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  1. that's awesome.  sorry for my rant about the mentions list -- I just really want this place to be more welcoming, inclusive.  I hate seeing the cycle of newcomers failing to connect and I really feel that there is a stifling effect when they try hard to engage an-  ...well, anyway...

    the joy in hacking these old hockey games is beautiful and the sharing that love is totally deserving of a cool title.  for real, expansion is a huge deal.  thank you.  that will certainly improve the community and I in no way mean to suggest otherwise.  here's to all the cool stuff it will lead to!

  2. can we have a "Hali's least-favorite members" thread?  I could make that list!  the runners up list is kind of insulting to those other members who do their best to contribute significantly and appropriately.  the cool-kids clique is exclusionary.  would Plabax have made the list if "A, B" was from 2017?  I assume not because he is bullied and marginalized, too.  (and my case shows that changing his approach to a kinder one will only make actions against him harsher.)  had I stayed active in churning out ROMs would that have been marginalized because Genesis players hated my gentle teasing a decade ago?  almost definitely.  the top-down reinforcement that onlag games have more value than nondisfunctional ones is weird, but popularity is an enticing drug to those drawn to power.  closing threads to replies out of a staffmember's personal feeling that the discussion is not valid or interesting degrades the openness of exchange of thoughts and efforts.  locking a continuously generous contributor from entire sections of the message board out of some misplaced sense or revenge or spite or anger is petty and also degrades the overall value of our collective resources.  this place needs a new approach to its leadership.  cruel actions have no place in our community.  please do not take this as an attack -- it is not.  I truly think that we need better leadership.  my intent is continuous improvement of the community in general and the continuous improvement of the goals and intent we have in mind as we interact.  I do not mean give me power, I just mean restrict these negative actions from those degrading us all.  I do not want a war, honestly.  this thread is intended to praise those making a positive impact and there are plenty of contenders in the revival around here.  it reeks of elitist same-old cool kids club.  what about the dude who made those business cards?  he shared them with me so he is out of the club based on that alignment?  that is how it seems.  these folks are great, of course, but the list seems to be exclusive, marginalizing the strong efforts of your nonfriends, Halifax.  shall I expect this post to disappear and some demerits to be added to my account?  I assume one or the other, at least.  and that is indicative of the general issue which I see as needing to be addressed in the quest for fairness and equality.

  3. tough stuff, this.  good luck, guys!  mathy brains and computer pros probably think this stuff is a cakewalk.  I don't shuffle tiles in my ROMs, but I do try to edit them.  I do not know if I could make it easier on myself by teaching the tile editor to show whole single (SNES) tiles instead of a cascade of inseparable ones.  I think I understand that Genesis arrangements are easily achieved.  if anybody can teach me to have Nintendo ones display like that, PLEASE do.

  4. I am adding this here instead of starting a new one.  junior and I were crashing the net.  penalized, the player skated through the crowd and hopped into the box from the backside.  fun stuff.  we love this game.  I imagine lots of folks have seen this.  did we cause it by running a replay quickly after the whistle?