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  1. Hello - Just checking in if anyone has considered travel options for this yet? See a flight for me from LGA to arrive Friday Feb 28th at 5:22PM and depart Sunday Mar 1 at 9:30AM, but interested to hear others schedule. See two hotel options that look to be just about right on top of the venue and at reasonable prices of $110 a night (pre-taxes). The AC Hotel Minneapolis Downtown (#7 of 56 ranked on tripadvisor) and the Embassy Suites by Hilton Minneapolis Downtown, saw a mention of possible hotel deals as well but hadn't seen details. Anyways, would like to find out what others are considering/doing before booking any travel, which I hope to do fairly soon if attending. THX. (After all that, I may have a prior commitment I didn't realize was that weekend and my percentage has decreased significantly ugh)
  2. yep, I also just use discord in a web browser.
  3. Hello, sure, I will sign up for 12/1 & 12/2 and also will vouch for @JSchmidt (Schmidt on Discord) as he is always on playing exis.
  4. Not sure if this is a good idea or not, as it may not work out as intended but if you had an SNES 2v2 tournament on Saturday during the gens session and a GENS 2v2 tournament on Sunday during the snes session, may get more of both groups there on both days. Could start the Saturday 2v2 one later in the day and the sunday one earlier in the day.
  5. I dont think Coach is too far off base. Though I thought Vegas & Vancouver were fun, each also having their own plus & minuses. First, all the people that put work into the event were amazing. As to the venue, yes it is setup very well to assist the organizers and there is a big benefit in that however the location of the venue leads to seeking as quick of an exit as possible from that location. There is nothing around there. Did suck with people at 5-6 different hotels as there was no hotel close to the venue (or food options). Will be interesting to see, will this event now only just be in Vaughan Ontario moving forward? With that said, of all the trips I took this summer, this one was easily the most fun.
  6. Just let me know when and where to be on Friday night.
  7. Havent used line changes much but usually i try to split my guys to create the best two lines i can and then kinda cobble together a third line with whats left with the intent to use that third line the least.
  8. It will be a wide open field for the title this year as I will not be able to join Jordan & Shaq in the history books with a coveted three-peat. (*Instead ill be outside Seattle in Poulsbo WA attending my wife's cousins wedding)
  9. DALLAS STARS (corbettkb) A-Squad First Line: LW - (91) Sergei Fedorov C - (20) Luc Robitaille RW - (28) Dallas Drake LD - (55) Larry Murphy RD - ( 8) Cam Russell G - (32) Tim Cheveldae X - (31) Valeri Kamensky Second Line: LW - (28) Dallas Drake C - (28) Dallas Drake RW - (31) Valeri Kamensky LD - ( 7) Alexi Kasatonov RD - ( 7) Alexi Kasatonov X - (28) Dallas Drake B-Squad Line: LW - (25) Kevin Stevens C - (31) Valeri Kamensky RW - (16) Nikolai Borschevsky LD - ( 2) Curt Giles RD - ( 7) Alexi Kasatonov G - ( 1) Wendell Young **Subject to change Line Changes: LW - (91) Sergei Fedorov C - (20) Luc Robitaille RW - (28) Dallas Drake LD - (55) Larry Murphy RD - ( 8) Cam Russell LW - (25) Kevin Stevens C - (31) Valeri Kamensky RW - (16) Nikolai Borschevsky LD - ( 2) Curt Giles RD - ( 7) Alexi Kasatonov LW - (13) Gregori Pantaleyev C - (17) Yuri Khmylev RW - (39) Robert Petrovicky LD - ( 5) Neil Wilkinson RD - (22) Charlie Huddy Bench: F - (41) Brent Gilchrist F - (18) Bobby Smith G - ( 1) Wendell Young G - (37) Vincent Riendeau ***UPDATED 2019-05-27
  10. Dallas cuts F Bill Guerin and adds G Vincent Riendeau
  11. 11 1 181 Vladimir Malakhov D NYI Kuefner 11 2 182 Kelly Hrudey G MNS Leif Erikson 11 3 183 Dave Andreychuk F CAR GoCanes21 *AUTO 11 4 184 Sergei Zubov D CGS Schmidt 11 5 185 Daren Puppa G HAM Atomic Raven *AUTO (G) 11 6 186 Robb Stauber G TB Jackandjose *AUTO (G) 11 7 187 Claude Lemieux F LA aqualizard 11 8 188 Richard Smehlik D HFD MikeGartner22 Trade w/QUE 11 9 189 Dominik Hasek G SJ Zeppelin55 11 10 190 Greg Hawgood D QUE FPB Trade w/HFD 11 11 191 Michel Petit D TOR Jer_33 11 12 192 Kay Whitmore G VGK dcicon *AUTO (G) 11 13 193 Norm Maciver D CGY Chaos 11 14 194 Tony Amonte F TSP IceStorm 11 15 195 Kevin Todd F ASW Angryjay93 11 16 196 Frank Musil D CHI Brutus 11 17 197 Gerald Diduck D ANH kingraph 11 18 198 Chris Dahlquist D LA aqualizard Trade w/ Tex
  12. Round 6 6 1 91 Patrice Brisebois D LA aqualizard Trade w/ Tex 6 2 92 Gord Murphy D ANH kingraph 6 3 93 Kevin Hatcher D CHI Brutus 6 4 94 Chris Terreri G ASW Angryjay93 6 5 95 Jon Casey G TSP IceStorm 6 6 96 Cam Russell D DAL corbettkb Trade w/ chaos 6 7 97 Dimitri Khristich F VGK dcicon 6 8 98 Evgeny Davydov F TOR Jer_33 6 9 99 Don Beaupre G HFD MikeGartner22 6 10 100 Ron Hextall G SJ Zeppelin55 6 11 101 Jyrki Lumme D QUE FPB 6 12 102 Kirk Muller F LA aqualizard 6 13 103 Alexei Kasatonov D DAL corbettkb Trade w/ JJ 6 14 104 John Vanbiesbrk G HFD MikeGartner22 Trade w/HAM 6 15 105 John Blue G CGS Schmidt 6 16 106 Matt Schneider D CAR GoCanes21 6 17 107 Pat Verbeek F MNS Leif Erikson 6 18 108 Eric Desjardins D NYI Kuefner
  13. corbettkb trade 4.1, 6.1 & 11.18 to Aqua for 4.12, 5.7 & 9.7
  14. Lets do it, Dallas Stars, same uniforms you made me previously.
  15. WAS is controversial, id argue few can play well with them. the orange line of STL, WAS, HFD, NJ, NYI works well.
  16. Maybe, take the purple bar down thru TOR & NYR and pop your yellow bar up one spot to QUE then just lose the army green bar. But that thing is really great as is so whatever you think is best.
  17. I guess I was thinking more that TOR & NYR should be lined up with DAL & CGY (though understandable if anyone disagrees). But yes, i could certainly see QUE pairing up with PHI & EDM and maybe PIT.
  18. Awesome. Can you add the .png file for download, would be nice to see full sized version. Only super minor quibble, id drop QUE down below TOR & NYR.
  19. ohh yea, that makes alot of sense. back to the winner of the flip picks the tier.
  20. Using skips 6 tiers for a dice roll... SEGA : Tier 1 - DET, CHI, BUF, VAN Tier 2 - WPG, MTL, BOS, LA Tier 3 - CGY, DAL, TOR, NYR Tier 4 - QUE, PIT, PHI, EDM Tier 5 - STL, WSH, NJD, HFD, NYI Tier 6 - OTT, SJ, TB, FLA, ANA Getting closer... - Comments? - For/Against having random team drawn for each player once a tier is established?
  21. hmm, like the more compact groups, i also dont feel like there are two definitively better teams that can be pinpointed in any of five tier settings. tho id be more worried that youll just hear tier1 called over and over again with CHIvsDET.
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