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  1. lightning

    Lines 1 & 2 and PP's

    LD sergei bautin #3

    RD vlad konstantov #16

    LW cliff ronning #7

    C geoff sanderson #8

    RW alex zhamnov #10

    extra player alex semak#20

    G kirk mclean #1


    LD jamie macoun #34

    RD roman hamrlik #44

    LW chris kontos #61 (konstantov is #16)

    C alex semak #20

    RW zdeno ciger #81(Sandy is #8)

    extra player cliff ronning #7

    G jeff reese #35

  2. At first I was laughing at kupuck for being mad, but something to note here :

    My understanding is that kupuck signed on to see what time he had to pick, so he could either leave a list or be around for his pick. In all fairness, kupuck did NOT have to be online at the time we replaced him, I just thought that it was sketchy that kupuck would not come on the forums so I thought that he was not going to show up. This is why I told Ice there was no point in waiting for kupuck.

    Since we know kupuck is here, I think it won't do any harm if we allow him to take his team back. It's only one pick, no trading has been done (I think) and kupuck DID play his 56 games last season.


    and PLEASE for hokkee, no limit of trades! FREE HOKKEE :cry:

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