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    Rangers drop C Joseph and pick up N Lidstrom.
  2. Lupz27


    Rangers trade Chelios and Barrasso to Vancouver for Roy, and Don Sweeney VETO'd by Brutus
  3. Lupz27


    Lupz trades 6.12 and 7.17 to JJ for 5.19 and 8.2.
  4. Lupz27


    Lupz trades 4.8 and 6.4 to JV for Chelios and 6.12.
  5. Lupz27


    Lupz trades 3.10 and 3.19 to Chef for 2.8 and 4.8.
  6. TBH I think a lot of the reason for the lost interest in 94 is the game is getting older, and less people are interested as they get older, and younger guys for the most part don't want to play an old Genesis, or Super Nintendo game with players they never heard of. Also another thing that I think is HUGE is the emulator, Kaillera, Hamachi for Genesis sucks balls, and the SNES version of the game sucks balls. I've been here playing since fall 2014, and the same elite guys are elite, literally in the last 2 years not one person who wasn't already here has even challenged for an A title, or an elite league like GDL title, so this tells me there just isn't enough interest in this game anymore, or you would be getting gamers coming in, and quickly challenging, and that is not the case.
  7. I don't give a s**t as I like where I'm picking, but you did the number of balls backwards (I'm assuming you gave more balls to the guys you thought could use a leg up for having a higher pick 6, 7, and 8) so if I'm correct you want to do the draft in order of 1-20 not 20-1, you should have given a guy like Coach 6 balls (less likely to get picked early in lottery), and a guy like Raph 8 balls (more likely to get picked early in the lottery process). As usual awesome video just my .02, and as usual I'm open for trade takes boys HMU.
  8. Lol your the only one who has a complaint about my laptop (well out loud maybe others do to, but haven't said anything). I don't have an Ethernet port on my laptop so every game I've ever played has been over wifi, I bought a USB to Ethernet adapter, but haven't set it up because I don't have a long enough Ethernet cable to reach my laptop from where my modem is set up, and also 90% of the time when we played I was at work using a optimum hot spot wifi signal, and you never once quit because it was bad, and I know you won't waste your time if the game is to laggy so my connection using my laptop on an open public cable hot spot wasn't to laggy for you to quit I don't think it's my laptop. We've only had a bad connection since you had to swap your laptop with someone else's because you couldn't get netplay to work on your own with new Kaillera, and after that was the first time I ever noticed a bad connection between us so maybe it's your new laptop.
  9. JV also missed the checkpoint, I only bring this up because he is my only remaining 2 games, and I know he is having CPU issues, and I don't want to be left out of playoffs over that.
  10. Your talking about the guy who has beat you in the last 2 playoff series you guys played in? When was the last time you went through Raph to win a title? Blitz? He went through you to win GDL 14. Your doing an awful lot of bashing against a guy who has beaten you in classic playoffs, and for a GDL championship the last 2 times you guys tangled in meaningful games (insert Plabs CB excuse here).
  11. You know the answer to this, I'm not gonna explain it, and I know Raph isn't gonna engage so it's a dead point move on to something else that helps your cause.
  12. The one problem with this post is your using data about a player (Raph) from over a year, and a half ago summer 2015, to think Raph hasn't improved as a player, and knowledge wise since then is foolish, so assuming he will just get rolled over in 4-5 games without CB check in a WBF league now because it happened then is really stretching what you perceive as truth to fit your agenda, and try, and prove your point. Doesn't work that way bud.
  13. I also feel the game has slowed down a touch on the gens emulator since the New Kaillera update, I remember when we first made the switch I could feel a difference, might just be me thou.
  14. I understand, this pass shot is not easy on a dpad, you either have to time it perfectly in left right up/down transition, or take your thumb off the dpad press B, then press up/down on the dpad, for me this is very difficult as I don't take my thumb off the dpad ever unless I'm attempting these pass shots which I've done on occasion, but it takes so much mental thought for me because I have to release my thumb off dpad hold B then slam back down on the dpad up/down to execute. You keyboarders are always moving off of a directional button so a movement like I explained above is very easily done from a mental standpoint for you compared to the gens controller player. I'm very poor at explaining what I mean sometimes so my point might be lost in translation. So say a player is in a stand still position perfectly aimed straight head on at the open side of the net (just off center from goalie) if I hold up then press B the pass shot will be weak, BUT if I hold the B button down first while not pressing any direction on the dpad, and then slam my thumb down on the Up direction on the dpad it will be a rocket that will get airborne, and will more often then not score over goalie shoulder/glove in my experience practicing these, some guys might have different experiences, and opinions on what I tried to explain as I'm no expert just commenting on my personal experience.
  15. Excellent post, BUT the one thing you don't understand is how hard that is to actually execute with a dpad compared to a keyboard. Timing the pass while the stick is vertical like that is very difficult as it will go past vertical a lot due to the 8 directional axis on the gens dpad, that's why I give Ice, and Raph so much credit for being able to do these on command using the gens controller, they are the only 2 non boarders I know that can do them at will.
  16. Was the host hotel announced?
  17. Man I hope this is in NYC, other wise I will not be able to attend as I already have 3 non family trips planned from now until April 2018.
  18. The problem with this idea is that a team like the Penguins might fall into the category of bottom 16 teams, and an elite A guy can use them just as efficiently as they can use a perceived top 10 team if not better.
  19. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1x0lPq1Un8oJW64n_f7lCHyxsbmtHx1fr966p1wlVCJE/pubhtml# https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Ry1KjqZQI_abJvg5o74qydTJOHalXKY7KRNLbI5qvOo/pubhtml# Thats the link to the last 2 Blitz draft google doc spreadsheets, it does include Total adjusted check rating for every player.
  20. Aqua approach this draft as you would the VHL draft, it's almost the same exact thing minus the player pool, it's on you to study the player pool and their attributes to draft a team you think will work for your style of play in this sort of league, so you already know how the rom plays with the WBF and Check rating included in checking success now just find the players you like in the original rom for a VHL league.
  21. As a B player who is way to over aggressive and impatient I will give 1 piece of advice to other B players who find themselves like me, and to guys who C check, and miss way to much creating tons of scoring chances for your opponent. Play a bunch of exis NEVER using the C button for the purposes of checking, OR speed burst, skate up, and down the ice without it, and always B check on D (yes you will find yourself trailing someone skating up the ice on D, but don't worry about it). You will find yourself being in much better position on D after a few games, then play a game using the C button for checking and speed burst as neeeded to see if the experimental games without it have made you more disciplined with employing it, and even more efficient with it, keep doing this until you see a big change in your play. Not guaranteeing a miracle here, but it is something that can help you take a small step to improvement. I personally used to do this back when I first started, and found it helped a lot, haven't done it in a long time, and I probably should take my own advice and do it as I'm horrendous right now at being over aggressive with the C button. Also when your exing purposely play with heavier guys that can't C check lighter guys, and can get C checked easily by lighter guys this will help you with learning how to dodge more checks with the puck, and play defense using B checks, CB. checks, and better positioning. Anyways my rant is over, and it's a shame I'll never take my own advice on this for improvement but if anyone does, let me know how it worked out, and if it is viable way to improve your play.
  22. Some lighter guys are still gods if you can't catch them.
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