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  1. I'll take the islanders if still available.
  2. added you to the gens group
  3. Hey. Check out this thread for configuring your system for online play: http://www.nhl94online.com/html/getting-started.php We all use AOL Instant Messenger for meeting up for exhibitions so once you get that post your screenname and you are ready to be in the GA and for any other lurkers out there please post and get in playing exhibitions. We always need more people to keep things interesting.
  4. Congrats chaos. Good luck with this thing we call sleeping
  5. I did not choose Quebec City because something makes me think they will get one of the relocated franchises if either Ari, Fla, or Car need to move.
  6. after LEGENDOFNHL94 resurrected this post i read this thread and halifax's comment is a first ballot hall of fame entry for forum quotes.
  7. Top non-nhl games: 1. Call of Duty MW2 - BO2 (PS3) 2. Guild Wars (PC) 3. Goldeneye (N64) 4. Madden 94 (Genesis) 5. SF2 CE (Arcade) 6. Mortal Kombat (Arcade) 7. Mario Kart (Wii) 8. RBI Baseball (NES) Top NHL/Hockey games: 1. NHL 94 (Genesis) 2. NHL 95 (Genesis) 3. Faceoff 97 (PS1) 4. NHL 98 (PS1) 5. Blades of Steel (NES) 6. Mutant League Hockey (Genesis) 7. Ice Hockey (NES) ... 99. NHL 96 (Genesis) I ranked all mine by time played. For the non-nhl games the multiplayer aspect is what made games great in my opinion as evidenced by my list. Aside from the exis and leagues here I still have one of my middle school buddies and another dude who play offline league of 94 where we play every game from the actual season. (Thanks Chaos for making this so much easier)
  8. great series. Just pure old school play. All I hope is next year to see some new teams making it to the finals considering the Boston/Boston oppononent for Lupz and his use of Winnipeg and last seasons champ Kyle using Winnipeg.
  9. its the extension/type for a movie saved within the application of gens+
  10. One thing you have to consider plabax is that some people are not that competitive and approach the game as leisure time to relax from the demands of work and family. So if I say I will never beat you it could be due to not being naturally as good as you and not wanting to put in the hours to get that much better. Who am I crappin. Gotta go. I have to spend the next hour working on my pass shots before work.
  11. Sounds really good to me. I'm in Brutus
  12. any way to convert the recorded in game movie (*.gir, *.giz)?
  13. i'm looking to get in a line changes league. Just curious what the point of auto line changes brings to play instead of simply 'on' setting?
  14. i'd want in. This is my default rules for playing with my offline buds.
  15. you really wanted Uncle Daddy and you are actually Martin Brodeur?
  16. My Great-Grandfather was named Walter John, my Grandfather was named Walter John, my father was named Walter John and I am named Walter John. None of my daughters are named Walter John. I'm not like some of you recent poor folk. I'm from snooty 'old poor'.
  17. if its wins you are looking for i'll be on tonight so you can beat up on me.
  18. I don't want to say I was a sore loser but I could have been better keeping up with this after I was ousted. For my predictions from round 1 I was only off in two series on how many games the predicted winner would finish. For my series with jNj it went like so: For the lineups I am using Gretzky - Sandstrom - Granato and jNj subs in Drake for Federov and Lidstrom for Chiasson. I like how the game begins with Sandstrom lighting the lamp with one of his patented one-timers. A minute later Dino scores, something that is a theme of this series. Tight start, playoff hockey!! I only get one shot in the period and jNj takes three. The second is tight with a few shots each and no scoring. In the third play goes back and forth and two minutes into the third Dino breaks the tie. With a Blake penalty shortly after I had to tie things up with a shortie and it doesnt happen. LA @ Det 1 - 2 I mix things up and try a bit more defense with Gretzky - Luc - Granato. It seems to be a great decision by Barry Melrose as Drake scores 20 seconds into the game. Dino gets another goal a few minutes later but then the LA O-ffense finally steps up with the next four goals including two from Zhitnik. A minute into the third Drake gets his second and its a one goal game. Forty seconds later Granato gets another for the trick and this would hold the game for LA. Dino gets another tally with 12 seconds left. LA @ Det 5 - 4 In Game 3 the fireworks continue as the offensive output is more what you would expect from these teams. We alternate goals as first Dino scores, then Luc, Dino again, followed by Granato for two. A lot of action in the first period, maybe not a lot of defense :|. The second jNj gets an early Coffey goal to tie things up but Granato gets another for his second game in a row with a hat trick to take the lead again for LA. Going into the third down one Detroit needs to get serious and things start working for jNj as he score an early 3rd period goal to tie it up and the go ahead thirty seconds later. A minute after Lidstrom gives LA a chance with a penalty but they do nothing with the PP and then a late penalty by Zhitnik turns it into another shortie or lose situation and Detroit finishes the road win. Det @ LA 6 - 4 In this game I go back to Sanstrom hoping to use his shot to help since Luc does little in the last two. At this point jNj is on a roll. Yzerman score ten seconds into the game followed by Dino nine seconds later and I take the earliest TO i have ever done. Afterwards I get a Gretzky and Granato goal to tie it up and calm it down a bit. At 2:37 of the first Dino score again and eighteen seconds later Yzerman scores. jNj goes a perfect 4 for 4 in the period and things are looking good for Detroit. In the middle of the second we trade goals and then Detroit gets another for a three goal lead. Late in the second Gretzky scores. LA goes quietly in the third with three shots and no goals. On the positive they didnt allow a detroit goal :|. Det @ LA 6 - 4 Heading back to Detroit jNj has a chance to close it out at home. I decided to try and go back to Luc to see if that will help slow down the Detroit attack. Detroit has quite a few shots in the first and only allow one which is great D considering they were on the PK for two and we go to the second scoreless. Yzerman opens the scoring a minute into the second and we go to the third with five minutes of defense for Detroit for the series win. My best player by far this series Granato has something to say with goals at :34 and 1:46 of the third and LA is looking to go back home down a game. This dream is crushed by Dino again thirty seconds later followed by the Dino winner at 4:08. LA @ Det 2 - 3 Series Numbers Granato 9 - 1 - 10 Gretzky 2 - 6 - 8 Blake 0 - 4 - 4 Hrudey 21 31 .596 sv% Yzerman 4 - 4 - 8 Ciccarelli 12 - 2 - 14 Drake 4 - 1 - 5 Cheveldae 16 24 .666 sv% I was bummed to go out in the first round after making the finals last year. I felt confident to start the season and with some of my favorite players like Sandstrom I was optimistic. I don't think I played my best hockey and I think everyone played really well. It was a lot fun again and I can't wait until the fall classic season. Until then you'll see me around in the early evening looking for exis.
  19. this was an example of when swallowing the whistle went too far.
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