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  1. Hey boys, not sure if anyone ever came across the Unholy Grail Championships website back in the early 2000's, but it was a group of guys who'd play in tournaments once or twice per year over a weekend up in Canada. They don't do it anymore, but thanks to the Wayback Machine, you can navigate the old site...the commentary was hilarious - great stuff. Here was their website: https://web.archive.org/web/20050210095102/http://theunholygrail.com/ RangerJoe
  2. Yeah, I dragged all four files over...and I have also gone into Documents/RetroArch and I see the Core and ROMs folder, see attached for screenshot... I've figured out my problem - I wasn't selecting "Start Directory", instead I was thinking the ROM folder/files would be listed on that screen... So we're all good now, thanks boys!
  3. thanks for the reply...I had actually adjusted my security settings to allow download and install. I just read on nhl94online.com that "Currently, the Mac Package supports SNES online play only." Even still, I should still see the SNES folder in there... So I uninstalled RetroArch and re-installed the Mac version...this time, it displayed the menus differently from the above screen shots that I posted. I loaded the SNES core, then tried to load content. Again, no ROMs listed. See attached screenshot.
  4. thanks for the help...I've installed RetroArch and followed the instructions, everything went well...I load the core (Genesis Plus GX) and then click Load Content>Start Directory....but I don't see anything listed in there. No ROMs folder nor ROMs. Any idea why? I've attached images here... Thanks again!
  5. Hey all, what's the cleanest/best way to ay NHL '94 on a Mac? I don't want to buy a Windows-based PC or laptop. Thanks, RangerJoe
  6. My buddy had the original NHL Hockey for the PC, we used to play it all the time. We'd play with the EA Sports branded Gravis GamePad Pro controllers.I have an original copy of it with floppy disks, see attached. I now work on a Mac and use a program called Boxer, which is an MS-DOS game emulation based on DOSBox...so I can just download DOS games and play them on my Mac. I just drag them onto the shelf within the user interface, it's pretty cool. See attached. It's easier and more convenient than running the games through Dos Box. I have NHL Hockey and NHL Hockey 95, and play with a Logitech USB controller. BTW, there were a few changes made between the original NHL Hockey and NHL Hockey 95, namely: 1 - the graphic interface changed from animated drawings to real photos of studio & reporter photos, as well as in-arena shots. See attached. 2 - the overall presentation was improved to give it a much more TV presentation feel to it. 3 - the in-game sounds and stoppage in play arena music was a bit different 4 - the "EA Sports...it's in the game" was used at the start of the game 5 - the original NHL Hockey had the SNES intro screen, while the NHL Hockey 95 had a completely different intro screen, comparable to NHL 94 for the Sega CD 6 - both games had the same game intro music, but when you'd exit NHL Hockey '95, you'd get the classic NHL 94 music - plus you'd get these awesome screens that would shuffle through hockey cards featuring pictures of all of the game's producers, programmers, artists, testers. etc. 7 - NHL Hockey '95 was produced for the PC by Pioneer Productions 8 - the player ratings were provided by John Rosasco (PR Dept) and Neil Smith (GM) If you have a chance to play NHL Hockey '95, do it...it's awesome. Let's Go Rangers! RangerJoe
  7. Hey boys, any plans on adding a section to this site for the original game-changer, NHL Hockey?
  8. thanks a lot boys, I'll check those instructions out! Let's Go Rangers!
  9. thanks...I have the game and the files on my MAC, and when I open the game in DOSBox, it looks like it is about to start, only to spit out "Could not open ALLFILES.TXT file." I run the original NHL Hockey for PC via DOSBox without a problem, using the same method. Any ideas, by chance?
  10. I too get this error message when I try running NHL '95 with DOS Box on my MAC...anyone know a fix for this? Thanks
  11. hello, does this method that you posted apply to running NHL '95 on the MAC? Thanks
  12. Thanks, I was determined to find out...I can't remember how I stumbled upon those guys back in the early 2000's but they were a riot...shame alot of their images aren't indexed on the wayback machine, but we'll take what we can get, right?
  13. Yeah? I wasn't a fan of the change they made in NHL '95...how about you guys?
  14. BOOM! I found it: https://web.archive.org/web/20050210095102/http://theunholygrail.com/
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