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  1. Yeah that doesn’t work. I wonder if Clockwise changed the button configuration? I use NHL14 by Clockwise and the B button is definitely not switching. Manual Goalie is definitely turned on.
  2. I just wish I could become the goalie when I press the B button LIKE THE GAME MANUAL SAYS! Its not switching. I swear this game just pisses me off.
  3. I’m trying to go manual goalie and I can’t become the goalie. I’ve read the manual and it just doesn’t work for me. I just get scored on because I can’t take control of the goalie. One problem I have is I play on a tablet and I don’t use a controller and the virtual D pad is a joke. When I played this very game in the 90’s with an actual controller I never lost but I can’t win playing on this tablet. I gotta get a usb controller for PV
  4. What button is goalie control? In your edit
  5. Where is the siren and horn blocks at? Why hasn’t anyone swapped them??
  6. I’ve read that before and it’s true that my defenseman on my go to teams have high off awareness I just thought on 94 it wouldn’t be an issue like it was on 93. I’m going to lower it and see what happens. Min
  7. I’m getting to where I’m not having fun at all. I don’t understand how to edit a roster in a way where the players actually do what I want them to do. Defense....from a defenseman!?! What’s that mean. It doesn’t matter if both of my defenders are 99 overall, they will not play tight defense. They skate all over the place. They’re always across center ice when they shouldn’t be. They usually just skate right passed the cpu as he’s moving the puck. No one can check on 94, body checks I mean. They don’t exist. Just a bunch of guys running into each other. I’ve made them heavy and fast, light and fast, slow and fat, skinny and slow etc etc and no one can check. That’s not my issue it’s the AI for my defenders. They literally don’t do anything to help. I get one timed to death but against the cpu I can’t get a pass through because all their guys clog up the lines while my guys are in Disney on Ice mode. It’s killing me. What is the perfect model, attribute wise for a lockdown defensemen??? Weight,speed, everything. Please tell me. Of course when I play the cpu, their whole team camps out in front of the net so I never get a one timer off. I don’t understand the way these rosters work. A good defenseman is just a number on a screen to me. How do I build a real team? Attribute wise. because having a team full of 93 to 95’s doesn’t make me win.
  8. It was (Pants D) which doesnt make sense but thats what it was. Pants D needs to match the helmet no matter what.
  9. ***edit*** one thing I did notice was the sticks on this ROM were all different colors, I changed them. Ive got all the stick colors matching the helmets to see if that could be it. Bout to check. ****EDIT2*** The stick color didnt do jack s**t. It seems the color block on the helmets are the pants color. Why???!!!!!
  10. So Ive done something and it doesnt make any sense to me. Some where along the way I did something with the uniform strips thats causing me major issues. So several of the away uniform set ups are messed up in the sense that the helmet has a square block on the back thats an incorrect color. There are a few home uniforms that also have this block of non matching color as well. I dont know if something happen when I used the swos strip hack or not. I only used the hack on the away uniforms so I dont understand how the home uniform helmets are messed up. You will not see the color block issue in NOSE while editing. It only shows up during games. Damaged helmets include but not limited to, AWAY: Nashville,Detroit,Ottawa,Pitt,,Boston etc HOME: Nashville, Philly,Ottawa and a few more. Heres the ROM ive been editing. Its Clockwise NHL14 and the helmets were fine before I started changing things. Will someone please see what I did and tell me how I can fix it? When I compare the color placement within the uniforms on a ROM thats correct the set ups look identical so I dont understand. NHL Special Reserve BETA v1.bin
  11. Smoz I knew you helped build NHL14 by Clockwise. You're all in the credits. MY favorite ROM...
  12. Ok thank you guys. Smoz, ROM A uses 0-6 ratings which I prefer and ROM B uses 0-15. I dont understand the point of the 0-15, is it better and I just dont get it?? Thank you for the formula, that actually solves a lot of my problems. I cant copy and paste 0-6 ratings on a 0-15 ROM because ROM A works off the 0-6 rating meaning if you were cloning an 86 overall he would be like a 39 overall on the 0-15. I know you know this better than me. Ive been on this site 5 years and I still dont know s**t. Rom wise I love Clockwise NHL14, I have several edits using his base ROM and I use the guy that made the LCS Legends Rom for 94 as well. Coach Mac has some great ROMS. I have all of Coach Macs stuff. Don't you have a bunch ROMs that you were involved in? I know some of you OG Godfather Editors collaborate on big projects, right? I feel like your name is some in the credits on 2/3rds of my ROMs.
  13. That just happen to me last night. I played 3 long games and saved. When I went back to play again it said I had no data. Go and download Super League 91 if you dont already have it. It's the Japanese version of STB, same engine and developers but has cool music that plays during the game. Season mode is so hard that I'm convinced there is some AI bug or something. When I play an exhibition game I usually 10 run slaughter the CPU by 2nd or 3rd inning. In season mode with the same team I use I cant even get a base hit. Everything is a grounder to the short stop. I went 13 innings with a 0-0 tie and freaking lost 1-0. I struck the CPU out 21 times. I never hit 21 in Sports Talk. And I still lost. I mean 13 innings without one single run. And I mash the ball too. Im usually good for 20 plus hits and 5 to 7 home runs but in season mode I cant do s**t. Somethings up. Go play it and tell me if Im crazy. I mean I did ok in one game but 4 out of 5 games its usually 0-0 going into the 9th.
  14. I apologize because I'm sure its explained some where in this forum but I cant find it. What is the deal with the ratings formula being different one ROM to another. In Nose ROM A will have an overall rating number that reflects the value you see in the game (an 85 is an 85) Then ROM B will have that weird formula where an 85 is like a 200. I wish I could change the complicated ROM to what I call normal because I cant tell what their overall will be until I turn the game on and I cant copy and paste when I have two ROMS uploaded in NOSE. Now Ive memorized that a 230 rating is approx a 93 ovr etc but whats killing me is I cant copy and paste a player ROM to ROM. To save tons of time I wanted to copy and paste my attributes from ROM A TO ROM B but they dont correlate. Is there a way to change this? Also why would the person who made the original ROM im editing allow the ratings system to look that way? The normal way seems way better imo. Thanks in advance for helping newbs like me...
  15. STB is the NHL94 of baseball games. The best engine/game play and best graphics. I see people all over the web wanting an editor. Basically just NOSE for this game. Ive tried to open several different STB roms in NOSE but they will not open. If Sports Talk Baseball had a NOSE type editor you could no doubt launch an online community with edits and leagues just like this place. What is involved and exactly how much time and knowledge would be involved in creating such an editor? Just what old school NOSE does is fine. Change player names and attributes and a few minor quirks like the 10 run rule. I found some Genie/Classic Cheat Code patch stuff but thats just kid stuff like "get 10 outs" etc. I'm just shocked this doesnt exist considering how big baseball was/is.
  16. I'm starting the editing process for a new legends rom, since my last one had aids. I'm having some controversy on a couple of teams. With regard to players who were great on more than one team: The team they excelled the most is where they start. i.e Gretzky starts for Edmonton and sc2 for Kings. Boston forwards: Esposito Neely ? Long Island: Bossy ? Lafontaine - if yes, then who takes his spot on Buffalo on sc1? If no give me two others ? ? Buffalo: Mogilny ? ? Messier: Edmonton sc1 or New York sc1 If Edmonton then who starts for him in NY? Detroit Defense starters: Lidstrom ? Those are the only ones I'm torn with.
  17. No, I didn't use it since it was an NHL Legends Rom. I like the generic player cards since they're no player pics for example Bobby Hull. I did use EARE but only to edit team overall ratings. I think the guy that created the original Rom for this got something jacked up. As long as you don't let Washington cycle in the menu you're fine. You can even play with Washington if you hit start before the cards cycle. Other than that it's fine. I'm just happy I figured out how to swap sound in hxd.
  18. Two roms... How does that even happen? I used NOS and EARE to edit. I spent a lot of time on this, there's no way im starting over. I'll just not use Washington. What a downer.
  19. Wboy 30 team. Took the lcs all time legends rom and tweaked some things. All ive done to this rom is edit the rosters (some names and attributes), team uniforms, and swapped the goal siren for the period ending horn. I use androgens for my emulator and play lots of other roms with no problems. NHL Heroes.bin
  20. Rom base = wboy 30 team Started crashing on both Vancouver and Washington. Only does it now on Washington. I changed nothing to get Vancouver to cycle through players in team selection menu. Just started working. When I put it on Washington in the menu as soon as the first player pic tries to cycle the rom locks up. It's on Al Iafrate. Weird message saying record 3333/// shows up. I've read this may be a player card issue. Haven't been able to find a correction on this in the forum. No players have been deleted from roster. What do I need to do?
  21. Damn it forked up my quote above. My post is jumbled up in the above quote. I finally figured it out. I had my rows only showing two characters. Once I switched it 16 across I could see the whole code. It's set to two as a default I guess. Now my question is this. Is the horn clockwise uses a custom horn? If so how can I get it into my Rom?
  22. I'm also using wboy 30 team Rom and if I select either Vancouver or Washington in the menu and watch the player names and sprites cycle, the game freezes, the player sprite isn't normal looking. The sprite shows the player in his uniform all blurry and a message appears on the screen that resembles the message in the above picture. Only happens on those two teams. What should I do?