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  1. In Gartner Klima Fluery Messier Jagr Zelepukin Stevens Chelios Suter S Smith Fuhr Moog
  2. Rangers LW Turcotte C Fluery RW Messier RD Stevens LD Chelios G Moog X Yhmelev
  3. NY Rangers Gill 3rd D Sweeney number change rest is good from current rom
  4. getting your morning started with a trade: SonOfFett sends Gartner, 2.18 and 4.18 to Lupz for Bure, 2.21 and 4.21
  5. 1.1 Dan takes Mogilny 1.2 Seth whines and takes JR 1.3 Leif takes Yzermab 1.4 Lupz takes Bure
  6. After another trade Forwards Savard Dino Ysabart Leeman Falloon D Jagr Broten Teppo G Soderstrom
  7. After trade Forwards Ysabart Dino Russ Falloon Leeman Defense Broten Jagr Teppo G Beezer
  8. Lupz27

    ETB F/D Trades

    Lupz trades Terreri to Brutus for Ysabart Lupz drops Graham and picks up Beezer
  9. Lupz27

    ETB F/D Trades

    drop todd pickup Falloon
  10. LW R Courtnall C Dino RW Leeman LD Broten RD Jagr 3rd D is Teppo
  11. My condolences, 94 is always here to help distract, hope to see you back.
  12. LD Housley RD Suter LW Lach C B Hull RW Ralaeigh X Makarov
  13. Lupz NYR trades 5.10, and 6.17 to Brutus Chi for 5.15, and 6.2.
  14. 3.1 Lupz selects Housley 3.2 Skip lands EDDY 3.3 Dickon gets Russ Courtnall 3.4 Zep goes w/ John McKenzie 3.5 Spaceghost takes Giacomin 3.6 Brutus goes Zalapski 3.7 Tex selects Chelios 3.8 Lupz takes G. Suter 3.9 Flat goes w/ Plante. 3.10 Atomic picks Fleury. 3.11 Skip goes Kevin Hatcher 3.12 Jer grabs Lindsay 3.13 Tex selects Jimmy Carson 3.14 MikeGartner grabs Sack-o-s**t Sakic 3.15 Recchi to Chaos 3.16 Thomson to Dickon 3.17 MacInnis to Aqua 3.18 L Murphy to Chef 3.19 Blake to AJ 3.20 Hogue to Zep 3.21 Bondra to Ice
  15. Rangers are fine from last roms made.
  16. Is it me or is their no link to rom and excel sheet?
  17. Zarley, Francis, Patty, Geoff, Brendan, Gordie, Chris, Paul, or Kevin.
  18. Nice, I would definitely consider you a possible 5th captain if the player pool is large enough, and possibly you being one of the 4 captains as one of them said he would rather not be a captain, don’t want to force you into being a Captain either, we can cross this bridge when if we get to it.
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