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  1. TK what's going on with you dude? 5 of your last 6 posts are

    - calling out moderators for being too serious

    - getting jabs in on Trudatman

    - slamming ice guy for 'prolly disappear 8 months from now)

    - slamming KUpuck

    - posting an inappropriate photo depicting a black family playing sega

    LOL weird


    thanks for being the guy to bite the bullet and say something to robbie


    him and his gay 12 paragraph write ups

    about how 'his team can beat any team on a good day'

    I think TK is right!

  2. There was no point to his post other than to be an a**hole. It wasn't a joke, it was just Houly doing what he does.

    Sure, if it were somebody else, I wouldn't have been so harsh, but Houly?

    Not sure what I'm doing that is so "serious" (I'm not giving any warning, banning, etc), but if you think Houly's comment was fun and hilarious, then we'll just have disagree on that.

    whatever. GGS and peace!

  3. I think raph was too serious here as well. All the mods have been so serious lately it's weird, I don't like it

    Raph isn't that too much? Calling him an a**hole then sarcastically thanking the people for trying to get houly back? Even if houly's post wasn't a joke (who knows) idk if it's fair that you mods get to get shots in like that while adding another tally to somebody's 3-strikes you're banned list

    Ya tru dat man! calling me an ass**** is cheap.

  4. I'll put my Sabres roster up against any of the above:

    F1 - Tomas Sandstrom (sniper extraordinaire 5/5 SH/SA, cannon with an inate ability to find the soft spot)

    F2 - Geoff Courtnall (high end speed merchant 5/5 S/A, which can break open a game at any time)

    F3 - Brendan Shanahan (fat plodding sniper 4/5 SH/SA, that can light up the scorebaord via the one timer)

    D1 - Alexei Kasatonov (Heavy skilled hitter on backend. Shade below a Blake or Stevens. 4 CK/P/STH

    D2 - Gord Murphy (Mobile, fast hitter that has uncanny ability to cause massive checks in the neuteral zone and in turn create transition O)

    G - Tommy Soderstrom (super fast and agile puck stopper with a glove that can snag beebies from anywhere)

    Youn wanna play run and gun, Courts can bring it with the assistance of Murphy on the blueline. Wanna play trapping style, Sandstrom and Shanny and crack that nut with howitzers from the outside.

    Pavel Bure >>> Your team! GGs

  5. Ny Isles


    LW Doug Gilmour

    C Pavel Bure #96

    RW Stephan Lebeau

    LD Eric Weinrich

    RD Luke Richardson

    Extra man Nelson Emerson

    G Kelly Hrudey


    LW Shayne Corson

    C Nelson Emerson

    RW Andrei Kovalenko

    LD Alexei Gusarov #3

    RD Rod Langway

    Extra man Pavel Bure

    G Glenn Healy


  6. Cool story bro, not all of us have the free time in this world to make tons of alternate accounts to sign up in various lgs.

    Some of us just want to have a fun 20 game season without bs'ers.

    Keep the cynicism to yourself.

    Houly 1 Kupuck 0

    I like to play under your skin...the fact is you tried to be in the next round by FF but u failed and u mad cuz of my dynasty sweep ;) ...sry bro! better luck next time!

    Advice : Im the best snes player ever...whoever is the classic champ!

    This is enough to be banned?

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