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  1. Hi, I just recently discovered this site and it's pretty awesome. I'm wondering though... ok, so there's a nhl94 2013 patch at pixel puck for 94 on genesis. Is there an equivalent patch for snes? I've been searching with no luck. I found NinetyFlow2013 but it's ridiculous. There are no stars underneath any of the players, I can't even tell who I'm controlling. I just want a version of nhl94 with updated rosters for snes. If it exists and anyone can point my in the right direction I'd appreciate it, thanks.
  2. Jerk_store12345

    Technical differences (not gameplay)

    Having just recently played both the genesis and snes versions extensively, to add to this OP, as far as the games themselves are concerned, I noticed that the genesis version plays a bit smoother. As if it's running at a slightly higher framerate or something. Gameplay is a bit tighter on genesis. On snes players feel a bit "heavier", they glide further and faster when you press the check button. It's a bit easier to score on the snes version. For it's time, the graphics and sound were way better on the snes. The players are smaller but I guess the idea was to make it more proprotional to the rink which is cool. It opens up the rink, but I guess EA made up for that by making the players a bit too fast and "heavy" in my opinion. I noticed that it's easier to make a pass in snes. I get a higher percentage of successful passes. I didn't notice any difference in button response time between the two...