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  1. Pig. Ripe. Slaughter. What we do best here at NHL94, but the ones who survive the slaughter, and stick around are so much better for it IMO, but I know it's not for everyone.
  2. Well considering it is almost as far from NYC as Philly is, and it is easier to get to then NYC for all the North, North west, and North East players, and would be a much cheaper stay then NYC hotels.
  3. I choose NYC, and Other which is just about 90 miles north of NYC. the brand new soon to open (March 1st, 2018) Empire Resorts Catskills which will be the largest Vegas style Casino outside of Las Vegas, and is relatively close driving distance from West NY, and all of New England.
  4. I can see us getting 12 good coaches to run a mini GDL, or another ETB, that is about the max I can think of, and 12 might be stretching it.
  5. Been almost 11 months since a GDL game has been played, and over a year since a draft, this used to be the staple of the site, the league of all leagues, wish I had the time to organize the next GDL, but I fear even if I did I couldn't even get 12 reliable coaches to commit never mind 24 shame.
  6. After my first Classic season I was going to quit, I was terrible, and knew nothing about the actual game inside the game. I got lucky that a few spots opened up in the next GDL as soon as Classic ended, and decided to give it a go, and it sucked me in. With out that first GDL experience I wouldn't still be here, that, and the ability to get a game at almost any time of the day, and night I didn't have to hop on the CPU, and HOPE someone was out there willing to play there was always a few to a lot of buds looking for exis at that time (3 years ago), and 2V2 even thou I did not play back then was always popping off every night. Now it's a chore to seek out games it's hit, or miss depending on the night if anyone is around for exis, a lot is probably do to the lack of a draft league going on IMO, we really miss Brutus dude was awesome at organizing a draft league, and commishing it.
  7. Problem is our leagues don't offer cash prizes, and the emulator sucks.
  8. With this day, and age of being able to just turn on your PS4, or Xbox1, and connect to anyone online for a game unless we simplify the experience, AND get a emulator that is at least equal to ZSNES this community will continue to die a slow death.
  9. No doubt about this, but nothing better then somehow pulling one of these games out against the odds (literally).
  10. Online we play 5 minute periods, penalties on/no offsides, goalie control Manual, no line changes.
  11. Awesome day, was great meeting some of the buds from the community, I showed up late, but Raph pulled some strings to get me in Like everyone said it went by in a blur, and I wish I didn't have to rush out afterwards, after showing up late, it's absolutely amazing how great everyone there is, this community might be small, but the guys I met yesterday are grade A class acts. Love the picture of Lupz JR giving Raph a beat down Great pic Evan.
  12. I'm working Friday night into Saturday morning 6 AM, I want to take Saturday night off so I can make this, quick question IF I make this tourney any chance someone could register me? As I might not get there till right around the 2 PM starting time (need to take a little power nap when I get home from work), and then can't guarantee the traffic heading into the Island will cooperate.
  13. Speaking of, when is your fiber optics cable getting installed? I know your jonesing for some 94 action. Also as far as exis go, if you know how to go about it you can get plenty of exis in, it's just not as easy like it was 2 years ago when there were 5 guys on at least from 7 PM to Midnight almost every night. But I spent 6 nights in a row looking for exis from 7 PM till 5 AM, and got some action at various times each night including 2 great 2v2 sessions.
  14. Remember when this guy used to roam the playground? WTF happened to him?
  15. I am in Brute. Was first to reply.
  16. I'd vote Boston as top WBF team, Ray Ray, Neely, Oates, and pick your preference of Wesley, or G Murphy to pair with Ray, and Moog has a long list of fans.
  17. MK-1653, and PS3 controller, switch back, and forth, mostly MK-1653 of late.
  18. In for survivor, or draft league if interest surges.
  19. Rangers LW Gretzky C Gilmour RE Fluery LD Chelios RD Suter X Hawerchuck G Blue 2nd line LW Fluery C Fluery RW Hawerchuck LD Zhitnik RD Zhitnik X Gilmour
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