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  1. I haven't been on here for years but have been searching around the forums for any info related to what I'm looking to possibly do... Basically want to know if I had 2 computers on my same network at home, could I use retroarch netplay to play 2vs2? With 2 players on each computer. The reason I would want this setup is that these computers would actually be in modified arcade1up cabinets, which are too small to gather 4 people around...but 2 on each would not be cramped. I'm a ways away from doing this but just wondering if what I'm asking is possible or anyone has any thoughts or experience trying something similar.. Im in the process of doing 94 artwork now, and will be making the cabinet whether this is possible or not. Probably a dedicated ea sports game cab with nhl 94 art. I'll share my pics on here when its done ...unless the result is trash. Ha
  2. Thanks a ton. Xpadder didn't work for me since it relies on controllers having drivers.(this SS adapter does not).. However it led me on the right track to find an alternative. An app called Antimicro. Seems to work like a charm. Thanks man!
  3. yo dudes. ive been off and on this site for a couple years now. this is probably my first post.. wondering if anyone has had this issue. I purchased an original Sega Saturn japanese controller on ebay.(the grey one). and bought a mayflash usb SS adapter. i map the buttons in gens and when playing i cannot move DIAGONALLY. the player actually just stops altogether when i attempt to press two directions at once. its considered a "plug and play" and installs no drivers. i thought maybe that might have something to do with the problem. anyone have any diagonal issues or fixes??? any help would be appreciated. i do have a working sega genesis/ usb combo but was looking to upgrade to saturn one before starting fall. also, the saturn controller/adapter does work correctly in other emulators.. thanks buds
  4. i emailed Witt weeks ago and never heard back..but didnt pursue it further because the buzz is that hes done for now. Im usually available most nights though.
  5. Thanks. Looking forward to this... Are there two Phillys in Div 3 of the 20 gamer??
  6. hey all.. im new..registered for a 20 game league.. test game done.. just looking to re-rank my teams.. i saw new guys are allowed one change. after signing up , i noticed there is some strategy to it. so if someone could contact me or direct me on what to do to submit a new list. thanks aim: mbobbyhall
  7. looking for a test game to get started.. screenname: Mbobbyhall any time after 3pm EST is usually good but feel free to try whenever. thanks