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  1. Yes in NHL'93 when someone is injured on a body check they are always out for just the period - so yes I believe it would be easy; but don't know how to locate it. If I find the text "____ is injured for the game" in hex editor would that be in the same area as the code that determines length of injury - or not necessarily?
  2. Thank you for the idea DominikJagr. But both code change possibilities in NHL'93 for Genesis made the game freeze after a goal with "illegal instruction". Maybe the code for the fighting and injury results is at a different location?
  3. Thanks will give this a try!.
  4. Wondering if anyone can help here. Is it possible to edit NHL'93 so that a player injured in a fight is only out for the remaining of the period, not the rest of the game?
  5. Started back up again. See 1st Round playoff results at http://emptynet83.blogspot.ca
  6. Week 11 all wrapped up; just one week to go. http://emptynet83.blogspot.ca/
  7. Only two weeks to go in the regular season in http://emptynet83.blogspot.ca
  8. Houston banner is amazing! Almost want to use them in my league now!
  9. Good stuff. Would love to edit the in-game timer logo in my ROM as well now. Seems like the possibilities are endless here..
  10. Interesting. I'm getting an idea of some goalies that are more difficult to score against in my ROM; I'll compare their ratings. I am most curious to know which ratings make a goalie more likely to stop the deke move; I have a hunch it's the lighter ones as they're quicker; but needs some study. Last year i made a ROM and made Mike Liut one of the highest rated goalies, and I remember scoring very easily against him. He was also one of the heaviest goalies. I have a hunch light weight goalies are much better; but again needs more study.
  11. Thanks, looking forward to checking it out. Amazing help with all the graphics etc.!
  12. Updated ROM Re-ordered slightly so that Atlanta, Cleveland and Colorado immediately follow the 21 NHL teams of the era Next 4 teams are now Calfornia '93, Houston.'93, Saskatchewan '93, Seattle '93 (Golden Seals, Aeros, Roughnecks and Metropolitans; but not labelled on Team Selection screen as such) These 4 teams are comprised of players from the original NHL '93 game; hand-picked. I often use these dummy teams as a warm-up game before playing my season games. Added bonus to me is it gives me an opportunity to see how some of these players fare with the weight-bug fix. Also means I didn't
  13. Awesome. Thanks, can't wait to check this out when I'm on my home computer
  14. Thanks Coach Mac. Yes I definitely agree that using the whole 1-100 range makes the game more enjoyable. Tomas Sandstrom? Very good player as I recall; among top 3 in the game? Wow.
  15. Thanks. Lots of bloodshed this week in the Empty Net. I love NHL'93!