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  1. Finished my 40 games today. Thanks everyone for a really fun season. It was great to be back playing competitively online and I look forward to the next season and improving my skills in the offseason. I was worried coming in and taking a beating that after too many losses would suck some of the fun out but that was far from the case. Good luck in the playoffs all. Look forward to more exis in the offseason.
  2. yep, i did play in that clockwise. I learned an awful lot that season. Looking to do the same this year playing with for the first time in A.
  3. Thanks bud Sorry for delay, had to drive to st Louis last night for family emergency. I'll take winnipeg
  4. yes, i have experienced this. Two things will fix it without deleting the config file. one is the frame skip needs to be set back to auto. Second go under graphics --> Color Adjust and click default, then apply, then close. hope that helps you.
  5. it didnt happen. at the moment we have classic wrapping up, velocity early season, and GDL preseason going on. The question is finding the time to run it not personally but in between all other seasons. I am still very interested in doing this league.
  6. CHI Broten | Sundin | Courtnall Lowe | Tatarinov xtra Reichel ---------------------------------- Reichel | Adams | Reichel Macoun | Macoun
  7. version 9 up to brindamour - bassen trade gdl14_preseasonV9.bin
  8. ww trades Luc, bob effin sweeney and Barrasso to Brutus for Sundin, Reichel, and Terrerri
  9. ww trades Hawerchuk and Kristich to Labs for gee-of courtnall
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