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  1. Awww c'mon Beers is far from the worst in the game, for example Chris Lipuma on the same team is slower and much stupider than Bobby. Overall Lipuma is a 35, he can't do anything. I'm a Beers fan. Anyway check Ottawa's roster- they probably have the worst players in the league- Happy hunting!
  2. Not really Ken I'm one of the older players-58 - my sons are your age and as Evan will tell you all are welcome- But i kinda hope you are an average player... I usually lose except to the computer... kids like you seem to have those quicker reflexes!
  3. Yep it s Genesis we play but I have tried the other and I simply don't care... Almost everybody here, Long Island, likes highscoring games so why complain?
  4. HEY Nate your comments are terrific. I play with my own sons who "hate" cheap goals! But I say " whatever?!' To me theree are no cheap goals and I'm taking what they're giving... if there's no defense for cutting in front of the net- too bad! The computer takes away all kinds of options indiscriminately so people "Just shut up and play"
  5. I love those crazy goals... we had that same goal playing teammates about a month ago ...it occurred on the opening faceoff of overtime and we won on that play ...Ridiculous but fun.
  6. hey sifty i did the emerson at c thing for years now---you are right- i'm one of the few players i know that actually use st looie and like them! I play Emerson-c Shanahan-lw Hull-rw Jeff Brown-d Lee Norwood -d and Cujo in goal and they can kick ass, even against good competition!
  7. I am extremely pleased that this game nhl'94 is so highly rated! Me and the family, Evan and his brothers and friends and cousin have worshipped the game for years, so we love hockey and love to emulate and furthermore its the basis of video game fun for us. I remember buying the 1st copy of nhl '94 at Christmas time that year and the contageous fun it has brought us since!!!! COOL Ain't it!!??
  8. Gartner at center... i will try that ... i love to experiment with positions, any more ideas????
  9. Most Undderated---WOW now we are talking!!!! Alex Zhitnik try him on for size! Obviously I can't disagree with Evans' list as we play together a lot and often find these guys together...Terry Yake just look at the stats after a game and you'll see you didn't really notice him but he shows up every game Then my absolute two favorite defensemen-both on Montreal Brisebois and Daignault... if you never used them them try it. Thats all I need to say about them. They have relegated Schneider and Desjardins to the bench. I refuse to take them out! In an average game Daignault gets three
  10. Clearly Roenick is the favorite to be the MVP in our favorite game! its hard to argue with the consensus so lets crown Jeremy best player in NHL'94.... Runner-up is alex Mogilny an enigma but fabulous scorer. Third is the quiet defenseman- Don Sweeney- Then Roy, followed by a cast of hundreds like Bourque, Lafontaine, MacSorley, LeMieux, and finally Gilmour. So who has the outrageous stats to prove their point What is the most points ever scored by Roenic
  11. some draft picks from new york Oates Yzerman Le Mieux G Roberts-lw Recchi Modano Chelios Bure F Potvin Shanahan Jeff Brown Sandstrom Now thats the start of a great team!!! Oh and there will be a Sidney Crosby Draft in August---Trust me I work for the government
  12. This news is as good as the new deal between the nhl and nhlpa! Why? Because it proves that nhl'94 is not dead in the corporations'eyes!!!! Maybe some day we'll be able to buy the copyright from EA or Michael Jackson if he gets the rights, and then it will be re-born as the best video ever and all the stuff we all want to do will be made available. You know- editing updating rosters; white ice blue goals whatever we want! HOORAY FOR US_ THE FANS WIN THIS ROUND!!
  13. soccer1 you have made a really good choice for most spectacular player with Mogilny. I don't like him because he doesn't show up everday to play yes in a preprogrammed cyberworld he can still be a slacker, and i think it is easy to check him despite his blazing speed... but he sure has his moments Good Pick!
  14. Hey you guys ... There is a lot of disagreement over the top player. I'm going to catalogue the responses to get a consensus. Before I do lets add one more category.... Who is the player that you can do the most spectacular plays with? This will will be a tough choice for me. Either Stephan Le Beau or Wendel Clark, hmmmm lets see Wendel can check a defenseman and shoot and score all in one motion..... but Lebeau makes impossible shots; double shoots when your stick is being held, and he can intercept clearing passes from the goalie and score in one motion, jeez I don't know Spectacular off
  15. I like LA consistent scoring! Then detroit and Toronto, and Gord Hynes is right about Philly, after that its a crapshoot
  16. Actually, I have one burning desire to see one thing changed. And that would be what? Well, glad you asked, easy medium or hard controls; so that way the game wouldn't change on us in that second period. There is no greater annoyance when playing than to lose control of the flow of the game for no reason. When its you versus the AI, you should be able to anticipate, yet the way it is now, we can't. Grumble grumble grumble!
  17. Hey you guys-WAIT- There's more today April Fools' Day, the Sabres made another suggestion to increase scoring.... Check it out a new rounded net-the posts and the crossbar curve out for 13% more area and therefore it will be harder for goalies to hug the post and stop a topshelf shot.. I'm sorry but I like its look, and i'm for it. And I'm usually a purist who hates these changes! "KICK SAVE AND A BEAUTY!"
  18. One of the greatest highlights of my game experience was two months ago. I started a game chicago v.anaheim. On the opening faceoff i had steve larmer break in, get three quick shots on goal and score seven seconds in. I IMMEDIATELY concluded hes "hot' and I was going to see how many goals and how much he could dominate anaheim's poor defense. I kept winning faceoff after faceoff with roenick and passed to Larmer who seems suddenly untouchable by the defense. he scored on slapshots, wrist shots, rebounds and piled up the shots, too. After the 1st period, it was, I think, 6-0 Chic and Larm
  19. Hey you guys blue ice might help the "replacement players" to appear as good as the nhlpa players.... it just goes to prove the nhl94 is THE GAME of the millenium. Anyway lately, I'll stay here in fantasy hockey land... as the real world is getting too annoying! Thank God for games like this to escape to. Play hard and check tight.
  20. ok gents read them and weep- best goalie-belfour best rightwing-recchi best leftwing gary roberts best d-tom pederson-sanjo-use him and see for yourself- thats right- pound for pound and for decision-making-he's the best i know its crazy.And the best categories are not complete without best team player-steve yzerman-he passes shoots, checks and always makes the big playhis secret weapon is intercepting passes, but starting at center is roenick- because he is a god in this game- pure power-shot accuracy- and hardest checking center ever-yes even better at checking than gilmour!