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  1. Sabre, oh I see...yes you tried. Good job, no more to do. And then I'm happy to get your 97' hack when it's done; niklasmalm@gmail.com
  2. Sabre, Yes, the low speed selection makes the game very good. Any chance to get rid of the two line pass rule?
  3. Sabre, how did it go with your rom for NHL98? Really interested in that one, keep up the good work =)
  4. How did it go with this hack? Sadly I have always had problems with NHL98 for SNES, the sound is a big mess. Does anyone know the solvation for that?
  5. Thanks Johan! You've got a lot of editors there, but no one to change the AI skills? That's the missing part
  6. Hello guys, great site and everything. I'm stucked with a little problem here, currently playing a playoff/7 series netplay with a friend of mine. We're playing as "Two - Teammates", working perfect, although...after game one, coming back to the menu before game two...the "Two - Teammates" setting has automatically been changed to "Two - Head to Head", and we're not able to do anything about it..it's a frozen area we can't touch...sadly enough! Is this problem familiar to anyone else in here, is there anyway to solve it? Thanks for helping out.
  7. Thanks for helping out with the game, appreciated! Although I wonder how to get it as sharp as this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ykFmjLdsTU0...ted&search= Also, anybody ever heard of that CPU Editor to improve the AI skills a whole lot?
  8. Unzip the files, grab the HOCKEY.exe and drop it ON the DOSBOX icon, and bam, you've got it working.
  9. Since the game was available at NHL95.com, there must be a lot of guys having it. Would love if anybody shared it.
  10. jaawis

    NHL 95 , XP HOW TO

    Very nice, thank you! I read somewhere there was a CPU Editor to make the AI a whole lot better, is that correct?
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