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  1. Hi guys, I create http://nhl94player.com a long time ago, but I let the site go a few years ago. However, I've gotten a few requests from people who still wanted to use it. So, I ended up reviving the site so people can still create NHL '94 avatars. At some point I'll try to update the list of teams so we have Vegas and Seattle and maybe I'll add a few classics into the mix like Hartford, Quebec, etc. Anyways...since it seems like some people are still enjoying creating their own NHL '94 players, I'll do my best to maintain the site for as long as there seems to be demand for it. Thanks!
  2. Yeah I have seen that issue with the "scan lines"...I still need to figure out how to prevent it. But one thing I think you can try is to resize your browser window (before you convert to image) and it seems to correct itself. I don't think the issue is specific to Firefox. I'll try to get a fix for the issue soon.
  3. LA Robbie and BlitzburghLabs66 definitely will make the guy celebrating, holding cup and injured guy. It'll probably take me a few weeks but I'll post here when I make updates. Thanks for the suggestions!
  4. Yeah, I appreciate your suggestions and I do have plans to add more 'base images', but you seem to have missed the point of this simple app. All that it is is a simple avatar creator, nothing more. I do plan to do some cleanup on colors/uniforms, etc. Thanks again for the feedback though and for checking it out.
  5. Thanks a lot IAmFleury'sHipCheck! NHL 94 rules!
  6. Thanks a lot! The player creator wouldn't have been possible without the assets that you have available on nhl94.com. I was so pumped when I saw you had the actual font from the game. Thanks for offering those. Love the site!
  7. Hey Guys, I am the creator of NHL94player.com it's a project I work on just for fun. I have plans to clean up existing uniforms/colors because I know some uniforms are a little off. Also will be adding unis from teams in the actual game not just today's teams cause I've gotten that suggestion a lot. I'm also going to extend the app to allow users to create their own uniforms. Probably won't all be done for a few weeks. @trudatman do you have any suggestions to make it better or to let me know what all is wrong with it?
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