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  1. This is cool, I had no idea. Are there any sings of other changes (gameplay bugs fixed, etc.) or is mostly just a cosmetic one to swap out the logos? Does a ROM exist of this version?
  2. TealShark


    I run NOSE through VMWare Fusion (same idea, different company) and it runs very smoothly. I definitely don't regret retiring the old G4 iBook for an Intel-based MacBook.
  3. It breaks my heart as I was looking forward to this more than I was 09/2K9, but the reasons are understood after reading the last bit of the thread. Thanks anyway.
  4. Don't worry about it. I'm just really appreciative that you've taken this on as a project.
  5. I'm really looking forward to this. As NHLPA'93 was my first EA NHL game, it holds a special place in my memory. Being able to make the offspring of people in that version bleed will be a blast!
  6. I may as well pre-alert my family and job that I will be disappearing off the face of the Earth for a while sometime in the future.