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  1. Hi, Is it possible to make the net smaller, so it will be harder to score? and also can we make the goalies AI smarter? or maybe just prohibit them from doing useles dashing? and of course anyone has any ideas how to make the game harder? - of course im not considering changging the players stats, this is obvious but not a reasonable choice from my point of view thanks
  2. hello, is there any difference between Gens and Znes in the matter of LAG? the question is because im in South America and find it very hard to play aggainst other players because of the LAG, acctually im playing on Gens. thanks
  3. hello, im new to playing Gens online and i find NHL one of the best games ever, but i know there are newer versions of the game, as far as i know there is NHL98 for genesis so why people play the older NHL94 and not the newer ones (95, 96, 97, 98)? what is so good about it? thankx Paulo
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