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  1. NHL 94 - SwissAddon 2008/09 is now available! Have fun
  2. Hi, I just wanted to know if somebody can help me. I would like to change the Stanley Cup image in the Playoff tree screen using the program called Tile Molester and I would like to know if somebody can tell me the offset where this graphic is placed. Thank you for your help
  3. I have the same problem. Can somebody help me? Thank you!!!
  4. slapshot67 found an easy way to find the color palette. 1. load up the game with gens. 2. on the main screen (lecavalier) go file, quick save, the file will be a .gs0 file. it will be in you gens folder. 3. find the lecavalier image in tile molester. 4 click palette, import from, another file. 5 load the .gs0 file and it should be the original color. 6 you then can import the image you want. I dont know if it is the right way but it works
  5. Thank you! Now, I just uploaded on the website the newest version of the ROM (v0.9). - I changed the picture of the announcer - I changed the loading screens For the team logos on the selection screen, I have problems to find the right color palettes. Yes! In Switzerland we have to learn german, french and italian because are the official languages of the country. Then as option we can learn english.
  6. The SwissAddon 2006-2007 is released!!! You can download the ROM and see some screenshots here: Thanks to all the people who helped me (wboy and slapshot67 are the best ) Tell me what do you think!
  7. Is there any way to change the picture of Ron Barr? And is it possible to edit the text? F.E. instehad of "Ron Barr" I would like to add another person. Thank you
  8. THAT'S AWESOME!!! Thank you very much!!! Now I'm almost finish with my SwissAddon ROM. I just have just one question: where can I find the color palette for the "Main tile screen - Vincent Lecavalier"? (TM > Palette > Import from this file > offset #?) THANK YOU!!!
  9. Great idea!!! And I add another question: how can you "hide" teams with NOSE in order to reduce the number of teams in the game?
  10. Thank you!!! I'll keep my fingers crossed and hoping on wboy!
  11. Yes! With the original NHL 94 ROM it works perfectly. But do you know how it works with the "30 Teams Rom"? Or better: where can I find the Offset number of the location of the ice logos? Is it possible with NOSE?
  12. Maybe someone can help me: I have problems with the Center Ice Logo. For example, I would like to replace the Boston Bruins Center Ice Logo with the Swiss team HC Lugano. I do the following: - I copy the file "NHL Hockey 94 (UE) [h] - Ice Rink Logos.xml" on the directory /resources/ of the Tile Molester and I rename it with the name of my customized ROM - I run Tile Molester - I open this customized ROM (NHL 94/30 Teams addon): - Menu "View > Codec > 4bpp linear" - Menu "Image > Canvas size > Columns 6, Rows 4" - Menu "Palette > Importe from > This file..:" Offset: 01953790 (with NOSE 1.2b, for Boston/Lugano i see that the "Home Stip Offset Dec 01953790") Size: 16 Format: 9bpp BGR (Genesis) Byte order: Motorola - Menu "Navigate > 000F2A8E - BOS" and now i can see the Boston Bruins logo with the right color palette - Menu "Edit > Paste from..." and now I import my 48x32 PNG logo: - The logo is imported correctly and I save it But when I play the ROM, the logo is always the old one! Why???
  13. The "SwissAddon" is on the way: Team names... 100% Team arenas... 100% Roster... 100% Lines... 100% Jerseys... 100% Team logos... 100% Team banners... 100% Delete all NHL teams... 0% I'm just waiting for wboy in order to minimize the number of teams available
  14. Hey! That's great! I will wait for your notes Thanx.
  15. Yes, if I complete the mod it would be great The NOSE tool is awesome! Now I'm working on the rosters but, as I wrote in another topic, I really need help for the graphics. If I have the graphics, to complete the roster and the mod will be very quick.