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  1. houly (TBL) Drops: Keith Brown Acquires: Jamie Macoun
  2. I voted for plabax and his fabulous passhot.
  3. lightning Lines 1 & 2 and PP's LD sergei bautin #3 RD vlad konstantov #16 LW cliff ronning #7 C geoff sanderson #8 RW alex zhamnov #10 extra player alex semak#20 G kirk mclean #1 benchers: LD jamie macoun #34 RD roman hamrlik #44 LW chris kontos #61 (konstantov is #16) C alex semak #20 RW zdeno ciger #81(Sandy is #8) extra player cliff ronning #7 G jeff reese #35
  4. 12.16 Jeff " 2 peanut buttercups" Reese
  5. zdeno ciger roman hamrlik
  6. oups!my player is out kontos
  7. 6.19 Tampa Bay selects Alexander Semak.
  8. 6.16 Tampa Bay selects Sergei Bautin.
  9. Tampa Bay selects Vlad Konstantinov.
  10. Tampa sends picks 7th 8th 9th minpind picks 6th 11th 12th
  11. waiting for a trade...sry
  12. I found that just a little far-fetched *but the formula don't lie!
  13. ye lets ga, i want the whalers or panthers
  14. 4.19 Tampa Bay selects Alexei Zhamnov
  15. 4.2 Tampa Bay selects Kirk McLean.
  16. 2.19 Tampa Bay selects Evgeni "Malkin" Davydov.
  17. true! and PLEASE for hokkee, no limit of trades! FREE HOKKEE
  18. My picks 2.19 and 3.6 on the block for a top 6 to 9 2nd round pick and a late 3rd? anybody?
  19. 1.6 Tampa Bay selects "mighty mite"Cliff Ronning
  20. It's quiet since hokkee can make no trades lol *veto for the limit
  21. Ye, sad but true. Can't wait for the publicity of icestorm with the vaseline to the superbowl XXXXVIII ! hahahaha
  22. I don't understand this kind of trade. only 6 spots diff from 1.15 to 1.21 in 1st round but 37 spots diff from 4.2 to 5.15...insane!
  23. An error occurred You have reached your quota of positive votes for the day LOL!