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  1. In 4 gas or 7 gas...NO DIFF man! Be mad!
  2. It's just funny that it is a fan of the bruins who write this... POINT U MAD LOL
  3. I am not surprised to read this from a fan of the bruins.
  4. true! 10 mins per. without offsides can be deadly with a score of 24-1.
  5. My predictions always sux... Rangers in 7
  6. In! I am ready to defend my SDL2 title!
  7. Plabax cannot send msg on the site, but he says you played the real gms man.
  8. You have lost against plabax in 5 gms (thursday) no?
  9. Hey fpb! I like your signature, you must be the greatest finalist ever LOL
  10. The best with the bests on paper...enough said! Ga Habs Ga!
  11. nahkahomo vs fpb in 1st round = drama part 2! LOL
  12. Florida beat the habs in 6 GAS for the 2nd round.
  13. pausing is gay, specially from you kingraph ,when you lose after each goal you press pause!
  14. HAHAHA ! Just because i can't play when you asked
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