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  1. I remember that Dallas Stanley cup.. I was a huge Ray Bourque Fan. He was with Colorado and that elimination against Dallas was horrible.. remember it well. Good thing they won the next year by beating NJ in themost incredible Stanley cup final iv seen in my entire life..
  2. I agree, one of the best to play the game. I will always remember Steve Yzerman when i was a Avs fan, He was like Joe Sakic Nemesis... He will live forever in NHL94 as my friend favorite player and it will always be a pleasure to beat the Red Wings with my beloved Flames.
  3. Im French Speaking so its different stuff. There is The ''Boulet a Goulet'' Which is a Michel Goulet Shot.. a Boulet is a cannon ball. the ''But Cheap'' ''but'' is a goal. The cheap goal is when you go infront of the goalie in a horizontal way and drop the puck in. recently rebaptised the Rocket Goal since the Movie : Maurice ''Rocket'' Richard went out and we noticed he always does this goal. Everytime Joel Otto make a goal (always a beaty) i goes one with some stuff like OttoDestruction, Ottomator or anything with Otto in it... Most of consist of Nick Name of Players, you can inv
  4. My no1 team, unbeatable: Calgary Flames Roberts - NIewendyk - Makarhov - Macinnis - Musil Joe Niewendyk : Incredible Shot, Agility, speed, nice passing, hard to knok, Captain Joe does it all. Gary Roberts : Incredible PowerForward, Can get in the zone easily, crash the net and get bunch of goals. Sergei Makharov : Fast and agile, can pass the puck and complete the play. Al Macinnis : One of the best shot in the league, great defensiv skill. Franky Musil : Hard as a rock, saves bunch of goal. Ranheim - Reichel - Fleury - Suter - Petit Robert Reichel : Can do anything, he shot, he pas
  5. What makes a great game? I think one factor is the fact you can play it hours and hours without ever get bored. Nhl 94 is that kind of game. Like it was said before, all on the gameplay instead of grafic, that where the early 90'... Indeed when played with skilled opponent this game get closer to reality then any other game i'v seen. And the roster is a pure jewel.. Man everybody is out there, you got all those good old timer.. Super Mario, Steve-Y, Joe Sakic and the Nordics, Winnipeg Jets, Ray Bourque, Wayne Gretzky and Mark Messier. The most incredible part is that people get addict to
  6. Never the Genesis version On Snes there is alot of great player. Almost any team got at least one. here would be my 10 best 1- Mario Lemieux 2- Steve Yzerman 3- Adam Oates 4- Wayne Gretzky 5- Alexander Mogilny 6- Pierre Turgeon 7- Joe Niewendyk 8- Mike Modano 9- Doug Gilmour 10- Eric Lindros Those are the one i like to play best, not mentioning the Yake, Otto, Goulet, Reichel, Selanne..... etc...