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  1. you know, Brutus, I haven't really been able to agree with a single thing you posted on here, until now with that last post. Seriously Skeletor, what were you possibly thinking with that animated gif thingy? Skeletor please submit your urine and fecal samples for a tox screen immediately...
  2. Umm Brutus, look across the street from your house. You see that white van with no windows? I'm in there right now. I've been watching you for days...
  3. (love the fact you are talking in the third person) So perhaps it might be easier if you just put on an adult diaper and filled that with your piss and s**t, instead of this forum board!!!! HEYOOOOOOOOO!!!! (did anyone else see what I did there? Did anyone else...anyone...? Ok fine, I'll go sit in the corner of shame and think about what i've done.)
  4. Brutus - I want you to listen to me very carefully. Now after attentively reading your most recent posts i'm afraid I now must insist: I am going to need you to slowly put down the SNES/GENS controller and take a step back from your computer. I want you to take off your pants, and I need you to collect that urine and fecal sample IMMEDIATELY to be submitted to the DEA for a tox screen. Now don't get mad at me, I'm doing this for YOUR OWN GOOD.
  5. hahahaha... Just trying to speak from the heart!!!!
  6. You have to know this is entire line of criticism is ridiculous. The fact that we are complaining about the exact nature of a 20 year old 16-bit video game code that I guess is somewhat complicated (because no one has figured it out yet?) is particularly disturbing. To be honest, I've seen moments where a player goes into this 'BEAST MODE' as you say, but it doesn't seem to last long, and it CERTAINLY doesn't make him impossible to be taken down. So this entire line of an argument seems kinda wasted on such a minute part of the game. To be fair, I have my own list of complaints with this game
  7. Please go on...It seemed like you were about to explain something that would give this entire context a much deeper meaning...
  8. Ok Halifax keep laughing. Everybody keep laughing, treat this clearly widespread problem of alcohol and narcotic abuse as a joke. Well I'm NOT LAUGHING! To make matters even more disturbing, my sources have shared with me some unconfirmed reports that not only the players but even THE COACHES in this league may be regularly abusing drugs or alcohol OR BOTH!!! I have decided to take it upon myself to begin to clean this league up, which has clearly transformed over the years into an amoral hive of scum and villainy. THEREFORE: Resolved by members in good standing in the NHL94 community, th
  9. Well I wouldn't say I've played the game for a long time, I kinda took a 20 year break from it and only got back into it maybe a year ago or so. But I have been playing the snes version a lot lately, and not really any of the Gens version so I can't really compare them. But I have to confess I think your criticism about not being able to take down mid-size or small players is maybe a little hyperbolic. I've seen what you're describing happen, but in my experiences that is incredibly rare. Yes there is obviously some variability but not to the point where it flips the game on its head, at lea
  10. I'm not aware of fluctuating weight, so if that is actually what's happening i would agree this post has a point, but ability to check? Some dude hungover as f**k or maybe even still partially drunk or high from partying the night before a game is CERTAINLY not going to be able to check people the same as if he were well rested and sharp in body and mind. Same thing goes for a dude puking his guts out from a bad flu the morning of a game. So again, I think the checking ability being variable is definitely realistic.
  11. Just to be clear, we drafted players based on their 'stats' (or perhaps our interpretation of their physical abilities) and then sometimes they don't perform 'like they should.' Well....Yea. That actually is EXACTLY my point and you're helping to make my argument for why this ridiculous 20 year old 16 bit game is actually somewhat realistic in that sense. This game is supposed to be a loose representation (or simulation) of ice hockey, and the fluctuating stats and differing 'performances' from players in a given game I think is actually a feature that helps enhance that representation of a
  12. So Brutus' main frustration seems to be the variability of the way the players perform according to their stats. While I am aware that the stats have a random fluctuation from game to game, to be honest I don't really mind it. When you think about it, it seems like an effort to add a little bit of realism to the game. In the sense that in the real world, people go through their ups and downs, have their highs and lows. Be it medical, emotional, chemical (substance abuse is obviously rampant in this league) and all of that will result in some uneven performances. So when you make the compa
  13. If there are no objections, I'd like to drop Norm Maciver and pick up Paul Cavallini on defense
  14. TEAM NAME: NY Rangers 1st Line LW: Tomas Sandstrom C: Teemu Selanne RW: Jimmy Carson RD: James Patrick LD: Eric Weinrich G: Tom Barrasso Xtra: Geoff Courtnall 2nd Line: LW: Geoff Courtnall C: Alexei Kovalev RW: Paul Ysebaert RD: Curtis Leschyshyn LD: Curtis Leschyshyn
  15. hahaha...Halifax that's funny. /slape
  16. in the 9th round, Bobkudelski and the Ottawa Senators select - Doug Lidster
  17. Of course he would post the wrong draft pick here...this s**t is too funny!!!
  18. Fenty selects in the 6th round - Tommy Soderstrom
  19. In the 6th round of the 2015 NHL94 Fantasy Draft, the New York Rangers select Tom Barrasso
  20. ok Annatar has submitted his pick in advance to the commissioner. As deputy commissioner it is my pleasure to announce that in the 5th round of the 2015 NHL94 Fantasy Draft, theMontreal Canadiens select - Peter Bondra
  21. In the 5th round of the 2015 NHL Fantasy Draft, the New York Rangers select - Eric Weinrich
  22. thanks for the assist Halifax..!
  23. With the Forty (something, garbled, something) pick in the 2015 Fantasy Draft, the New York Rangers select - James Patrick
  24. With the 40th (I think) pick in the 2015 NHL94 Fantasy Draft, the New York Rangers select - Jimmy Carson