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  1. Dallas Stars (corbettkb) trades Theo Fluery & picks 5.12 & 7.11 to Colorado (jackandjose) for Russ Courtnall & picks 3.7 & 8.11
  2. While I understand this is unlikely for this season here is my draft proposal... My auction idea and how to do it. The basic premise: The auction draft will be conducted over 6 days, 6 separate 24 hour sessions (which is equivalent to a round based draft time frame). Take the top 100 players, then use a randomizer to select 20 out of the 100. These 20 players will be posted for bidding over a 24 hour period. Then use the randomizer to select another 20 players from the top 100, post those for 24 hours. And so on, for 5 days until you have gone through the top 100 players. On the 6th day, every player from 101+ is open for a bid. The next step, how do you bid? I see two ways…. 1) One time blind bidding. This may be the more difficult of the two options. Preferably you have one person not in the league and you set up an email address that will be used. (You could also have a trusted member in the league do this, if it’s a person in the league they would have to email their own sheet in before looking at any others). The first 20 players are posted, each person would send one email with a one-time bid of each of the first 20 players they would like to bid on. After 24 hours revel who the highest bid for each player is. If there is a tie, you have a priority order, person at the top of the list gets the player, then moves to the bottom of the priority list. (So it was pointed out this option may not work and would have to be tweaked) 2) Open bidding over a 24 hour period. The first 20 players are posted, there would be a 24 hour period where bids can be made by each person in a google doc or to a forum thread. You would have to pick what you think the best time for the 24 hour period to start/end. Maybe say 9PM ET or 5AM ET or 12:00PM ET or something else, the actual time makes no difference to me. But I will use 9PM ET for this example as that does seem to be a time most are available. 20 players are posted, everyone has 24 hours to make bids, everyone can see who is in the lead, then whomever has the highest bid as of 8:59:59PM ET wins that particular player, any bid coming in after that time will not be accepted. Repeat this over the same 6 day period as outlined above. After the 6 day draft all players become free agents, and you can pick up anyone at that point if you failed to fully fill your roster. Though you do have to allot at least $1 for each roster spot on your team even if you waited until free agency to fill it. The great thing about this is it has a built in weighted budget based on ability. The players at the low end of the spectrum would have a full budget of $100 (or $200, which ever system you like better) and the next group could only have $90 to spend and so on with the top player having $70 or $60 or whatever you deem an acceptable buffer. The downside, people don’t like what they are not familiar with. The upside, Limitless!!!
  3. So, im not necessarily for keepers, as the draft is the most fun part however love the auction idea + this would lead to a viable way to weight it based on the B players having a larger pot to use to acquire players than the A players. huh-huh?
  4. ohh you can throw a check mark on Dynasty for me as well, didnt understand what that was until I voted THEN read the descriptions. love an auction based draft idea with or even without keepers.
  5. i guess its pretty even, i am only +10 home over road, maybe advantages make a difference in that too. playing in both A & B leagues as a replacement coach has helped my GP. though I also racked up alot of losses trying to play up as a replacement coach earlier on.
  6. I prefer going down, but according to my home/away record i do better at home.
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