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  1. GDL 6 New York First Line: LW - Vincent Damphousse C - Mike Gartner RW - Joe Sakic LD - Brian Leetch RD - Mikhail Tatarinov G - Bob Essensa X - Wendel Clark Second Line: LW - Joe Sakic C - Joe Sakic RW - Wendel Clark LD - Darryl Sydor RD - Darryl Sydor G - Jim Hrivnak X - Dmitri Kvartalnov Bench: F - John Cullen D - Brian Benning
  2. 1) so gdl has changed recently, scrambling the draft order and giving A players top picks now, when before they would always pick at the bottom of R1, why is that change not controversial? (I do think this has been a "fun" change by the way) 2) everyone still plays everyone, its not separate leagues, so you do still get the games vs "the best of the best", that doesnt go away. i definitely dont want separate leagues which seems to be have been a suggestion around here for years. 3) dont play the a/b final then if it is such an insult. 4) "It's diluted because you basically take the obstacle of the first round out of the plan and you make regular season even more meaningless. Before you'd get the reward of a top seed by getting somebody that could not really defeat you in the 1st round" >>>I cant wrap my head around this logic. you need that game against someone "that could not really defeat you" to make the playoffs about the best-of-the-best more challenging? 5) people dont like change. dont ever touch or alter something sacred in the name of traditions (even though it already has). 6) im done with this, again my apologies for being grumpy, probably cause my mother is in town and staying with me these past few days and trying regulate everything i eat and do.
  3. I rarely comment on these posts, however... I did like the changes suggested. GDL is brutal. Though I wouldnt want it to be separate leagues, I still want to play A guys and have them destroy me, as i need those games. But, I do know when I get to the GDL playoffs I have no chance of winning a series and probably even a game. It would be nice to have a little more to play for. BUT, its unfair to the bottom four A guys. Well I made the playoffs with a 17-37-2 record one year, not because I should have, but because people didnt play their games. Typically these bottom four are hurt by poor participation, hard to feel bad for them. BUT, this is the "big boy league, best of the best" and now its diluted BUT the A guys "have a drastically more difficult schedule". These are conflicting statements, is it to hard for A guys or too easy? If its the best of the best, why have 16 teams make the playoffs to begin with? You have pretty much straight chalk in round1 anyways, why play those games? I think we all know the A conference champ is the champ ill apologize in advance if it is beneath you to even play the B conference champ, "Not sure I'd actually play that final." - Umm Thanks? (And to unbias myself from these comments, I will switch from B to A with Brutus or another A guy who feel violated by possibly being in this unfair bottom 4)
  4. send me good offers for #5.
  5. Ive been in favor of every round being drawn for. add the finish early, season standings weights you want, then draw the order for R1. Then R2. Then R3. etc. Adds a bit of change to each round, factoring in a little luck, but still weighted based on the parameters you would use anyways.
  6. Intellivision Football was revolutionary at the time.
  7. i did not. Bill Walsh & 94 was pretty much college.
  8. NHL94 Bill Walsh College Football Battlefield 1942 Tecmo Super Bowl Baseball Stars
  9. Aqua, I dont think that was the case in either of these instances. Pearate has been around for a while and hopefully will be back for some other leagues, hes fun to play with. etownboi, said he didnt like the gens emulator. Played DT last night for his first games, hopefully I was nice enough and answered the questions he may have had. No idea though on the shrinking/growing/staying.
  10. etownboi said he hated the gens compared to snes, we did have one game crash. pearate, idk, he beat me in vhl games recently, so i dont think the games here shoulda had any impact.
  11. any game that drops and one side concedes, i have sat there with the puck and just let time run out to get the complete game. im willing to sacrafice a few stats or even possibly a miracle win for the sake of saving some time for all involved. ive even conceded a game with a minute to go and im down two goals before as there is probably less than 10% chance i would actually win that game. Plus, even if you take the other side of this, who is to decide who gets the CPU stats on a disconnect, shouldnt the loser side have just as much right to pad stats and still lose 6-5 as the winner does in extending a 6-1 win, or only the better player has that right and is allowed to pad stats and the one not as good is sol. & JJ is an awesome dude on here.
  12. available most nights from 9PM-1AM weekends if scheduled i can be available during the day. ***New York City Time (US Eastern)
  13. Kozlov to Seth for Ray Ferraro. he had messaged me earlier but im off the rest of the evening. so its here if he wanted it. thx.
  14. First Line: LW - ( 9) Mike Modano C - (77) Pierre Turgeon RW - ( 7) Neal Broten LD - (43) Patrice Brisebois RD - (23) Petr Svoboda *Change to #23 G - (30) Bill Ranford X - (13) Yuri Khmylev Second Line: LW - ( 7) Neal Broten C - (13) Yuri Khmylev RW - (13) Yuri Khmylev LD - ( 3) Sergei Bautin RD - ( 3) Sergei Bautin G - (37) Andre Racicot X - (27) Derek King Bench: F - (12) Vachslav Kozlov *Change to #12 D - (25) Darryl Sydor
  15. corbettkb

    GDL XV Draft

    Dallas: Darryl Sydor
  16. corbettkb

    GDL XV Draft

    9.12 - Dallas Stars (TexasPachyderm): F - Vachslav Kozlov
  17. corbettkb

    GDL XV Draft

    7.12 - Dallas Stars (TexasPachyderm): F - Yuri Khmylev
  18. corbettkb

    GDL XV Draft

    Dallas: D - Sergei Bautin
  19. corbettkb

    GDL XV Draft

    6.6 - Dallas Stars (TexasPachyderm): D - Patrice Brisebois
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