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  1. I'm picking 1.6

    Willing to move the pick to drop to 1.7-1.9 potentially, depending on what that brings with it.

    Generally, roenick, bure, mogs, yzer, selanne & cicco rate out the top 6.

    Some times a Roy pick or something odd goes in there, but otherwise, you normally have to move up to land one of them.

    Feel free to reach out to me if you are one of those guys and have an idea.

    ALSO, I have #25 & 2 Round 4's, a Round 5 & a Round 6. If some combo of that gets me a top 15 pick, send me a message in the forum, and it goes to my email. (obviously, not all of them!!! :) )


    wrong, I'm picking 1.6

    you have the 1.5!

  2. Should do a draft for team name(s) w/ best record first, which would put me on the end of the list, but give some reward for better records, and a chance to snatch your rivals city if you beat them on a given year!!!

    I don't care if I'm Montreal, North Stars or anyone else. Dickon is Chicago, where I'm from, so "home" option is out.

    I like Tampa better than the North Stars, but like San Jose (might be available) even more, but I don't really care enough to make any issues.

    Just figure if you are selling the "trade with me so I can be my home team" and then dumping them a few days later, seems weird.

    Not, trade me, I like Habs better than Minnesota, do you care, type thing.

    Ye true, but if i can't be TB i have Montreal guarantee ! ; )

    I give myself mo chances to have a team i like to play with just for fun!

  3. pointless ever bringing anything up with you fn guys,i cant win against the EVOLVED game theory ,be proud,you evolved cheating,and why is a slapshot between the legs of a goalie a cheat? scoring between the legs is something that can actually happen,not pointing your stick in a certain direction and passing.Were just all fing stupid to let passing a goal into the net become a normal thing when ITS A FRICKEN GLITCH.I know alot of us play new consoles and that s**t is cheating.Anyways thats all i have to say about this ...GAME ON PRICKS !!

    oh and kabs ,yes thats hokkeee approved,you play 94 again or you still using your other name hehe

    the morality is on the new consoles the best cheeser is crowned and plabax IS #1at nhl'94

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