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  1. You have to remember that Boogaard is about 5 feet taller and 50 pounds heavier than Kocur was and his reach must be a good 8 inches longer. Now that's leverage!! Kocur wasn't that big by any means but I'll bet you his punch was alot harder than Boogaards EVER was. Maybe some of Kocur's KO's weren't as plentiful as Boogaard's (who had the reach/size over opponents) but look at his opponents after the scrap. The majority of them were bleeding and messed up. Boogaard has never caused damage Kocur did. And Kocur did it with a smaller body. Simply put, Boogaard's skill doesn't match his sheer size. Plus Dave Brown with his long lanky arms and body, skill and balance would also wreck Boogaard. He's not as strong as Boogaard by any means but his long body and pure skill would be too much for the "Boogie Man." Laraque could never beat a PRIME Probert, it just wouldn't happen. There two fights prove this. An aged Probie gave Laraque all he could handle in those scraps and Probie never even came close to losing (even though I would give a slight edge to Laraque in one fight). Watch the fights and you'll see that probie threw the majority of the punches in both fights and was much more aggressive. Maybe Laraque was a little nervous and thats understandable considering Probie's reputation but still. So if a 45% percent Probert could do this to Laraque how would a 100% PRIMED Probert do??? It's all in the facts...Probert is the GOD of Hockey fighters because he was really that good. Laraque has promise to be a top ten fighter ever but he will never crack the top 5. Bob Probert = The best there is, the best there was, the best there EVER will be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. I usually like what you have to say bradu, but this post is totally wrong. Today's enforcers are no where near that level. Probert's dominance over the NHL can never be matched, he was THAT good. For me, the difference today is that there is not many top level fighters. The talent pool is very, very low so the upper level fighters tend to shine more. Is Brasher really considered a "great" fighter or fantastic hugger??? I have seen EVERY one of his fightes and though he is strong, he his an insult to fighters everywhere. Brasher vs Pete Worell are some of the worst ever!! I'll hug you and you hug me and we'll punch each other in the back of the head. Watch every fight and you'll see this. There is a reason Brasher get's no respect. Boogaard?? Please, your judging his fights on today's losers. Who has he KO'ed that has any self worth? Kip Brennan? Gillies? Derek?? Vandemer?? Simply put, these guys are just low rank contenders. Boogaard has lost decisively every time against Laraque and even to Brasher? He's big and has some skill but If you think he could last with a "prime" McSorley your wrong. He needs to improve on his balance. And your telling me that Brown's left wouldn't mess him up?? And as for Laraque? I'll bet if you even asked him he would tell you that Probert was his mentor. They've fought twice during Probie's "fall from grace" day's and they were both draws (slight edge to Laraque in one of those fights). Do you really think this would've happened if it was the other way around?? Laraque is the best today and that cannot be disputed but you CANNOT tell me he even put's half the fear in people like Probie and Kocur did (especially Probert). Probert was an animal during his prime. Even past champs like Twist, Grimson, Kocur, Fotiu, Clark Gillies and Brown never had that type of presence and fear AND for sooooo long. Laraque is more of a smart fighter (like you say and I agree) but he lacks the animal instict and pure viciousness other's of the past lacked (think Geatz, O'Riley, Nilian, Miller, Berube). This is also because hockey is much different sport today than it was. And that's too bad. I'm sure you know your stuff very well. Please look into the facts and you can see the answers as plain as day. P.S. In all my years as a hockey fighter historian (15 years) you are the only person who has ever said that today's fighters are better. And you even said that they would....gulp...dominate.
  3. I like the rankings though I wouldn't give Twist a 100 because he wasn't that good at this time. He got beaten a lot and didn't get great until he started doing steroids a few years later. As for the new fighter scores, those look great. It's funny how today's heavyweights don't even come close to the late 80's and early 90's heavyweights. Laraque, Boogaard, Brasher, and a host of others would get killed Probert, Brown, McSorley, Kocur, Domi, Geatz, etc. in their primes. I would put these guys down as the the greatest enforcers ever in hockey history. Man, was I glad to be a fan of hockey at this time!! I could care less about the sport today.
  4. I would love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please do what you can and contact me to let me know!!!! As for the guys you mentioned, yes they sucked! But some I felt would still fight despite how bad they were. Who did you include as the other fighters that were left out??? For me, the biggest mistakes were not giving Brown and McSorley 100 fight scores and giving them to McRae and Odjick!!! If your ROM clears this up, I WANT IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Do it and start now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. The fighting score on a player in NHLPA 93 ranks as follows: 0: non-fighter 14: very rare fighter 28: rare fighter 42: scrapper 71: tough guy 85: heavyweight 100: super heavyweight The aggressiveness score a player has is his ability to get into fights and take penalties. Fighting score is also the players willingness to fight and also how good he is in one. A 100 scored fighter can on average take about 3 punches more than an 85 scored fighter whn both are at full energy. I will list all the "tough guys" (unless otherwise noted) on a team including his overall ability (OA), aggressiveness (AG), and fighting ability (FA). On the notes section, I will list the mistakes NHLPA 93 made and what the stats should be. This is as accurate as you can get!! BOSTON BRUINS Enforcer: Lydon Byers: OA: 15 AG: 93 FA: 85 others: Cam Neely: OA: 82 AG: 73 FA: 71 Glenn Wesley: OA: 71 AG: 33 FA: 71 Gordon Murphy: OA: 64 AG: 53 FA: 71 Jim Wiemer: OA: 37 AG: 73 FA: 71 Stephan Leach: OA: 64 AG: 73 FA: 71 Bob Sweeny: OA: 53 AG: 73 FA: 71 Notes: Glenn Wesley should have a "0" fighting score because he never fights. Bob Sweeny should have had a "42" score because of the beatings he usually took. BUFFALO SABERS Enforcer: Rob Ray: OA: 33 AG: 100 FA: 85 others: Brad May: OA: 31 AG: 100 FA: 85 Gord Donnelly: OA: 18 AG: 100 FA: 85 Grant Ledyard: OA: 53 AG: 46 FA: 71 Randy Hillier: OA: 13 AG: 86 FA: 71 Notes: A good solid team that looks perfect. CALGARY FLAMES Enforcer: Craig Berube: OA: 31 AG: 86 FA: 85 others: Gary Roberts: OA: 78 AG: 86 FA: 71 Joel Otto: OA: 51 AG: 86 FA: 71 Neil Sheehy: OA: 17 AG: 86 FA: 71 Alexabder Godynyuk: OA: 28 AG: 86 FA: 71 Frank Musil: OA: 46 AG: 66 FA: 71 Michel Petit: OA: 48 AG: 86 FA: 71 Ronnie Stern: OA: 42 AG: 100 FA: 71 Notes: A great solid team that looks about right and is without a doubt one of the best to play. CHICAGO BLACKHAWKS Enforcer: Stu "The Grim Reaper" Grimson: OA: 24 AG: 100 FA: 85 others: Steve Smith: OA:77 AG: 100 FA: 71 Dirk Graham: OA: 68 AG: 66 FA: 71 Bryan Marchment: OA: 45 AG: 86 FA: 71 Keith Brown: OA: 68 AG: 66 FA: 71 Rod Buskas: OA: 26 AG: 86 FA: 71 Rob Brown: OA: 71 AG: 66 FA: 71 Greg Gilbert: OA: 51 AG:46 FA: 71 Notes: Another solid team that looks perfect and is fun to play. DETROIT RED WINGS Enforcer: Bob Probert (NHL Heavyweight Champion): OA: 77 AG: 100 FA: 100 others: Gerard Gallant: OA: 66 AG: 86 FA: 71 Steve Chassion: OA: 71 AG: 86 FA: 71 Vladimir Konstaintinov: OA: 70 AG: 86 FA: 71 Alan Kerr: OA: 48 AG: 86 FA: 71 Notes: Enough cannot be said about the greatest hockey fighter of all time, Bob Probert. Without a doubt one of the most fun players to use in the entire game! He is the only player to boast a perfect 100 score in fighting, checking, aggressiveness, and shot accuracy!!! A sniper with the stick and a sledge hammer with the fist!! Ron Barr says it best, "Bob Probert is always around if the other team decides to get rough." EDMONTON OILERS Enforcer: Dave Manson: OA: 64 AG: 86 FA: 85 others: Kelly Buchberger: OA: 48 AG: 86 FA: 85 Scott Mellanby: OA: 51 AG: 86 FA: 71 Notes: In no way should Kelly Buchberger have a "85" fight rank!! It should only be a "71!!" HARTFORD WHALERS Enforcer: Ed Kastellic: OA: 19 AG: 73 FA: 85 others: Paul Gillies: OA: 27 AG: 93 FA: 71 Jim McKenzie: OA: 31 AG: 53 FA: 28 Notes: Jim McKenzie is a tough rugged fighter and only got a "28" fight score??? It should be an "85." LONG ISLAND Enforcer: Mick Vukota: OA: 20 AG: 93 FA: 85 others: Richard Pilon: OA: 46 AG: 73 FA: 71 Notes: Weak team, but looks about right. LOS ANGELES KINGS Enforcer: Marty McSorley: OA: 48 AG: 100 FA: 85 others: Jay Miller: OA: 40 AG: 86 FA: 85 Notes: It's a travisty that Marty McSorley didn't get a perfect "100" fight score because he was one of the top 4 super heavyweights in the league at this time! Big mistake for NHLPA 93!! MINNESOTA NORTHSTARS Enforcer: Shane "Chainsaw" Churla: OA: 22 AG: 100 FA: 85 others: Mark Tinordi: OA: 44 AG: 86 FA: 28 Notes: It's a shame that Mark Tinordi got only a "28" fight score when it should be a solid "71." MONTREAL CANADIANS Enforcer: Chris "Knuckles" Nilian: OA: 37 AG: 93 FA: 85 others: Lyle Odelein: OA: 51 AG: 73 FA: 71 Todd Ewen: OA: 28 AG: 73 FA: 71 Shane Corson: OA: 83 AG: 73 FA: 42 Notes: Todd Ewen was a legitimate "heavyweight" he should be a solid "85" score in fighting. And Shane Corson was also a deadly "tough guy" and should have a "71" fight score and not the weak "42" this game gave him. NEW JERSEY DEVILS Enforcer: Randy McKay: OA: 44 AG: 73 FA: 85 others: Ken Daneyko: OA: 42 AG: 73 FA: 71 Notes: I sometimes think Randy McKay should have a "71" fight score. But to his credit he did fight alot at this time so I can let it pass. Some people think Scott Stevens should've had a "71" fight score instead of the "42" he got in this game. I think it's pretty accurate because Steven was tough but he historically sucked at the scrap. NEW YORK RANGERS Enforcer: Tie Domi: OA: 20 AG: 100 FA: 100 others: Joey Kocur: OA: 44 AG: 80 FA: 85 Kris King: OA: 66 AG: 80 FA: 71 Jeff Beukeboom: OA: 51 AG: 80 FA: 71 Notes: A great tough and fun team to play, Domi loves to go. A classic when he is paired against Bob Probert! Jay Wells has a "28" fight score when it should've been a "42" score. OTTAWA SENATORS Enforcer: Mike Peluso: OA: 37 AG: 100 FA: 85 others: Brad Miller: OA: 26 AG: 100 FA: 85 Jim Tomson: OA: 26 AG: 86 FA: 71 Notes: Jeff Lazaro should NO WAY have a "42" fighting!!!! This is one of the worst mistakes in the game!! It should be a solid "0!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" What were the makers of this game thinking????????????? PHILADELPHIA FLYERS Enforcer: Dave Brown: OA: 13 AG: 60 FA: 85 others: Terry Carkner: OA: 37 AG: 80 FA: 71 Notes: How can Dave Brown NOT have a "100" fighting score??? He is probally the second best fighter of ALLTIME next to Bob Probert. This is simply a bad, bad, bad mistake the makers of this game made. PITTSBURGH PENGUINS Enforcer: Jay Caufield: OA: 17 AG: 80 FA: 85 others: Rick Tocchet: OA: 66 AG: 80 FA: 71 Ulf Sammuelson: OA: 60 AG: 80 FA: 71 Troy Loney: OA: 44 AG: 80 FA: 71 Phil Bourque: OA: 51 AG: 60 FA: 71 Notes: Ulf Sammuelson should have a fighting score of "42" and not a "71." QUEBEC NORDIQUES Enforcer: Tony "TnT" Twist: OA: 5 AG: 80 FA: 85 others: Steven Finn: OA: 33 AG: 80 FA: 71 Notes: Tony Twist is a defensemen in this game when he should be a winger. SAN JOSE SHARKS Enforcer: Link "The Missing Link" Gaetz: OA: 36 AG: 100 FA: 85 others: Jeff Odgers: OA: 28 AG: 80 FA: 71 Notes: This team looks right. ST. LOUIS BLUES Enforcer: Darrin Kimble: OA: 15 AG: 80 FA: 71 others: Kelly Chase: OA: 13 AG: 100 FA: 42 Bob Bassen: OA: 55 AG: 80 FA: 71 Brendan Shanahan: OA: 71 AG: 80 FA: 71 Garth Butcher: OA: 53 AG: 80 FA: 71 Stephan Quintal: OA: 35 AG: 60 FA: 42 Notes: A team full of "tough guys!" And your eyes don't decieve you, Kelly Chase is the only guy in the game that has an aggressiveness score of "100" and a fighting score of "42." He is fun to play, get into a fight and watch him get beaten up. But in reality Chase was a pretty good fighter and should've had a "71" fight score. Stephan Quintal was also looked over in this game because he should've had a "71" fight score instead of his low "42" score he got. TAMPA BAY LIGHTNING Enforcer: Basil McRae: OA: 24 AG: 100 FA: 100 others: Tim Hunter: OA: 20 AG: 100 FA: 85 Mike Hartman: OA: 35 AG: 80 FA: 85 Bob McGill: OA: 33 AG: 66 FA: 14 Notes: Another one of the more fun teams to play if you like fights and contact!! This team has a bunch of "heavyweights" and they like to score low and fight hard! But this team is not without it's many mistakes too. Basil McRae should NOT have a "100" fight score. He is no where in the Bob Probert, Dave Brown, and Marty McSorley class. To Basil's credit he fought alot and had a ton of penalty minutes but he is a solid "85" fight score. Mike Hartman is also wrong! He fought "heavyweights" around the league and usually came up short. He is a "tough guy" and should only have a "71" fighting score and not the "85" this game gave him. And lastly, Bob McGill was given a "14" fight score when it should've been a "71." Sometimes I don't know what the makers of this game are thinking?? TORONTO MAPLE LEAFS Enforcer: Ken "The Bomber" Baumgartner: OA: 2 AG: 93 FA: 85 others: Wendal Clark: OA: 62 AG: 73 FA: 42 Notes: Ken Baumgartner ranks as the worst player in the game with his 2 overall score, but who cares, he beats people up! And another horrid mistake comes on this team...Wendal Clark only gets a "42" fight score when it should've been a solid "71!!!!" VANCOUVER CANUKS Enforcer: Gino Odjick: OA: 31 AG: 100 FA: 100 others: Gerald Diduck: OA: 63 AG: 86 FA: 71 Jim Sandlak: OA: 57 AG: 86 FA: 71 Notes: Gino Odjick was a great fighter and amassed a ton of penalties but he is not the top four in the game. Gino should have an "85" fight score than the perfect "100" this game gave him. WASHINGTON CAPITALS Enforcer: Alan May: OA: 42 AG: 73 FA: 71 others: Nick Kypreos: OA: 40 AG: 73 FA: 71 Al Iafrate: OA: 77 AG: 73 FA: 71 Dale Hunter: OA: 70 AG: 73 FA: 71 Notes: One of the weaker teams when it comes to scraps. Dale Hunter should have a fighting score of "42" instead of his "71" score. And Kevin Hatcher should have a "42" fighting score instead of the "28" score the makers of this game gave him. WINNIPEG JETS Enforcer: Shawn Cronin "The Barbarian": OA: 11 AG: 100 FA: 85 others: None. Notes: Other than Cronin, this team lacks punch! So there you have it folks a complete analysis of this super game. Despite some of the flaws in stats and glitches in this game it ranks as the best hockey game EVER created!! The replay factor tells all because fans are still playing and raving about it.
  7. Bob Probert stats!! Here's the best of the best in NHLPA 93!! Bob Probert Detroit Red wings Checking Line Power Play Line 2 Right Wing Lefty 212 ibs Overall: 77 Energy: 100 Agility: 86 Speed: 66 Offensive Awareness: 86 Defensive Awareness: 86 Shot Power: 66 Shot Accuracy: 100 Pass Accuracy: 66 Stick Handeling: 46 Endurance: 86 Aggressiveness: 100 Checking: 100 Fighting: 100 You gotta admit that there good!!
  8. Anyone have a list of the player numbers of every player on every team? I would love to see this to also have the team lines. Anyone???
  9. Both are awesome. I actually got NHLPA 93 right when it was released. I then went backwards to get NHL 92. I love it but the improvements in NHLPA 93 is just too much to ignore. Setting up enforcers opposite each others is just the greatest thing ever. When the two top enforcers go at it for a "mark of territory" you can't help but get caught up in it. This game is still the best ever and replay value should tell all!! NHLPA 93: Greatest ever!! NHL 92: A close second!!
  10. My Sega is hooked up right now with NHLPA 93 in the consoul. I bought it back in 1994 with my Sega Genesis.This game is the reason I got into Hockey and Bob Probert!! This game changed my life!! I have watched a demo game for at least once a day for the last 6 years! I also play with my friends to this day. He loves Buffalo and I'm usually New York or Chicago. I know all the stats in this game and all the flaws as well as the awesomeness!! I have never understood why people think NHL 94 is better and it doesn't have any fighting or blood! Why the hell would you even use some players if they would just get penaties. 94 sucks if you ask me. I still have NHL 92, NHLPA 93, and NHL 96 (only because they finally brought back fighting to Hockey). I'm ready for this league and ready to show my level of play to all!! Let's get it on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. I would love to know how to do this too!! There are way too many mistakes in stats for NHLPA 93!! For instance how does Mario Lamuiex only have an 80 for Shot Accuracy and not a 100????????????????????????
  12. I'm with yah bro!! NHLPA 93 is the greatest game ever!!!
  13. Say what you will. But we both know the truth. Probert will always be king!!