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  1. Great idea clockwise! I made a batch of shirts for the groomsmen and ushers at my wedding. All the guys loved the shirts. I ordered mine through THRILLHO
  2. It's definitely Bourque for me. I could see how you could put up 30 goals in a game with Bourque. Just keep winning the face offs to him and let it rip from the top of the circle.
  3. Great idea! I made a couple files for shirts too. Eric Lindros: And a modified Robert Lang I did for my wife (I edited the #23 from Dallas Drake to a 20)
  4. If anyone would like to play a GENS game, my AIM is mdgrono.
  5. Welcome back! I watched the Steve Yzerman retirement ceremony last night. It was a great speech and ceremony followed by a 2-1 Wings win over the Ducks.
  6. My team is the Big Bad Bruins. Whup some arse Seabass!
  7. I picked this up last week. A great improvement over the keyboard, but not quite as good as the Genesis controller. Maybe it just needs to be broken in. I can't imagine how many playing hours my Genesis controllers have. We even had to open them up and clean them periodically.
  8. How about this? G = GENS S = SNES GS = both, but prefer GENS SG = both, but prefer SNES
  9. Augie, welcome to the forum and congratulations on dethroning me as the newest member of the site. May your reign be brief and fulfilling!
  10. I've got a Cam Neely jersey. I thought about getting Bourque, but I couldn't deny Sea Bass. I want a classic Vancouver brown/yellow/orange early 80’s V-style jersey to wear at dropin, but they are like $80. I can’t believe anything that ugly costs that much.
  11. When you checked someone so hard they stuck to the boards, we’d say, “Planted!” pause briefly and then follow up with “LIKE A FLOWER!”.