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  1. Do you quit the blitz lg? ( Plab is in the lg)
  2. the blitz 9 champion is a true CHAMPION???
  3. -What if the seasons 1 to 8 with the champs; aj frey carse swos raph .........sux cuz of the cb chk c'mon guys!
  4. swos is 1in1 and the favorite + back with the same team or almost!
  5. Hey Ralphy! u must be drunk cuz fitzo is B and where is hokkee? LOL
  6. seriously? when is my last blitz exis? never...whatever, i'll try to play some games this week-end.
  7. Flacup in 09 1st G Ranford LD Svoboda RD Kravchuk LW 99 C JR RW Nolan X Nieuwy 2nd G Roussel LD Slegr RD Kasparitis #72 (Nolan is #11) LW Kudelski C Nieuwendyk RW Creighton X JR
  8. hokkee fan (Hokkeefan2) is available houly lolol andreycjuk 2nd round? u must be drunk
  9. same offer for me picks 2.16 & 3.9 for a 1st & 4th lol
  10. until you have to play the great houly
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