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  1. Hey boys, any plans on adding a section to this site for the original game-changer, NHL Hockey?
  2. thanks a lot boys, I'll check those instructions out! Let's Go Rangers!
  3. thanks...I have the game and the files on my MAC, and when I open the game in DOSBox, it looks like it is about to start, only to spit out "Could not open ALLFILES.TXT file." I run the original NHL Hockey for PC via DOSBox without a problem, using the same method. Any ideas, by chance?
  4. I too get this error message when I try running NHL '95 with DOS Box on my MAC...anyone know a fix for this? Thanks
  5. hello, does this method that you posted apply to running NHL '95 on the MAC? Thanks
  6. Thanks, I was determined to find out...I can't remember how I stumbled upon those guys back in the early 2000's but they were a riot...shame alot of their images aren't indexed on the wayback machine, but we'll take what we can get, right?
  7. Yeah? I wasn't a fan of the change they made in NHL ' about you guys?
  8. BOOM! I found it:
  9. HAHA yeah...they were quite the group...the news stories were a riot, and so were the images that went with the stories... I look forward to finding it on the wayback machine and sharing it with you guys.
  10. I found a screen cap of the site I've been talking about, I've attached it. Sadly no URL but the search continues!
  11. cool...these aren't the same guys, but good stuff!
  12. yeah, I couldn't find the site, even looked at google images to see if I could find something, but couldn't...guys on this board would have loved their website, it was very cool. I'll keep digging - I think my best bet is to look at old bookmark files that I've kept over the years, pretty sure I would have bookmarked it.
  13. yeah, they were really funny guys, and each guy would take a team and they'd have an all-day tournament at a different place....usually at least one tournament per year, sometimes two or three...for the life of me I cannot remember it and I can't find it when I searched online...I might have to see if I have bookmarks saved from back then, I'm sure I bookmarked it.