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  1. my 1st round pick is on the block...
  2. sc 1 line ld Bodger rd Smehlik lw Lafontaine c Mogilny rw Khmylev sc 2 line Svoboda Ledyard Errey Hawerchuk Patterson chk line Sutton Carney May Sweeney Ray PP1 Bodger Svoboda Hawerchuk Mogilny Khmylev PP2 Sutton Ledyard Errey Lafontaine Patterson PK1 Shmelik Ledyard Khmylev Mogilny PK2 Bodger Svoboda Errey Lafontaine
  3. it looks like someone drunk.haha! but seriously tk is a one hit wonder
  4. the Y button can make a difference against a passhot?!?!
  5. congrats to the best passhooter of nhl94! !!!
  6. 3 days later for your best attempt to troll? Not easy to make 1.24 for 1.5+1.6 eh? lol
  7. Same s**t for everybody without a redraft, just put some vaselina like raph here and there and your team is stacked!
  8. Raph must be very happy! No Neely. No Selanne...BUT a redraft !!!
  9. The democracy has spoke and it's a new draft for everyone. YOU gotta accept it rob!
  10. better luck next time! this is one of the most boring finals
  11. LOL EXACTLY!!! nice try mr. raph new draft new draft new draft new draft new draft new draft
  12. Sorry but the pick # 1.24 is not damn good.
  13. the only reason kingraph wants a new draft it's because he knows how awful gonna be his team after this draft.
  14. The league is born and must die with this formula. GDL is a big draft and i like but blitz is different and cool because you can play with your old players!
  15. I voted for A question: labs is rated A and dcicon (2x blitz B champs) ???
  16. absolutely! Gil Perreault is a mix of Bure and Mogilny in the 70's with many highlight goals!
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