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  1. yes, i have experienced this. Two things will fix it without deleting the config file. one is the frame skip needs to be set back to auto. Second go under graphics --> Color Adjust and click default, then apply, then close. hope that helps you.
  2. it didnt happen. at the moment we have classic wrapping up, velocity early season, and GDL preseason going on. The question is finding the time to run it not personally but in between all other seasons. I am still very interested in doing this league.
  3. CHI Broten | Sundin | Courtnall Lowe | Tatarinov xtra Reichel ---------------------------------- Reichel | Adams | Reichel Macoun | Macoun
  4. version 9 up to brindamour - bassen trade gdl14_preseasonV9.bin
  5. ww trades Luc, bob effin sweeney and Barrasso to Brutus for Sundin, Reichel, and Terrerri
  6. ww trades Hawerchuk and Kristich to Labs for gee-of courtnall
  7. ive played one game of 6 on 6 online and it was pretty crazy. someone's connection had AIDS so there was some pausing but you could tell if the connection was good for all it could really be fun.
  8. i think before this the last version i played was maybe NHL 98 on PS one so i am ill suited to do any comparisons. I enjoy it because my two other buddies who live in the next subdivision over also play it so we play seasons using the position lock. For me it gives me something I do not get in 94 and also tbh i just kill them in 94 so no fun in that. The star wars game is really great though. Its FPS but you get the star wars environment and theme.
  9. any fellow 94ers take a break from 94 and play nhl 16 on ps4? if so look me up. Asst2RegionalMgr. also play some star wars battlefront
  10. "Can i b***h some more? yeah, why not"
  11. if a team is avail ill take a spot
  12. i read about this yesterday. its pretty funny whenever you open up to public voting often times now they hijack it.
  13. vote early and vote often!!
  14. Actual finish vs. Predicted finish 1. Wally 1. mav(annatar takeover) 2. Matt Hurray 2. me 3. jer 3. darko 4. annatar 4. matt 5. witt 5. witt 6. mikey 6. jer 7. pearate 7. pearate 8. coach 8. coach 9. mikey
  15. I really think you stepped your D up another notch in the postseason Lupz. I felt like you really limited opportunities after game 3 against me. Well done champ.