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  1. I play with my laptop hooked up to a LED tv through HDMI....with no issues. But when i play PEARATE its god awful to the point where its blindingly painful to even follow the puck most times.
  2. I'll take Jonathan Tavares.
  3. I'll take team philly flyers.
  4. ok Ill join up....sounds like a solid league to me. chef
  5. Team : Vancouver Line 1: C: eric lindros LW: rod brindamour RW: steve larmer LD: larry murphy RD: don sweeney X: craig janney G: chris tererri Line 2: C :craig janney LW :paul ysabert RW: joe mullen LD: sylvain cote RD: sandis ozolinch X2: craig janney G2: arturs irbe
  6. ill take that sutter boy.....Brent. Chef already had 6 forwards. He switches to Ozolinsh
  7. Joe Mullen is my next pick.
  8. Paul Ysabert is in my camp.....because when he's on the ice its like nobody else is....
  9. I'm taking Don "sweet sweet" Sweeney as my next pick in draft. He's cereal.
  10. And my next pick is......... Mats Sundin.....IMA comin' for ya PunkZ!!
  11. I'll select Mr. P. Roy of the elite status goalies. Kkkkk.
  12. funny video!! It was better than the first one haha! I laughed at the bit about Jerjer's kids......sometimes i feel like im playing against them lol. All sounds good so far....thanks Brutus.
  13. ill hop in. I just took both polls and would like to see some kind of penalties although its only bc it favors my more "relaxed" play style. Its not a deal breaker though and i want to experience as much of the league as I can.
  14. Yes I'll take them hand in hand....through sickness n through health.
  15. I'm getting the legion of doom back together (ok not really) and picking Lindros. Slow and plodding but powerful and destructive.....something like that.
  16. Gotta shore up my blue line...Rob Blake likes to cross check from behind so he's my kinda guy. Gotta eat my wheaties!!
  17. I'm going blocker side on this one......T Soderstrom is getting some love. 'Nuff said.
  18. I'll take Sc-Sc-Sc-Scott Stevens.....the double S representing shut'em down "trap" style D
  19. neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeely i pick....CAM CAM.