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  1. Oh yeah staking claim to my NY Rangers!
  2. I'm not in if your not allowed in that's silly. Heck you never even won the league for Christ sakes.
  3. I'll pm him in the forums, I know he voted in the GDL poll so he has been around to check in on news.
  4. Zepp welcome to the wonderful world of "Jesus Christ I can't even take a s**t for 5 minutes without being bothered" it truly is wonderful. I went through this GDL XV had my best regular season ever! Didn't hurt that I had Gretzky Gartner Oates thou to help!
  5. So far have gotten more Yes votes this quickly then I thought, BUT for all the guys that may have come across this, and have been an active player in GDL before, or of your new here, and me, or someone else has talked to you about this league, but your just not interested don't be shy to click on the No response so we know where you stand, and can stop wondering if so, and so has any interest. Starting to get hopeful thou that GDL XVII is not an if, but how many coaches as I can think of 4, or 5 guys who haven't responded new, and old that I believe would be interested off the top of my head.
  6. So in 24 hours I got 8 yes votes for interest, and 1 post saying he changed his mind and would play but forgot to vote. 9 coaches with interest in less than 24 hours is probably pretty good considering the ghost town this place was the last few months! There are also a good handful of new guys that seem like really good buds that are gonna stick, and maybe they would have interest, plus I'm looking at you @TomKabs93 and @kgman01 would really get the level of competition at the top more then adequate, and then if @Premium decides to play so he can take down a past champ, and the Firsr Kof94 winner boom becomes very interesting. As for kg he said he thinks he will have a real fiber optic connection real soon as his town finally has it available, and TK's internet is choppy when we were both on wifi, but when I wired up it wasn't terrible I've played much worse, and then if he wires up it should be fine so hopefully if this goes down you 2, and Plabax decide to be apart of it, and who knows who else might come out from hiding if they see this happening, yeah I'm talking to you @Uncle Seth @HABS @Zalex and @The Russian Rocket to name a few.
  7. Hey we need all the talent we can get I had to try
  8. Lack of adequate competition, now when KG gets his home internet service installed since his town finally got fiber optic internet, and Tomkabs wires up his cpu instead of wifi (that wasn't that bad once I wired up), you return, King, and Ice and when they are hot Tex and Brutus all offer adequate competition. Maybe if some of the other top guys see this competitive again you might even get a handful more to return. Just my .02.
  9. And Ice on the sign up would be nice. I disagree Plabax has done nothing but struggle in Classic since the introduction of CB check.
  10. Man seems like your almost on the brink of competitive league retirement unless it's absolutely necessary, shame there isn't enough guys who can play up to your level to keep you interested in the regular season. Losing the best of the best in every league is what is hurting this place we don't need new blood as much as everyone thinks, what we really need is the old top level players to return, that is what this place is missing.
  11. The only downfall to this would be that we would lose the ability to hack the rom, and add in Blitz, and VHL, and ETB, and Plablegs, and well you get the point type roms that is/was the backbone of this site, and if there was no fantasy draft option to do a GDL type league then it would just be classic. Also they would have to make the Gens controllers compatible via USB with their machines to keep the true experience alive, without all of this it still would not be optimal. Sucks this is a critical post, and I have no constructive ideas to make everything above happen on a dedicated popular server like PS Network.
  12. Yes I agree if we only got like 12 coaches call it like Mini GDL, but regardless I'd like to keep the format, and rules to a traditional GDL.
  13. Wow looks amazing! Awesome work bud.
  14. Simple yes, or no question. Obviosly not till Classic is established, and winding down say maybe Thanksgivingish for a targeted draft start, or Dec 1st. If your not in good standing with your Classic participation you would probably be excluded (I'm not saying I'm going to be the commish, but if your not active in Classic I would probably think whoever runs the next GDL should it happen would take that into consideration).
  15. I don't, but if the Olympics were not for 3 more years, and the NHL was on another season canceling lock out then yes the IIHF World Championships would be a big deal in the hockey world.
  16. GDL is like the equivalent of the USFL Blitz is like the equivalent of the XFL Classic is the equivalent of the NFL Why? Because both GDL, and Blitz are currently belly up while Classic is about to run, and only game in town!
  17. So we can count you in for the next GDL Mr. Jagr?
  18. I wonder if @Premium will come out of retirement, and give winning Classic a shot, IMO it's the only league he hasn't proven to be the best at, yes he won in 2013 I think, but that was with Detroit, Plabax with Detroit in a classic league is like Raph VS the CPU, it was also pre CB check so that also gives it an * in my mind.
  19. So we gonna try, and get this thing going before the calendar turns to winter? MOD EDIT: It is open for registration: Register for Fall Classic Here. To see if you are signed up: Waiting List Status Here.
  20. Good luck with the Tourney today @kingraph hope it all goes smooth, and maybe get a few new recruits, wish I could make it, but stuck at work.
  21. I just want to play again if there is room for another coach for season 2 let me know I would be down to join regardless of rules/format.
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