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  1. I'm in with philly if there's still room.
  2. Ok bringing back this thread.....i don't get all the arguing but it peaks my interest. I understand the classic league and wouldn't change a thing. But is there a ROM and/or league that hacks this game and makes the teams all on an even playing field. I think in this instance you could sort of see who needs a TEAM to be the best.....or who can win with some hockey skills/knowledge of how the game is played. Id like to see a team that can pass really well and isn't reliant on one or two guys doing all the scoring or have one guy skating up and down the ice scoring freely. Maybe its here already
  3. I haven't played since last season but I'm in to have some fun again!
  4. It took a replacement thread BC I didn't know I was being replaced the day before the regular season ended?! Haha Also im sorry I missed checkpoints.....I didnt pay attention to that as I should bad 100% on that one. Some communication would of been great....thats all I need!! If I'm slacking let me know and I'll clean it aren't going to hurt my feelings!!!
  5. Don't sorry me dude!!!! Been trying to contact you.....Pearate gave me the Caps back so im still the GM. I've been trying to contact you as im pissed off you did not try to contact me first.....WTH??? I'll be on tonight playing my games. Thanks Chef
  6. I'll take Washington.....only because I live in MD as a FLYERS fan (JVC just stole my boys right before i picked;)) and hate the caps!!
  7. Oh ok so am I able to join any other leagues?? That one was over pretty quickly and VERY short. I wanted to play more!
  8. Haha...thanks KR for the TTHT award!! I did unknowingly take the worse team in the game......or just a horrible choice being a new comer to the league (not the game tho). I hadn't played this game in awhile but I enjoyed all the memories it brought back and had fun with it. I am sure I complained a few times about having Anaheim as my squad but played through in the name of experience:) What's up with the season anyway?? It's been awhile since a new one started....when does the league fire up again?! Chef
  9. I have signed up and it confirmed so....but I don't see where I can check a master list to make sure I will be put on some team in some league?! Also...this site is a bit confusing to navigate sometimes....a bit cluttery (not a word...I know) I'm still getting the hang of it! Thanks Chef
  10. Yeah I got NUT PUNCHED by KRaph as newbie to the league....he scored on my everywhich way (even some behind the net flip to the front stuff) to finish me off easily. I have a ways to go to compete with the talent in here but it's all in the name of hockey, gaming, and fun! I see the classic in my near future....gotta get me sum hockey smarts! Ty for hosting this tourney kupuck....and GL to KRaph with his next opponent. Chef
  11. I won game 3 (10-2) and game 4 (5-0). good series etown....thanks!
  12. well at least Falloon is good at scoring somehow He NEVER played for the flyers
  13. I am a new comer here and am interested in getting in some leagues....keep me in the loop guys as I'd like to play in this one if it happens.
  14. Do I need to DL the ROM mentioned in this thread to play my opponents?
  15. Ill dig into getting together and playing our series this weekend.....I'm out of town on vaca currently...thanks!
  16. Ah no online gameplay for the ANNI '94 mode on launch day but it could be opened up later on.....laaaaaame. Is this going to be like character "unlocks" via capcom on there trademark fighting names?? It's in the game but we have to wait or pay to unlock it? This gives new meaning to EAs quote of "if it's in the game, it's in the game".....and they should add onto it "but now it's in the game....but you will just have to pay more to get "in the game"" What a bunch of poop....come on EA.....if you can rerelease NBA JAM onto XBLA and PSN....why not our beloved old skool hockey franchi
  17. I'll play...and I'll take theeeeeeee.....sharks!! AIM - chefstar88
  18. Ill join up and take the FLYERS and keep LINDROS as my legend.
  19. Hmmmm.....I was 100% assuming this would online....eff the regular game!! If I do get it on my 360 ill go with the FLYERS.....but i may get it on my PS3.
  20. Add me as well doughnut.....AIM handle is chefSTAR88. I am looking to play!! I ordered a USB adapter as well.....just waiting on it. But from all the info on here I was able to DL the "better DS3" software and get my PS3 controller up and running on my computer. I tried it with the PS3 D pad and its AWFUL!! But the analog controls will suffice for now.
  21. Hey player here!! I was in my teens when i first discovered NHLPA hockey.....was the first in my neighborhood to get a genesis and EA's great hockey game. I would always host NHL hockey video game tournaments at my place with my hockey friends and have a blast. I have been playing video game hockey since than. Over the last couple years my excitement for the NEW style hockey games has waned to the point i am bored with all the work and drama that goes into playing these games after reading an article on the IGN website about this place (they were initally covering the
  22. Ok so I don't need an emulator to DL the GENS file? All I know is when I click the GENS file it asks me to either open it or save it....and I'm not getting anywhere with that since I don't have a program available to open it with. Once I get it DLed I can get moving but right now I'm clueless.