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  1. 10000% i wanna get in the league.... bombjack on discord 1 que 2 ott 3 dallas
  2. id like to be on the waitlist... B league since im pretty noob.... but im getting better. Bombjack on discord My Team pref: 1) Quebec 2)Ottawa 3) Dallas
  3. bombjack on discord... idk what tier i fall into .... Tier 1: BUF,VAN, DET, CHITier 2: CGY. WPG ,MTL, LA, BOSTier 3: QUE, TOR, DAL NYRTier 4: EDM,WSH PIT, PHITier 5: NYI HFD NJD, STL, , Tier 6: SJ OTW, T B, FLA ANA
  4. first time caller... long time listener.... lol Thank you guys for forming this awesome site... all the work that goes in.... i have played ALL the nhl games since they first came out on console... im a lifelong hockey fan and hockey player... after years of tecmobowl online... i finally figured out the nhl 94world... i can host i play both snes and gens.... discord is bombjack aka mighty bombjack fromthe tecmobowl halftime show... always looking for game on any system any rom....
  5. Kings are fine... just played game on new rom... i dont see trashville on the rom... no prob ill be LA
  6. i am in for sure.. new to online play... i suck now... but i know hockey and have played 94 since 94 via console and emus... ill catch up... i chose the Kings earlier,,, i would like to change to nashville if possible... thx
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