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  1. NYI80-83

    Change Injury Duration?

    Yes in NHL'93 when someone is injured on a body check they are always out for just the period - so yes I believe it would be easy; but don't know how to locate it. If I find the text "____ is injured for the game" in hex editor would that be in the same area as the code that determines length of injury - or not necessarily?
  2. NYI80-83

    Change Injury Duration?

    Thank you for the idea DominikJagr. But both code change possibilities in NHL'93 for Genesis made the game freeze after a goal with "illegal instruction". Maybe the code for the fighting and injury results is at a different location?
  3. NYI80-83

    Change Injury Duration?

    Thanks will give this a try!.
  4. NYI80-83

    Change Injury Duration?

    Wondering if anyone can help here. Is it possible to edit NHL'93 so that a player injured in a fight is only out for the remaining of the period, not the rest of the game?
  5. NYI80-83

    Empty Net '83

    Started back up again. See 1st Round playoff results at http://emptynet83.blogspot.ca
  6. NYI80-83

    Empty Net '83

    Week 11 all wrapped up; just one week to go. http://emptynet83.blogspot.ca/
  7. NYI80-83

    Empty Net '83

    Only two weeks to go in the regular season in http://emptynet83.blogspot.ca
  8. NYI80-83

    NHL 82-83-84 ROM

    Houston banner is amazing! Almost want to use them in my league now!
  9. NYI80-83

    NHLPA 93 Hacking

    Good stuff. Would love to edit the in-game timer logo in my ROM as well now. Seems like the possibilities are endless here..
  10. NYI80-83

    Goalie Ratings

    Interesting. I'm getting an idea of some goalies that are more difficult to score against in my ROM; I'll compare their ratings. I am most curious to know which ratings make a goalie more likely to stop the deke move; I have a hunch it's the lighter ones as they're quicker; but needs some study. Last year i made a ROM and made Mike Liut one of the highest rated goalies, and I remember scoring very easily against him. He was also one of the heaviest goalies. I have a hunch light weight goalies are much better; but again needs more study.
  11. NYI80-83

    NHL 82-83-84 ROM

    Thanks, looking forward to checking it out. Amazing help with all the graphics etc.!
  12. NYI80-83

    NHL 82-83-84 ROM

    Updated ROM Re-ordered slightly so that Atlanta, Cleveland and Colorado immediately follow the 21 NHL teams of the era Next 4 teams are now Calfornia '93, Houston.'93, Saskatchewan '93, Seattle '93 (Golden Seals, Aeros, Roughnecks and Metropolitans; but not labelled on Team Selection screen as such) These 4 teams are comprised of players from the original NHL '93 game; hand-picked. I often use these dummy teams as a warm-up game before playing my season games. Added bonus to me is it gives me an opportunity to see how some of these players fare with the weight-bug fix. Also means I didn't have to labour over ratings for these rosters, just copy and paste in NOSE Seattle and Saskatchewan banners created by CoachMac. As were Wales & Campbell All-Stars. Houston is a copy of Toronto, with Toronto erased; I fumbled around trying to have it read Houston and gave up. Other Changes Mario Lessard's glove hand fixed FIght fade out screen changed to 2 minutes. This way a fight can never end in a draw - this happened to me; as I trade punch for punch with the CPU, I had a couple fights end in a draw until I fixed this. If a fight ends early it still fades out a couple seconds after the defeated combatant falls Changed OT back to 10:00 for general usage Every team has the same line for each of the 7 line categories Empty Net 83 Full ROM.bin
  13. NYI80-83

    NHL 82-83-84 ROM

    Awesome. Thanks, can't wait to check this out when I'm on my home computer
  14. NYI80-83

    Ratings Inflation

    Thanks Coach Mac. Yes I definitely agree that using the whole 1-100 range makes the game more enjoyable. Tomas Sandstrom? Very good player as I recall; among top 3 in the game? Wow.
  15. NYI80-83

    Empty Net '83

    Thanks. Lots of bloodshed this week in the Empty Net. I love NHL'93!