar will take Ovech-King.
  8. Gimme Lou fontinato.....COCTOBER!!!!!!!!!
  9. 8.8 Leo Boivin whomever the hell that is
  10. 4.8 gettin’ on the Schneid wit Matthew Schneider
  11. Yeah the first game we played you had discord opened and it was super laggy but than after we reset and you closed it our games were fine. I keep discord closed when I'm playing any league games and use the app version on my phone mostly.