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  1. TIT GAME: BRUINS VS FLYERS...My roomate was up 6-2 heading into the 3rd...he was so cocky saying..well for this period im just going to try slappers...well raymond j borque and adam oates took over..scoring on lefts rights constantly and then i tied at 6-6....my roomate scored and it was 7-6...mark rechii..i was hurt..but with 30 seconds left..donny sweenys break away goal made it 7-7 and we went into OT...

    OT session ended in a tie although joey juneau hit the post on a one timer which made everybody so deep...but still...in teaches humans not be cocky animals...

  2. heres a glitch and a first time...so i got the beep which meant as you no i had a breakaway..but as i was checked and should of been rewarded a penalty shot the time expired...so i go oh sheot am i not going to take the shot...well at the start of the 3rd i got to take it..but as soon as i touched the puck, the whistle blew and i wasnt allowed to shoot....very very awkward..the creators probably never envisoned that awkward scenario