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  1. For the fun and for change Give me LA
  2. I don't say Depch is wrong but just say what i do when i play... I can try none smoothing for my next games to see,no problem! But i think i already did this experience in the past but it wasn't a success...but why not
  3. Well i never had issues playing Pearate a part maybe the fitst game of our serie in ETB where the game was very "speedy"!!! After this all was good! I had issues with other guys at a time when i moved to my new house but it was a problem with my operator and my house. I had a technician who changed everything in and outside my house so now my connection is "playable" i think. I already felt like Pearate where a someone told me that the game was laggy and on my side it was pretty damn good! But it happened to me where the lag was on my side but not in NA! I always use +1 smoothing when i host. I always reload my CPU and my router before trying to find someone to play. Anfd i always close AIM and now discord when i play and i don't know if my opponents do it but there is a big difference for me since i do that. After i had always issues with the same guys Habs Seth and CBK last time i played him but the last time with Seth in GDL it was ok and we played a very smoothy game with Habs in ETB and little lags in 2nd one but nothing unplayable. Here is my feeling about this. Sorry for taking all this place here!!! Hope it will give a little help!
  4. I send you a message Aqua. I scheduled with CBK for this week. Need Zep FPB and Habs. I m not workin this week so can be around late if we schedule something.
  5. Just in case you have an injured player or a penalty for one of your guys then you can choose the player who comes on the ice for that player. You can see what we did for our own lines to make yourself an idea.
  6. San Jose Sharks 1st line C Pavelski RW Couture LW Thornton RD McDonagh LW Burns 2nd line C Couture RW Marleau LW Marleau RD Vlasic LD Vlasic G Lundviqst
  7. San José F: Pavelski Thornton Couture Marleau Hertl Boedker Hansen Ward Meyer D: Burns McDonagh Vlasic Martin Braun Dillon G: Lundviqst Jones
  8. Gimme San Jose please And thx for waiting,sorry guys
  9. ok i think i understood but i need to be home to select my team. Sorry for the delay guys!
  10. need to see something guys
  11. I ll be around Sunday at this time Aqua
  12. I knocked 16 games last week to be back in line f**kin a**hole!!!
  13. I ll be around today to start my games and i m free next week,no work for me.
  14. For Detroit sc1 C:Yzerman LW:Kristich RW:Robitaille LD:Macinnis RD:Smith G:Vernon X:Ridley sc2: C:Ridley LW:Ridley RW:Ridley LD:Niedermayer RD:Niedermayer
  15. I wanna pick my 8th round. After that i ll try to leave a list or being around. If i am not autopick. rd 9 D rd 10 F rd 11 F rd 12 G Thx Just in case i want a D in rd 8
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