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  1. Does anyone know if there’s a way to turn off playoffs or eliminate rounds in order to make an 8-team or 4-team playoff? (Or theoretically byes for alternate numbers of playoff teams?)
  2. Is offensive awareness possibly related to total points?
  3. As for scouting players for specific skills such as shot power and speed, I've found the scouting reports on The Hockey News for each player page to be fairly useful in comparing expected skills and formulas I try coming up with to validate data.
  4. Obviously there is no single correct way to evaluate these stats, but I figure there is a way to get close where you can run the game on demo mode and get results that are comparable to what is actually observed, even if it isn't perfect. The game clearly is offensively biased, so I'm also interested in finding the best way to create good defensive teams, and minimize offensive skills, as with teams like the Devils. Generally speaking, I figure teams that show a higher Corsi% have higher speed, agility, Awareness, and passing skills than their opponents. Teams that give up fewer shots and block a high percentage of shots may not be as fast, or have the puck moving skills to clear the zone, but are highly defensively aware.
  5. Lame. And based on the observed goalie ratings, a lot of the attributes seem contrived :/ I've been trying to find ways to better utilize advanced stats to come up with ways to more accurately compare players to one another, as well as teams to one another. I have a few sources to work with, such as Hockey Abstract, which has a lot of data that can be compared for individual players. However, I'm still trying to find a good way to minimize teammate influence on a player's results, a good example I feel is the influence Crosby has on Chris Kunitz, who statistically is one of the league's top players, but who is more of a complimentary player. Perhaps starting from a broader team standpoint may help find useful results. Ratings are obviously biased towards offensive players in these games, if we take into consideration shot attempts for and against, it should be fairly easy to assume a combination of skills translates to a certain statistic fairly accurately.
  6. Has anyone found consistent data beyond reputation to support player attributes in the game? I know that some of the goalie stats seem to correlate with GAAs and Save %s for the season, as well as shooting percentages, but for less tangible attributes like speed and agility, shot power, passing and puck control, and especially Awareness, is there any correlation to statistical data for these games? I'm curious as to how EA determined attributes as well as how people rate players in their own game edits.
  7. Ugh, I'm retarded, third time's the charm...definitely should work...
  8. I edited the link, let me know if it isn't working.
  9. I've been looking for scouting reports on The Hockey News and other sources I can find for evaluating players, rather than going off any other games or exclusively my own observations, and then trying to balance it in with the way the ratings go with the original NHLPA93 or NHL94 games are. I find if I know the player very well, they tend to get too highly rated in their better attributes and hurt more in their weaker ones, compared to the players I don't know and guess on, those tend to have a low standard deviation. https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B9xkvUDFGdWHbDlURjNGMW5hQzA/edit?usp=docslist_api These are for NHLPA 93 and still need to be adjusted, especially in the aggression/checking/fighting attributes, I think these are generally too low. If anyone has any suggestions, feel free to let me know, beyond the Blackhawks and the Lightning, I'm not overly knowledgeable about much of the rest of the league. I'm on the fence about Stamkos and the 93/93 shot, I really wanted to give him 100/100 but felt it would have been too biased, especially since I can't justify giving Ovechkin's accuracy more than 86
  10. Quote: "goals from the deep point are a very low percentage play. if you focus on this "favorite way to score," you will not be scoring very often. you can help this type of play with good positioning. way up by the line is usually too far away. being pretty well lined up with a goalpost can help. being way off to one side or another will not help. there is a relatively recent thread around here somewhere with videos showing a sweet spot for increased percentage slapshots. if I find it, I'll send you the link. maybe search youtube for SNES '94 slapshots. " I've tried shooting a little more, and finally ripped a shot through the goalie's legs breaking straight in alone from the top of the slot in overtime...I also had a slapshot goal skating across the crease to the backside post, (top part of the rink, from near the bottom corner of the slot and right circle with a Left handed forward) in much closer. And I'm getting more shots squeaking through and going wide on high zone shots, at least in the bottom part of the rink.
  11. I grew up with SNES version of NHLPA93, so I was used to being able to score from anywhere, particularly through the 5-hole from a shot crossing the top of the slot, and after playing 94, it seemed like that scoring from the point like that wasn't possible, and I started to believe that it was impossible to score without a one-time shot or some type of deke. Then in one glorious moment, I ripped a shot from a fairly weak shooting defensemen blocker side from the top of the zone....my question is, how can I repeat this more regularly?
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